The hunger artist

Colby Cosh asks some questions of Theresa Spence


A surprising item appears on the official Facebook site of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike near Parliament Hill.

Screen capture from Chief Theresa Spence Facebook page

A hunger strike with a bank account?

The hunger strike is just about the most morally serious activity a protester can undertake. The medical profession has given a lot of thought to the “rules” of hunger strikes, which are usually undertaken by imprisoned persons. The experts pay particularly close attention to those in which the striker explicitly expresses the intention of fasting till death unless her demands are met, which is the case with Chief Spence. In such an instance, it’s impossible to predict when the striker will lose the power to make a free choice as she gets sicker. Her intentions must be clear, the chain of decision-making authority must be explicit and undivided, and there must be no suggestion of undue influence from advisers and friends.

For a hunger striker to appeal for personal funds—in this case, for contributions to a bank account that has her boyfriend’s name on it—distorts the perceived integrity of the enterprise and throws its basis into doubt. Supporters of the hunger strike are placed in the position of mere financial promoters, no matter how intensely they leer at the striking individual. To make matters worse, we’ve been confronted with a visible disagreement between two spokesmen for Chief Spence. The only source of personal statements from the chief is her Twitter feed, and she does not even appear to have complete control of that. Does she have a single designated spokesperson to exercise authority in the event she falls unconscious or becomes otherwise unable to communicate? Who is it? Is she taking the advice of a physician and having her health monitored? This is an important issue if she intends to forestall permanent physical harm in the hope that her demands will actually be met at some point.

Of course, if the demands aren’t in earnest and the whole thing is no more than a publicity ploy, there is no danger to the Chief and we can ignore the theatrics. In the meantime, give till it hurts, I guess?


The hunger artist

  1. This comment was deleted.

    • BULLSHIT to you EmilyOne FEATHER

    • She is trying to extort a meeting with the PM, which she would never get otherwise. All of these lame liberal politicians….trudeau and the rest…are only trying to score cheap political points. It’s going to backfire on them.
      Let her finish up the hunger strike…..

      • As a Chief she has every right to request a meeting with Harper….he isn’t sacred you know. It’s his job.

        And as a Con you should know better than to even mention ‘cheap political points’

        You think Harp will be forgiven if she dies??

        • She has no right to meet the PM. She has a right to seek a bit of celebrity and to cause a ruckus. But we simply ask what she and the council do with all the money, an where does she get hi-test gas for her Escalade?

        • Why don’t you join her. Harper would be delighted to listen to you.

        • The only way Harper wouldn’t be forgiven would be if he lent her a sandwich during the meeting.

    • She won’t starve to death until after her monthly cheque comes in and she uses 50 bucks to get her toenails done.

  2. Good Grief! this lady is so far out of it – first she says she wants to talk to harper then when it looks like she can actually talk to someone what happens when contacted – she changes her tune (no surprise there) no now it’s only nation leader to nations leaders (good grief) – then she lets her and her cause be hijacked for partisan purposes – now it’s send money to my soup fund !!! why does this NOT surprise me – she doesn’t 3want to achieve her goal she wants to be the center of poltical attention and plays the old same old game –

    • She asked to speak to Harper and the GG from day one. It IS one nation’s leader to another. That would be why they’re called First NATIONS.

      She is not going to be fobbed off with anyone else.

      • @EmilyOne

        She isn’t the leader of a sovereign nation and therefore it isn’t one nation’s leader to another. This would be no different than a radical group starting up a cult in Saskatchewan and declaring themselves the “Nation of Riders” and then demanding to speak to other Head of States.

        I sympathize with her plight, however she is in an unfortunate paradox as the Treaties she is arguing to be enforced actually undercut her in the end. Treaty 9, specifically, is where her band signed away any rights to claim as a sovereign nation against the Government of Canada.

        Spence is either inconsistent with her demands or lack an understanding of what precisely she is asking for.

        • Um yeah…that is what the term First Nations means. It’s what they’ve been from the beginning. It was on that basis they signed the treaties with Queen Victoria.

          PS…this is Treaty 9

          • Ummmmm….. not sure if you know this but attaching “Nations” at the end of your moniker doesn’t make you a nation, in the international law sense, in any way. Just like adding “Inc” after your name automatically make you a corporation.

            I understand the treaties, clearly more than you do. My point was simply, go read Treaty 9 which states that no claim of sovereignty will be made by First Nations leaders respecting that land.

            I’m talking strictly from the perspective of the Treaties, which is which Chief Spence is advocating for. Her reserve land is dealt with specifically in Treaty 9 and is online for anyone to read. If she wishes to maintain herself as the head of sovereign nation then she is in violation of the Treaties she seeks to uphold.

            Lastly, are you suggesting that Chief Spence is the head of state for First Nations people in Canada? That is news to us out in Saskatchewan, I never realized that the First Nations had chosen Chief Spence as the official Head of State to deal with the Canadian government on this delicate issue.

          • Treaty 9 is right in front of you….!

            Chief Spence is head of her nation…..there are over 600 FN within Canada.

          • EmilyOne

            I have read from start to finish Treaty 9, I would suggest you do the same rather than dropping insults and attacks on anyone who disagrees with your (erroneous) position.

            If you’d have read Treaty 9, which you lead me to believe you haven’t, you’d realize that Chief Spence’s ancestors, those previously charged with running the Attawapiskat Band, relinquished any right to declare themselves a sovereign nation before the Government of Canada.

            So either we can do as Chief Spence says and follow the Treaties which would mean that she is not the leader of a sovereign nation or we can do as Chief Spence says and not follow the Treaties and recognize her as a sovereign nation’s leader.

            Again, I don’t think you have an understanding of what a nation is in term’s of international law and cooperation. It is not enough to just declare yourself a nation.

          • I would suggest you find out what Treaty 9 actually is, because no, you haven’t read it. Or anything else relevant to this topic.

          • Oh this should be rich, please EmilyOne educate me then what Treaty 9 is actually about and what is says with respect to surrendering certain lands and rights?

            You have added nothing to the conversation but to scream “You’re Wrong” at me. Please add something informed on this. Explain why Treaty 9 is not applicable to current scenario.

          • Please tell us what you think Shawn Atleo is the leader of?

          • You might as well give up, Westerner – EmilyOne is a bit of a troll. Whenever she is confronted she resorts to hapless personal attacks, or simply insisting her position is true and everyone else is a fool, even when faced with incontrovertable evidence to the contrary. She reminds me of Rob Ford.

          • You continue to show what an ignorant person you are

          • Head of the head. Time to get a new maid to clean up the outhouse.

          • Try leaning what ‘cdritical thinking is, then practice it.

          • And then there is Colbert Nation. On your knees knaves!

          • Read which copy of treaty 9? There are two (One Provincial copy and one Federal copy). By the way they differ…….

          • Treaty 9 was not signed until 1905. Queen Victoria had been dead for 5 years. Interestingly, Attawapiskat is not mentioned in the original treaty but is mentioned about 1920. I believe they wanted their $4 dollars a year like the other people in the west James Bay area.

          • Better check Wikipedia
            Could this be the real reason they didn’t sign till 1930………..

