The honourable senator -

The honourable senator


The 1987-1988 Detroit Red Wings included five players who finished the season with 130 or more penalty minutes (Doug Halward, Lee Norwood, Gerard Gallant, Joey Kocur and Bob Probert). Their coach was a bit intense too.

Demers explained the above to the New York Times in 2005.

During one game when he was coaching the Red Wings, the opposing coach, Herb Brooks, of “Miracle on Ice” fame, taunted Mr. Demers as a “milk-truck driver.” Mr. Demers recalls getting so furious his players had to restrain him from climbing over a wall to get at Mr. Brooks. “Believe me, there was no acting there,” he said. “That’s the violent side of me.”


The honourable senator

  1. You can't get much more Canadian than being involved in a hockey fight. Somewhere, Don Cherry is smiling.

    • Not sure…. he may have wanted the senate gig for himself.

      • He's too old. He was born in 1934.

        • OK, maybe he's a bit sore that no one appointed him when there was still time.

    • Don Cherry is smiling.. and narrating. I think the clip is originally from Cherry's Rock'em Sock'em video.

      HIT EM!

  2. Bert Templeton of the NHL.

  3. Demers I read will continue to work for RDS (Réseau des Sports), the sports that will be covering the Vancouver Olympics. Anyone wants to bet a toonie that Demers will cover the games for RDS?