            Attawapiskat First Nation Office 1990s

            Attawapiskat was officially recognized by the Government of Canada under the Treaty 9 document. Although the original document was signed in the years 1905 and 1906, it only included the communities south of the Albany River in northern Ontario. Attawapiskat was included when adhesions were made to the treaty to include the communities north of the Albany River. Attawapiskat was numbered as Indian Reserve 91 as part of Treaty 9. The treaty set aside reserve lands on the Ekwan River, a parallel river north of the Attawapiskat River that drains into James Bay. In time, it was decided by local leaders to establish the community in its present location on the Attawapiskat River instead. This was due to an existing trading post and better access to James Bay shipping routes from this location. The new reserve was then numbered Indian Reserve 91A.

            Local leadership is an elected government of a chief, a deputy chief and twelve councilors who serve three year terms. The current chief (2012) is Theresa Spence. The band council is currently under Third Party Intervention.[9][10]”

            Quoted directly from Wikipedia Attawapiskat First Nation Page

            I really don’t believe it was about “gettin’ their $4 worth…………………

          • Are you seriously referencing Wikipedia? You do realize that Wikipedia is not a real encyclopedia right? It is written by members and as such is not always correct? It can be changed and corrected at any time?

          • Did you actually read Treaty Nine?

            You’ll discover just how lavishly the Crown overpays its obligations under the treaty.

        • My ancestors have been here for 10 000 years so please don’t presume to tell me that we are not sovereign nations. When the crown landed here a mere few hundred years ago, talks were set up with the leaders of the “Nations” already living here, they were recognized and noted as such. Now all of a sudden we are not Nations but just Canadians? Was the crown negotiating with a bunch of unorganized savages running around in loin cloth? NO. In the example of the Iroquois confederacy, We had a full government in place with a true democracy (which by the way had a major influence on today’s “modern democracy” .) First nations are just that: NATIONS.

          • @lovebyte

            My intention was not to insult your heritage, I am speaking strictly from an international law perspective that you wish to be recognized as a nation (well accordingly Emily One as over 600 different independent nations). What I am saying is that no matter how hard Chief Spence tries to close her eyes and pretend she is the leader of a sovereign nation she is not.

            I’m not saying that the Canadian Government shouldn’t sit down and discuss the situation with them, all I am saying is “legally speaking” she is not the leader of a sovereign nation and really has no leg to stand on in declaring she only meet with the PM.

            On an side, if I was a member of her nation I would be embarrassed. How would everyone treat Harper if he showed up in another country and when the delegation arrived to welcome him he snubbed them and said he will only be great by the Head of State as he is Canada’s Head of State. He would get absolutely roasted by the same people defending Chief Spence for snubbing the Minister responsible for her department.

          • She is merely the head weasel of weaselland

          • She is merely a brave lady who is tired of the 1 percent of rich people ruining the earth for the benefit of the few, just like everybody else and if you dont think that this cause is noble then there is something wrong in you not her or the cause. It is detrimental to all of us who cant afford to build underground shelters in case the rich really mess things up.

          • Natives get more money from the taxpayers, free education, free housing, cheap gas and cigarettes, free healthcare, than any other race. Free flights and hotels, the list is endless……….

          • Genocide isn’t free, it costs lives!! It’s still happening today, open your eyes and educate YOURSELF because the Canadian Public Schools sure won’t give you the REAL history of Canada. I am a white woman and must admit I had to educate myself in my thirties to learn the TRUTH!! I was not taught the TRUTH in school.

          • where are you getting these stats from? please do share your source of where all this wealth come from.

          • wah, wah, wah, wipe your tears

          • “She is merely a brave lady who is tired of the 1 percent of rich people ruining the earth for the benefit of the few,”

            With today’s revelation about the private police force and the misspent money, this is almost hilarious.

          • Read reply to Wayne Young above….

          • International law? Here is some international law for you pertaining to the rights of indigenous peoples :

            Quoting from The United nations declaration of the rights of Indigenous Peoples:

            Every indigenous individual has the right to a nationality

            Indigenous peoples have the collective right to live in freedom,
            peace and security as distinct peoples and shall not be subjected to
            any act of genocide or any other act of violence, including forcibly
            removing children of the group to another group.

            Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be
            subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.

            All of these things and more have been perpetuated by the Canadian government against Indigenous peoples and yet no action as yet has been taken to take them to task. This is long overdue and the international community is not blind to how the current Canadian government treats its first nations.

          • And in 10,000 years your “sovereign nations” hadn’t invent even the wheel, or writing. You were slaughtering each other, died like flies from starvation, disease, and infanticide. Up to the early 20th century many of you were still using bone and stone tools. And what you believe to be a noble culture is just wishful thinking fostered by politically correct people who have their hand in the pot.

          • And what part of the world were your ancestors in about doing the same thing up until a couple centuries ago.
            Our white heritage is not much better… remember the Plague, the Crusades and Paganism……………

          • Mike, I don’t know what your heritage is, but my ancestors moved from stone to bronze several millennia ago. And then to iron a millenium or so after that.

          • Remeber paganism? How can you forget? You worship idols all year long. Santa Claws in the winter. Semiramis and her Ishtar bunny in the spring. Folks are so misled in this day and age and most dont even realize. Bottom line is tho, what are you going to live on if the earth is destroyed? The earth needs the rain forest to be healthy but clearcutting it is more profitable. Wheres the logic and the sense in that. Just be happy someone knows their jobs as stewards of the earth and we will save you. Your welcome.

          • Sounds like Santa forgot Tracy this year. :-(

          • Seriously, Mike? You’re going to blame the plague and paganism on white culture? The plague was a disease and paganism is harmless.

            If these are the sorts of criticisms that one can come up with for white culture, then I’m glad I live in a country with a white culture even though I’m not white myself.

          • Telling that you’d avoid talk of the Crusades.

          • As I’ve noted to a few people since the Idle No More folks…well, continued to be idle…the fact that these scattered people were literally in the Stone Age guaranteed that no matter when and no matter how, their first encounter with another civilization would mean the end of them. Pretend Columbus never existed, that the Atlantic was forever considered by Europe to be an endless sea ending in the edge of the earth, and some Japanese explorers would stumble across North America in the late 18th or early 19th century: and just imagine how many treaties they would have been in the mood to sign, and how willing they would be to have settlements attacked by the local terrorist insurgency. It would make the Conquistadors and the Inca/Mayan slaughter look like a family picnic.

          • Moral relativism: Last bastion of the ignorant.

          • Reality check: the enemy of Idle No More

          • It’s astonishing what lengths the true racist will go to rationalize their neurosis .

          • At least we had a choice then and it was our culture and we lived in peace with the earth and had our spiritual beliefs. We werent told what we had to believe by a dictator or what kind of clothes to wear or given english names and English educations on internment camps called reserves.

          • You can’t disagree that life is better – lifespans are longer, health is better, choices are many, and life is certainly more comfortable. We all have our struggles, and many reasons to be unhappy in this life – clinical depression is rampant, but at the end of the day, to be happy is a choice.

          • I was not even going to answer this as it was so grossly racist as to be laughable however i will say one thing:we didn’t “die like flies” until colonialists gave us blankets infested with smallpox and told us it would keep us warm.

          • Yes, because — and stop me if you’ve heard one before — keeping people warm is what blankets are for. While I’m sure you’re convinced that somewhere in 1723 British scientists were hard at work weaponizing smallpox to put in blanket form, the reality is that the colonists had no idea about the smallpox: the germ theory of disease was discovered by Louis Pasteur in the 1860s.

          • So full of it, rez legend. Never happened.

          • WOW you sound like every other uninformed Canadian I know. You act like Europeans did First Nations a favor by coming to this land and committing genocide on them. BTW I am a white woman, who has educated herself and has empathy!!

          • If the Europeans were “committing genocide” they did a pretty lousy job: thanks in large part to on-reserve teen pregnancies the Red Indian has this country’s highest birthrate. Meanwhile, as Colby points out in his Mayan post, the Spaniards wiped out a fairly-advanced civilization…yet the more advanced British military couldn’t handle a couple tribes? It’s almost like they weren’t trying!

          • As per the UN definitions of genocide:

            In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

            (a) Killing members of the group;

            (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

            (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

            (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

            (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

            Just residential schools alone were responsible for all of these definitions, and please don’t tell me residential schools are ancient history because the schools didn’t close until 1996. The genocide of today 2013 is happening. If you choose to not acknowledge there is still genocide being perpetrated on First Nations people today that doesn’t surprise me. I guess you also have the attitude First Nations people need to “just get over it”. FYI getting over it will take Canadians understanding and acknowledging what happened in the past. Then steps can be taken to move forward towards a better future for everyone.

          • First off, I’m 100% in favour of residential schools. Who could possibly be against education, especially when some of the Idlers clearly could benefit from living in school for a decade or two.

            As for the ‘genocide’ in residential schools, they didn’t kill any members (so much for ‘a’) and the rare cases of bodily harm that did exist were committed by perverts and therefore not with intent to destroy the group (so much for ‘b’), If you believe ‘c’ then you believe that the Red Indian is destroyed by having EDUCATION as part of its condition for life (a curious belief for sure), while ‘d’ implies the nuns were forcibly using birth control on the kids which seems a surprising thing for nuns to suddenly decide to do. Finally, the only “forcible transfer of children” was from broken homes to non-broken homes, which Canada is legally obliged to do under the auspices of the United Nations Rights of the Child treaty.

            All in all, the “genocide of 2013” is pretty far behind schedule. I notice that you choose not to acknowledge the bit about increased birthrates. Even with extreme poverty and violence caused by the reserves being run as petty chiefdoms by petty people like Chief Theresa Spence, the populations are increasing pretty dramatically. I guess when you ask for “understanding and acknowledging” you’re implicitly asking people to under and and acknowledge a bold-faced lie.

          • Thankfully there is an increase in birth rates. It is a well known fact that the mandate of residential schools was to get the “indian” out of the child. Their hair was cut, they were forbidden to speak their own languages unless they wanted to be punished, and they were not allowed to practice their own religion. It is also a well know fact the suicide rates of First Nations people are 11 times the national average. Life expectancy is 8 years less in men and 6 years less in women as compared to the rest of Canada. You can have your head in the sand and expect things to just magically change. What is needed is acknowledgment and understanding to move forward and to make things equal for all people of Canada.

          • It’s a well known fact (or at least, it used to be) that children of all languages were “forbidden” to speak non-English languages while at school. If you happened to live in a boarding school, that happened to be your entire day. Now such an environment is called “immersion education” and is a big fad with hipsters. Who knew, eh?

            Wait, so now the genocide is caused by the high SUICIDE rate? So it’s a genocide that the Indians are…committing against themselves? I’m not sure even the United Nations is quite ready to get involved in that particular mode of ethnic cleansing.

          • You are amazing – just when I think you couldn’t get any stupider – you out due yourself. Where did you go to school and for how long?

          • You are so blinded by racism you make no sense. The suicide rates are up, since they see no hope for their futures. Children as young as 8 are committing suicide. They are faced with racism every day. When their culture was denied or has been forgotten because it was not allowed for generations. Read the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People and then tell me there isn’t a problem. If the government can see it and admit it why can’t you?? FYI Canada is subsidized by First Nations. Look that up too!!!

          • If a genocide were intended it would have happened long ago.

          • Are you really so ignorant? Or are you just a troll?

          • Why build schools at all, settlers could have left them in the bush with their rabbit snares and trap lines and give them the $4 a year that was promised.
            No big screen TVs, oxy addicts, Overweight fetal alchohol chiefs driving Escalades and going for fishing trips by charter plane. Pissylatedtoast go away.

          • Thanks for clarifying, you are both ignorant and a troll. Good to know. :)

          • Thankfully I am neither. You on the other hand are a fool.

          • Educated? I think not.

          • Educated, why yes I am. I know you don’t think, that much is apparent, however thanks for having the courtesy of not trying to deny it. :)

          • And just how civil were your people? First Nations shared food and resources. Yours were greedy.

          • See the difficulty in the ambiguity of the word “nation”.

            If we interpret “nation” to just mean a distinct people then it would be hard to argue that the First Nations don’t each tend to qualify, just like French Quebec or the Mennonites or the Dukhobors. But what does that mean, really? Indeed, if we take “nation” as an anthropological term like that it’s asinine to claim that anybody can really “lead” one; you can lead an organization such as a government but who can lead a culture?

            But that meaning of “nation” cannot imply “nation-state”, or a “country” as we’d call it in vernacular. Flanders or Wales, for example, may be nations but are certainly not nation-states, even though they were once both.

            So insomuch as Spence’s supporters want her to be recognized as the head of a nation-state, they’re simply incorrect. There’s no value judgment there, no arguing over whether historically the Attawapiskat may once have qualified as a nation-state. If you would like the Attawapiskat to become a nation-state in the future, separate from Canada, then that’s an interesting argument to have. But it has nothing to do with Theresa Spence.

          • As I put it above in the reply to Wayne Young, Politicians have no right interfering with Treaties and Agreements that were signed by the Crown without consent of all parties involved.
            As in your examples of Wales or Flanders there would be hell to pay if their politicians tried to pass laws that violate their agreements……….
            In case your wondering I am of Welsh descent.

          • For those keeping score, Bill C-45 as a matter of coincidence withdraws Canada from a Treaty that was signed by the Crown and doesn’t ask for nor wait for consent from “all parties involved”.

          • Then why am I paying the bill and you’re not?

            It’s time you started looking after yoursleves instead of stealing from each other which is apparently what’s going on up on Chief Spence’s hunting ground.

            Look at the way people are living up there. It’s a disgrace. And it’s your disgrace it’s not mine.

          • because your forefathers only thought of themselves and didn’t leave you anything to look forward to in terms of security…how selfish of them,you come from the nuclear family dynamics, so wipe your tears

          • When do we stop paying for crap that happened hundreds of years ago?

          • well for starters, when the gen pop realizes that the last residential school did not close hundreds of years ago, but in 1996. Moreover, Canada is only became constituted in 1867, meaning its 145 years old…so, what “crap that happened hundreds of years ago” are you talking about??

          • Do some research… the last residential school closed in 1996 – that ‘crap’ happened to people who are still alive today.

          • You aren’t. Sovereign nationhood is not a factor of “how long people who are the same skin colour as you have lived somewhere”. With the *possible* exception of Mohawks, and even that is an extreme stretch, nobody who was north of the Alamo when Columbus landed was a “nation” by any sensible stretch of the imagination. Minor fiefdoms scattered around do not a collection of nations make. Indian bands are just that: bands of Indians.

          • Your status as a soveriegn nation has nothing to do with how long you’ve been here. The only sovereign nation within Canada is Canada itself. That’s a fact, that’s not open to discussion or debate.

          • A true democracy? Really? Your constant wars with other tribes, the keeping of slaves and killing of prisoners not to mention the ritual cannibalism………

          • I’m not sure how a story that ends with “King James kills them all” made you think of 1599 Scotland as a “true democracy”.

          • Were you alive back then Anglo ? Where is your proof all FN if any participated in these actions ?All you have is your worthless anglo history bastardized and written for you Anglos. Stop trying to rewrite FN history.You Anglos screwed us so now get over it and be proud you are a race of thieves.

          • It’s very easy to “rewrite” history that was never written down in the first place. This phony-balony talk about the noble Indians peoples struck down by fighter jets under the command of King James (I’m pretty sure that’s what Idle No More has morphed to by now) is a prime example.

            So rather than this “worthless anglo history” that corresponds so nicely with every single piece of written third party documentation discovered, we should believe that the Great Crow put you here at the same time the rest of us were slumming around Lake Victoria? No thanks.

          • Funny how many wars changed peoples lives and borders and reigns, etc… But the natives’ lands get taken over peacefully and generously, yet they’re never happy. It’s time to stop expecting special treatment as many of your people have by making a life for themselves and their families without sitting around with their hands out.

        • none of them ever know what they are asking for. Most FN bands are so dysfunctional, they can rarely agree on what day of the week it is.

          • Why are we dysfunctional? Colonialists came along and ruined our way of life and forced theirs on us through killing and degrading our warriors and mothers, our kids and residential schools, misappropriation of our lands by crooked “Indian” agents. Of course there will be dysfunction when you see nuns kick your friend in the throat then make you walk over their dead bodies to go to class. Jesuits having sex with our boys. Interring us all in concentration camps called reserves. People are so musinformed by spaghetti westerns you took as truth. We know the truth because we lived it. what kind of people come to your house and dispense with all your food puts you in a corral and devises ways to get rid of you so they can have your house? What kind?

          • Stop using the past to bolster your victim status. No one forces you or anyone else to live on a reserve. You want to live in the bush, then do it on your on dime, not the 10 billion you get from working people. When are you going to stop dragging the past into your present? You are also immigrants to North America, if you stop and do some reading of history.

          • Actually $12 billion would be more correct.

          • reconciliation between ind/non-indigenous folks will not happen because of attitudes such as yours. the past is not an excuse, but a reason. Maybe you also need to do some Canadian history reading? However, if that is too long for you, perhaps use the index and choose only the “history” you want to read…


          • So, how is it that thousands of Jewish refugees came to Canada after losing every last living relative in WWII, and managed to become fully integrated and largely successful citizens? Ditto for the thousands of Vietnamese boat people of the late 1970’s? Neither of those groups have scores of federal, provincial, and municipal agencies devoted to helping them “succeed” in the fashion that natives have.
            The bottom line for Canadian natives is a simple one: If there are no jobs where you live, then encourage your kids to move out and up, just as thousands of other Canadian kids leave small towns for good every year. Encourage them to “emigrate” out to the broad strata of what is a pretty damned good society. Hanging out in nowhere’s such as Kashechewan or Attawapiskat or a hundred other places where there are no jobs and no future, just because that’s where your ancestors lived, is a mugs game. Mine lived in England for a thousand years or more, but I sure don’t.
            I live in a society where people of every race, creed, and color live out successful lives. There are no color barriers, or any other racial or social barriers blocking the economic and social progress of natives in Canadian society, beyond those which they impose upon themselves.
            Rampant native alcoholism? Sorry. Being a drunk is a choice. Victims of violence? I understand, but I also understand that almost all violence against natives is perpetrated by other natives. Greedy white folks? While chiefs of bands the size of small towns pay themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars per year?
            Sorry, but the bulk of the problems that face natives today can only be solved by themselves, and they already have more than enough resources or choices to do exactly that.

          • how befitting

            yes, your family immigrated and pulled themselves up by the bootstraps, why can’t “the natives”? Well, there are many reasons. But foremost, because every implementation, legislation, and indoctrination imposed by the government was to ensure they would not succeed so that any remaining sovereignty and land could be usurped. As for your irish, english, or whatever family roots, were allowed to work and vote and buy land. Then Indian Act legislated against all of those “freedoms” you take for granted. So no, just getting on was not possible when FN people were forced to live on reserves. In order to leave a reserve, an Indian Agent had to grant a pass, and it was for very particular reasons. FN people did not get the power to vote until the 60’s. Perhaps a good read of Canada’s colonial history would serve you well.

          • til the 1960s….newsflash moron its 2013! The shiite you are talking about is ancient history. F”N crybabies!

          • Jews are “fully integrated”? You’re joking, right? Try bringing your daughter to sit with you in a synagogue, and you’ll learn how integrated they ain’t…fast!

          • Not sure what you are getting at. I was at a synagogue a little over a year ago for a Bar Mitzva… they had a female Rabbi.

          • Don’t take him too seriously, JS is clearly stuck in a time loop. If he ever realized this was 2013 it would make his whole “poor me” defense fall apart.

          • Bill i’m sorry but you can’t compare what happened to the Jews with what happened to the First Nations people of Canda. The Jews came here to open arms with a lot of finacial gains that allowed them to make a go of it and succeed ( but I do not dicount thier struggles). The First Nations people had nowhere to go to escape and thier resources are the land and water, so you cant compare that. The Vietnamese were assisted by the US and Canadian goverments once they got here(although the trip was beyond imagination) and they had skills that allowed them to become self sufficiant. The skills that Canadas First Nation people had were quickly over taken by the white settlers and and many speicies were quickly depleted and no settler had any interest in First Nation medicince (although that seems to be quite interesting now) it also must be pointed out that the other groups who came here would have been treated very differently if they came in the 1700’s. I am the child of a residental school survivor and it took me a long time to understand why my life was what it was and I now know that the memories of my mothers chilhood eat her up everyday and this is a coping mechamisim for her. Alcoholisim among the First Naitons people of Canada is a side affect of self medication brought on by untreated mental illness caused by the autrocites inflicted over many generations. The First Nation people’s pain and suffering were never acknoledged untill only recently and the abuse contiued untill the late 1990’s. I would love to see this condition of illness, alcohol, drug abuse and physical abuse stop, but it has become a learned behavior and will be hard to resolve. In the meanwhile you can help by educating yourself, then put yourself in thier shoes and keep an open mind because this was not the dream of the First Nation people of Canada. I have survived and so will the future generations but we are all our brothers keeper and you are our brother as well. Go in peace Bill.

          • I mean no disrespect to you, however Jews and Vietnamese left their and where they were being persecuted. First Nations people are on their land and continue to this day to be persecuted. Treaties were signed in good faith and to this day have not been fulfilled. First Nations people only want what was promised to them 140 years ago. Forgiveness is for each individual soul, so they may heal, but to expect people to forget is akin to asking the Jews to forget the Holocaust. It’s not going to happen and should not happen. Non First Nations people need to stand with First Nations people and together try to mend the past and build a future together. Non First Nations people need to be educated about the REAL history of Canada.

          • it isn’t first nations peoples fault what was done to them, that was there choice also.

          • Hey Jesus. Did you miss the “there” instead of “their”?

          • BS

          • To paraphrase a bad joke, “who’s this ‘we’, kemosabe?” Nobody forced their way of life on you, nor did anybody misappropriate your land. No nuns made you walk over any corpses, and nobody killed and degraded your warriors (unless you’re referring to the on-reserve gang violence). The Chief Spences of the world are misappropriating your funds, but that’s about all that’s happening to you. As a slight difference from concentration camps, you can move away from the reservation any time you like and go live in a town or city somewhere.

            Most people manage to read about things that happened to others in history, even others who are the same race as us, and look at it as an event rather than an actual individual assault in the here and now. Why is this so difficult for you?

          • your right….time to do away with the reserve system and the Indian act and assimilate the native population.

          • “you’re” not “your”
            and, what would be the purpose of assimilation, in your opinion?

          • Tracy … there is a lot of blunt, well written history writtten .. ready for you to research .. “FIND OUT ABOUT YOUR OWN HISTORY” before bemoaning your life on a reserve. Find out about the haves and have nots in the native societies. How many are taking advantage of the new business opportunities, grants etc for native men and women inparticular. How many take advantage of the low cost education offered… The USA has a Black president .. when will we have a native prime minister of Canada?

          • Cry me a river. You sad sorry deluded self-pitying fool. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps and get on with living.

            I never saw a wild thing
            sorry for itself.
            A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
            without ever having felt sorry for itself.
            DH Lawrence

          • b.s don’t insult people you don’t know, what gives you the right

        • See above reply to Wayne Young……

        • Good for you Westerner… Its amazing how many pop off with out making an effort to find the facts. You summed it up .. I will add however that this person has soup brought into her on a regular basis so she is not starving. I could live on soup myself …and have,

      • she is not the leader of a NATION she is the leader of 1800 people -and a crappy one at that. Harper is a leader of a Nation. The COUNTRY of canada. 30 million people. She should not be collecting donations she should be ashamed and resign.

        • Focus!

          The First Nations are the various Aboriginal peoples in Canada who are
          neither Inuit nor Métis.[2][not in citation given] There are currently over 630[3] recognized First Nations governments or bands spread across Canada, roughly half of which are in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.[4]
          The total population is nearly 700,000 people.

          • EmilyOne

            You referenced in your post a link to a book and review of the book. Neither dealt specifically with what you were objecting too, which was that Chief Spence’s Band has surrendered the right to advance themselves as a sovereign nation.

            If you really think that Chief Spence represents a nation trying running it by the UN, who actually has recognized smaller independent nations before (even nomadic ones). There is nothing legally speaking which gives Chief Spence the authority to speak as a leader of a sovereign nation. Period. Kick and scream all you want, it changes nothing.

            Lastly, based on the criteria you are advancing as evidence of a nation. The sovereign nation of Alberta or the sovereign nation of Ontario could easily be argued as such.

          • Okay, you’re just plain illiterate.

            And I would be happy to separate from such idiocy as you’re displaying

          • If Attawapiskat and the 629 other bands are ‘nations’ ,get out of my pocket. There is no pride in being a ‘nation’ of dependents.

          • You’re paying them rent…for the land you’re sitting on

          • Not for the land I’m sitting on. When the settlers showed up there was no one here. The Iroquois had come up from Albany and Seneca 100 years before that and killed everyone.

            Then the Iroqois went back to New York and left the place up for grabs.

          • You were conquered and if you had any pride what so ever you would earn your keep and pay your own way instead of depending on the rest of us for your survival. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

          • That’s not what happened, legally. Sorry. It is too late, far too late, to assert the rights of conquest here. The legal relationship between Canada and the first nations is governed by treaty first and after that by law.

          • To clarify the above. Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982 provides:

            35. (1) The existing aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada are hereby recognized and affirmed.

            so what we are talking about here, derogation of the aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada (for that is what is claimed here and not without justification), is directly contrary to the supreme law of this land.

          • The problem is that the party who keeps telling us that it believes in the rule of law, doesn’t.

          • Well hon, I’m not FN….but no, they weren’t ‘conquered’ You’ve watched too many Hollywood matinees.

            Canada signed treaties….quite peacefully….with FN

            And they, m’dear are feeding you.

          • One thing that hasn’t been conquered is ignorance. Your post is the proof of that foul pudding. Yum yum!

          • Impossible Emily. They don’t own it.

          • well, arguably, any nation that has not been a signatory nor been an adhesion to an original treaty did not surrender their land, as in the case of much of British Columbia. As such, the underlying title to the land belongs to the Aboriginal people.

          • Irrelevant, really. Whether the land was “surrendered” or not is beside the point: the tides of history have moved and shaped BC since that time: the descendants of the Haida have no more right to downtown Vancouver than they (or the Russians, for that matter) have a right to downtown Lüshunkou.

          • We are all tired of the “First Nations” making demands on honest, tax paying working Canadians. The hand outs have gone on too long, you want to be a nation? Fend for yourself and move to Quebec.

          • In which ‘we’ means the same few dozen white, Christian conservative men in Alberta who have nothing better to do than spew their racist bile on the Internet in the guise of fiscal responsibility.

            All the while, Harper shovels the money you speak of out the back door to his REAL constituents, banks and oil companies. And you redneck schmucks get up on your tails and clap for more. Ort ort, my good man.

          • you really think the cons would “hand out” money to FN’s? yes, that is exactly something harper lives to do. the transfer payments, akin to what provinces get from the fed govt, are because of obligations the government/queen made so FN would surrender their land.

            further, indigenous people are not “tax-free” people. why is that misguided generalization perpetuated? no, honestly, why? where did you learn that?


          • you should trace your ancestors roots back to your rightful country and get the heck home,

      • She is not a leader of any nation, and for her to assert she’s a nation’s leader sans any election is appallingly arrogant. Our government does not give into blackmail via someone who thinks they are Supreme Directer of her mythical nation.

      • Then if she is serious she will starve to death and that will be her choice nobody elses. Did she ask the dauphne when she met him the other day why the Liberal party ignored the aborigianl plight for years. Not likely. She probably was mesmerized by his hair.

        • It always comes back to Pierre Trudeau with you wingnuts, eh? Looooooooooseeeeeeeer….

      • >EO…why dont you go on a comment strike! No more comments til this Indian princess dies…..hahahaha

        • Cons would love to stifle free speech.

    • …or just a diversion so that the public won’t see what really goes on with the reserve money they get.

        • Oh yes, good old lefty!

        • mmm.. your link would be like a milk company telling everyone to drink 10 full glasses of milk each day.

        • 32% of wages paid to Spences family at Attawapiskat from Federal grant of $33 MILLION in 2010…over $11 MILLION DOLLARS PAID TO THE BAND COMMITTEE in one year. NO wonder theres no houses but all have NEW TRUCKS and a HOCKEY RINK but no HOMES. INsanity rules here. Is that Harpers fault??? Give us all a break from propaganda.

          • A “hockey rink”? You really want to compare a draughty wooden shed to some gleaming high-tech facility in the south? You are quite the moron.

          • Mr. Schmesus..(moron) …. you obviously haven’t had the ambition to do your homework.. get up off the couch, put out the roach and delve into researching the actual numbers… Amazing how stupid the uninformed are….

          • It’s only a roach AFTER you put it out, wannahippie. Amazing how full of shit CONjobs are when on racist rants…

          • I haven’t seen any racist language or insinuations here. Could you point them out? (If you’re not too busy namecalling, that is?)

            I’ve seen allegations that tribal leadership is enriching itself at the expense of the common good, though. Is that racist?

            Maybe the allegations are faulty! But I still don’t see any racial bigotry involved in them.

          • Only a true Reform-A-Tory hack would ignore or discount the role racism plays in Canada-First Nations relations in general, and the vitriol that’s spewed in forums like these in particular.

            People have the gall to question Chief Spence’s choice of automobile (bought with her own goddamned money, thank you very much!), yet never ask such a question of anyone in Ottawa, Queen’s Park, etc. The main difference between those two levels of government? Every nickel that Attawapiskat First Nation spends is fully disclosed, while the others still have the luxury of hiding their misdeeds.

            The idea that you would tar ALL First Nations chiefs with the brush of corruption based on the actions of a few would be laughable, if it wasn’t causing so much misery among so many. It’s a big lie, and an oft-repeated one. Wonder where Harper and his disciples got that technique from…

          • ” Every nickel that Attawapiskat First Nation spends is fully disclosed,
            while the others still have the luxury of hiding their misdeeds.” Where??

          • In case you don’t know how to use Google…

            In case you don’t know what to do with the search results…

            In case you need help interpreting the numbers…

            Hope that helps.

          • I pored over those statements, and even the unconsolidated ones don’t have nearly enough info in them to tell where money has gone. 1.8 million spent on administration of a town of 1800 people? That boggles the mind.

          • Is that so? I’m sure then that you can point to several similarly sized non-reserve (READ: white) towns’ financials in Northern Ontario, and show me that they spend a lot less. I’ll be waiting…

          • I love it … you…. complaining about ” the vitriol that’s spewed in forums like these in particular” , and yet you can’t get thru one of your own posts without spewing forth said vitriol with volcanic force .. in all directions, and eventually subsiding into the same old ” your a racist ” and ” you spelled that wrong ”

            ” Wonder where Harper and his disciples ” got that technique from… whats that, the big lie repeated until it becomes truth? Maybe they got the technique from watching every reserve / band in Canada call themselves a ” First Nation” , in spite of the fact that anthropological research and DNA testing proves that Native north americans weren’t here first.. and in any case, which of these First Nations came FIRST?? Because I’m sorry, you didn’t all magically appear at the very same instant when the Great Spirit clapped together 2 handfulls of mud. And if you find that to be a racist statement, too bad, because that is the core of Anishnawbe / Ojibway / Algonkian ” creation stories”…. AND for that matter…. if each RESERVE is a First Nation…. then what came before the reserves? Kind of hard to claim a RESERVE was a First Nation before the RESERVE even existed…. and what existed BEFORE that was several different types of indigenous groups… some nomadic.. some settled in certain areas… some roaming the entire ” country “… some gatheres, some fishers, some hunters, and ALL of which hated the other ” Tribe” and routinely massacred each other… and NONE of whom was a so-called FIRST NATION.

            as you yourself so eloquently put it , when you were done ranting at people ranting, and after you got your feet out of your mouth …

            “It’s a big lie, and an oft-repeated one.”

            ps: any spelling / grammatical / punctuation errors you find were purely intentional on my part. But if you feel the need to go ballistic over one transposed letter… knock yourself out.

            oh, and feel free to research ” Gull Bay ” for the latest corrupt chief… and Fort William ” First Nation” …. let he who casts the first stone thru ( sic ) a glass house etc etc etc …..

          • Ah, so indigenous peoples weren’t “first”. Who was? Columbus? Jesus riding his dinosaur? You couldn’t be more obtuse if you were a 179 degree angle.

            I love how quickly Reform-A-Tory shills crawl out of their bunkers with “anthropological research” when it suits them, while ignoring the mountains of hard evidence of anthropogenic climate change. Where do you get your scholarly information?

            You can bugger right off with your 100 Strawmen of Torydom nonsense. WHile you’re at it, perhaps you’d like to ask your Dear Leader why he acknowledged Quebec as a “nation”. You know, in case that sort of thing offends you.

          • Mr. Young … right on … I for one have witnessed what you say up close ..first hand … Those who bring up Mr. Harper’s name and try to link it to this need to brush up on their own country’s history. and I agree.. “give us a break from uninformed propaganda…!

    • Tell me, who thinks she didn’t have a big juicy moose burger waiting for her when she went into that closed door meeting the other day. lol what a joke. Go home and fix your own reserve. Feed your children clothe them and educate them enough to find a way out of that sh&^ hole they call a home. It’s time to clean up your own back yard…

      • You, “sir”, are what comes out the back end of the moose.

        • Mr. moron …. now I am convinced you are an uneducated moron ..

          • Only when you manage to compose a single sentence in the English language that is grammatically correct may you rightly criticise my intellect and/or education. Until then, shut your Jack Daniel’s-and-jerky hole.

          • …while I am enjoying this exchange …. your insults should be a teeny bit more inventive…

          • I’m sure you meant “a teensy bit”. A teeny bit is what you chase in your Corvette outside your local high school.

          • Now… with that faux paw … I surrender the belt … sir.. good one!

          • A faux paw is the one you buy on a Made-in-China rabbit’s foot keychain made of cat fur.

          • …. I believe, you will no doubt correct me if I’m some what north of accurate, that the term for that particular item is Foo Pas .. so Xiao Schmesus enough Ma Fan …. onward…

    • Get your facts straight before you start yapping.. that is bs.. there is no money going to clayton kennedy.. there is no fundraising at alll…

  3. Watch this report to see how and why openness and accountability is required and how Chief Theresa Spence spent $8400 on a charter trip to Toronto which at first she denied until confronted with the receipt of payment for the trip. Spence told a lie and was caught – is she lying again about following a hunger strike ?


    • It was a council members trip she was on, and it’s in the books

      • If it was a council trip why did she deny it ever happened until confronted with the receipt – she is not a person that is known to tell the truth we found out.

        • Do you remember every trip you’ve ever taken? Would you do so if all trips in your area were by plane….since there are no roads?

          Do you call Harper a liar for all the whoppers he’s told…..or just a FN chief?

          • I would remember a $8400 charter trip to Toronto last year for sure – if Spence can’t what in hell is she doing looking after band finances (that is a mess too now that you ask) and getting paid $74 thousand dollars of taxpayer’s money.

          • It’s likely waaaaay outside your line of work….so it would stand out to you.

            It’s in the band records… give it a rest.

          • Where are the receipts and invoices???? I can write what ever I want on a ledger as a business expense but I have to provide the above.

          • Then check online doofus.

          • Her daughter was also on this trip – she forgot to mention that as well.
            Is there anything that we can believe that comes out of her mouth?

      • Or with Laureen Harper’s illegal investment accounts…

        • ???

        • The only investment I’ve ever heard of Laureen making is the price of a suite at the Chateau Laurier. Of course, it’s probably been every night for the past six years. Expensive!

  4. Is this the same boyfriend she wanted to take over the Tribe’s finances instead of the auditor Ottawa appointed?

    • Yes. He did actually run the band finances for a while.

    • Husband, by common law….don’t use buzz words.

      • The correct term is “shackmate.” Common law isn’t really a law in the modern world is it?

        • This comment was deleted.

          • Nice to see the old if you disagree with me you are a racist argument put forward by EmilyOne

          • It’s old because it’s true.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I am not Caucasian so I don’t know what kind of newfangled all inclusive white supremacist group you are claiming that I am part of .

          • This comment was deleted.

          • It definitely seems like you lack basic reading comprehension. I am not white and unlike you I am not making demeaning generalizations about races or groups of people.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Why am I racist. I have not made any comments denigrating a race or culture. I have not made generalizations about a group of people based on their looks, where they live or their religion. All I have done is point out that you were being a hypocrite and that your argument that those who disagree with you are automatically racist is a laughable concept. It is sad to see the hate you are spreading.

          • I don’t play games, sorry. Ciao

          • But you do make unsubstantiated claims about whether a person is racist or not without providing any evidence. Nice to see you demonstrate your bigotry. And just in case you are wondering Bigotry is the state of mind of
            a bigot, defined by Merriam-Webster as “a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices “

          • She’s worried the alleged scam is about to be revealed thus she hurls racists racist at people, pay no attention.

          • I just looked at her (EmilyOne)’s account – she has almost 3000 posts and she is just calling people names in most of them. Her posts are also basically illiterate and uninformed as well as racist. Seems to do nothing else, so I assume she is not working either. Don’t take it personally she is a troll.

          • She is a psycho troll

          • What do you call Mohawks who deny status to non-pure Mohawks you’re heros? I love watching people who support the supremacists Mohawks calling other’s racists. Go clean off your hood dear.

          • “Emily” ….. old FN name meaning “full of it.”

          • just because Emily does not agree with the majority of the prejudice comments attacking FN, Chief Spence, and INM on this page you assume she is also FN? She already said she wasn’t.

          • Most of the bigotry and prejudice on this issue comes from the FN and from Emily and from Spence and from the INM

            As for Emily being or not being an FN, Emily doesn’t know whether it’s punched, bored or scraped.

            And If Emily is a she, I’ll eat my F-hat.

          • Look at all your downvotes, on all your posts. I hope you enjoy being that crazy bitch that gets mad at her boyfriend and destroys his house because you saw him talking to another female, at work, in a business meeting.

          • ???????? I was unaware I was supposed to decide my morality and principles on the basis of ‘down votes’ on a chatsite.

            You live by ‘conformity is king’ do you?

            Thankfully for some of us, morality is more important than popularity.

          • I’m actually quite a moral person. If I had $90 million handed to me, I would first improve the community so that my people that I governed wer able to live comfortably and healthy, and then I would probably donate some of the many millions left over to I dunno, people who are WAY worse off than these natives.

          • Well, you’re not very bright. Reserve money belongs to the reserve and is used for people’s needs there.

            And I realize that $90M sounds like a lot to you, but that’s because you don’t know what the costs are.

          • No, I don’t fully know what the costs are, but I do know that there are more than just housing. That’s also beside the point. Everyone that I know works to pay for their mortgage, and works so that they can fix their houses. These people may be less fortunate in that way, since there might not be much there for job opportunity, but I think $90 million should be able to at least bring major improvements into their community, which it doesn’t seem to have done.
            That suggests something is wrong with their chief. I suppose if she gets a larger budget, then maybe we’ll see the truth behind her motives.

        • Dude, it’s a little sad to see you so eager to denigrate another culture you deliberately start misunderstanding your own.

        • It’s common law. Common law is British. Yes, British.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • So her “husband” should be the impartial auditor? Hmmm? Where did all that money go? How much is in Spence and her “husband’s” bank accounts?

        • This comment was deleted.

          • Pot meet Kettle. Its very hypocritical for EmilyOne to claim that someone is making a generalization about a group and than make a generalization about Albertans.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • We may not be decent, but at least we are not runts………..Ooops, typo again!

          • God, I hate it when folks have negative stereotypes about a group. That’s just the kind of thing an Albertan would do!

          • FIRST correct statement you have made so far Emily. Yes I am Albertan. We have a bull$#itter as Premier. Most of know one when we see it.

          • The majority of Albertans are bullshitters….and identifiable everywhere.

          • LOL EmilyOne. Do you ever travel? Your posts are hilarious!

        • Did I once say that? No, I suggested you stop using hyperbolic and insulting frames. Instead, in the parlance of your slack-jawed ilk, you ‘doubled down’. Bravo.

          • The past three years their own financial statements say $8 million has been spent on “administrative costs” with no details whatsoever. I think that money went right into the bank accounts of the three mayors and 18 aldermen “leading” a band of 1900 members. Shocking! If she’s honest, why eschew a forensic accountant verifying their books? If there was no audit coming, there would be no hunger strike.

  5. Surely if ever an article required an IMHO rather than a “this is the way it is” kind of approach, this was it. I also suspect a hunger strike by someone not in prison (with your entire life is run by the state in an institutionalized setting), is remarkably different than a citizen at large.

    • Okay, so if we grant her that somehow her hunger strike is different than a prisoner’s, then what? That makes it perfectly acceptable for her to use the media spotlight to solicit funds? And SURELY the media would have a responsibility to inform their viewers/readers/listeners (as Colby’s done here) about the fact that the “victim” of said hunger strikes was collecting donations.

      I mean, I guess you can defend using a hunger strike as a fundraising method. But even you have to agree that people deserve to know that!

      • Class, can anyone help our perennial slow-learner with a historty of internet misrepresentations (including besmirching a well known Canadian company by claiming he worked there).

        • There is no cure for this kind of pathology I am afraid.

          • What pathology is that? The kind that has one instigate a fake hunger strike in a pathetic effort to solicit donations? Is it not clear enough to you, as a supporter of hers, that she’s simply manipulating the whole bloody scene in an effort to collect money from people who ACTUALLY believe in the cause she’s using as her own personal whore?

          • why is the presumption that Chief Spence instigated a hunger strike to collect money? There are many people whom actually care about this issue and perhaps sent money, wanted to send money, asked where they could donate to help out, etc. and so an account was set up to facilitate this. Is that such a novel idea to non-supporters? Again, why is there a presumption of dishonesty and fraudulent behaviour when none has been proven?

          • Why would somebody who agrees with a hunger strike donate money? What good is money going to do for a hunger strike? It would make more sense to make a donation to the CPC in an effort to get Harper over there to visit her, and get her eating again.

            Why’d they need a separate bank account for the donations? Couldn’t the money have gone into the reserve’s accounts? Is it to be able to hide who the donors are, and if so, why?

            The reason I assume there is some shifty business afoot, is because people don’t use hunger strikes as fundraising campaigns, because it discredits ACTUAL hunger strikes that take place for a cause. And now her cause is completely discredited, because the Chief decided she wanted to personally profit from all of the media attention, and decided to make it all about money.

          • arguably, if it was not her decision to “fundraise” as you put it, then it is separate from her hunger strike. Mere association, as is this fellas opinion, has made it connected to her hunger strike when that is not something she set out to do. Correlation does not necessarily imply causation. When i referred to people wanting to donate, i was not suggesting to her hunger strike, but to her community, to the needs there, to the bigger issues at play here. Rather than presuming or insinuating what you might think are insidious reasons for donations, why not ask them? I believe the post that started all this ranting was from their FB page. Sometimes going to the source is such a novel idea…

        • I’m not sure what your point is…..

      • Like I needed to know you are not a bank manager, you just pretend to be one online?

        • I’ve never pretended to be a bank manager. I created a fake profile for creeps like you to stalk, and you and your idiot ilk fell for it hook line and sinker. You stereotyped me for YEARS, and only once I explained to you that Rick Omen was not, in fact, a real person did you realize that all of your assumptions about me was based on your own disgusting prejudices.

          But I digress….. which part of faking a hunger strike to raise funds is it that you believe to be noble and just? The money, or the fake?

  6. The solution is simple, get an independent audit of the financial books. An Audit will reveal the truth. Nothing racist, just pure and simple logic.

    • You’re at least a year behind the times.

    • It was done. Nothing wrong was found.

      • Save your keystrokes. Explaining accounting to illiterate rednecks is like explaining rocket science to a chimp, except that the chimp may eventually understand.

    • That offers no solution to the major socioeconomic problems, for example of why houses are trashed by their residents so quickly, of why so many indians fail to do even the most basic home maintenance, of why people instead squander their money on flat-screen TVs, pickup trucks or snowmobiles.

      The underlying issue there is that they have no security of tenure. They can be turfed out of their houses by the band chief and council. Money they invest in their house could be lost at any moment, whereas they get to keep the TV regardless of decisions by the band.

      • Hey you guys want FNs to assimilate.You like your big screen don’t you? Heaven forbide we buy transportation like yours.Maybe we should go back to our horses or just walk.Who needs a snowmobile to get to our hunting grounds or fishing lakes. Heaven forbid we use them for enjoyment afterwards. I know only you Anglos are allowed to do such things because we are only savages.

  7. This is the kind of dialogue Trudeau and liberals endorse.
    .Expect Trudeau to negotiate with this First Nations mob next, as he seeks his way to be leader of federal Liberals – how sad.

    You can readily see Trudeau replacing the First Nations woman’s rant in the last 5 minutes of this video.

    • Ahhh just anti-Liberal I see.

      • I vote NDP/Liberal and I find every post you’ve made idiotic.

        • No you don’t. Libs/NDP don’t think [and I use the word loosely] the way you do.

          • You can pretty much tell the level of education, and the political party by what people post on a chatsite.

          • So your level of education would be grade 11 dropout, and your political party would be what? Communist party?

          • It’s exactly this kind of comment that screams your educational level and political party, Jdawg.

            Leave it alone, and walk away.

          • So when Thwim called you “a bigoted twat”, what did that tell you about the way he votes?

          • Thwim has already stated how he votes.

          • Yes, I think he said he votes Liberal.

  8. Patrick Brazeau, Shiny Pony, and Chief Honey Boo Boo…new reality show…”DASH FOR THE CASH”.

  9. What a scam. Can’t understand why the press gives this silliness so much space- and anyone with more than one chin could lose a bit of weight anyway.

    Somehow I though “Idle No More” meant they were actually going to move away from their isolated reserves, find some work and get on with it like the rest of us. Like immigrants do who come to this country with nothing , and have done so for 200 years and more. Mine were Irish Catholics, arriving here as famine refugees in the 1850’s, and no one was more despised in this province than poor illiterate Irish Catholics. But they persevered, and made a life for their families.

    I think we’re all a little tired of the cult of the “victim”, and the aboriginal industry that makes hundreds of millions for lawyers, and corrupt band officials, from the taxes the rest of us pay.
    I do, however, feel sorry for the children. Its not their fault, and they are being failed by the so called adults in their lives.

    • ‘and get on with it like the rest of us’?

      But they aren’t like ‘the rest of us’….They are FN.

      • You’re a racist.

        • Speaking the truth is not racist.

      • Unfortunately they aren’t like “the rest of us” and you don’t to point that out to us. The “rest of us” aren’t asking for millions of dollars in handouts every year but instead got a job and are a productive member of society.

        • And go into huge debt for our education to get those jobs. If only some of the money going to this nation was given to people who make use of it.

    • You euros are still hated but you are too stupid to know it.

      • Racist.

  10. Oh, Canada! Are we so steeped in systemic racism that we can no longer recognize it?

    • Well certainly some of us seem to be.

    • The indians, the leaders of their ‘first nations’ and the supporters of this protest certainly seem incapable of recognizing that the system they are advocating and promoting is inherently and irrevocably racist.

    • I wish I could say it’s just the bad apples showing up here on the internet, but I’ve spent time out west and it isn’t hard to find knee-jerk anti-aboriginal sentiment. It can be a little scary.

  11. Anybody gullible enough to send money to these fraudsters, on top of the millions they receive from our taxes already, is truly a fool.

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    These people cannot even get along for long enough to agree who will profit from this scam. Both the chiefs and the boyfriend are spatting over the proceeds already. The boyfriend wants the money put into an account seen and controlled only by one person: himself. No controls, no visibility, no nothing. Just send him your money and don’t ask questions.

  12. It’s not a hunger strike if she’s eating fish soup and drinking tea with sugar. The entire scam is coming apart at the seams thanks to people like you who look beyond the Ottawa Media bubble of ignorance and complaince.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • What’s actually ‘interesting’ is someone with the username “Zog” supporting the Zionist Reform-A-Tories.

  13. On a lighter note, Todd Rundgren here performs what should be the theme song of the protest movement:

    (Also applicable to the Occupy movement, which has fizzled as this one eventually will)

  14. Well if she takes money out of the band account for PR expenses for this campaign, you are going to nail her for it. She gets donations – still an moocher “Indjan”, I guess? BTW there was no mismanagement on her part but I guess that does not fit your cognitive dissonance. Maclean’s is so predictable it is funny. Maclean’s attitude towards First Nations is exactly the same as towards Québec: scorn, half-truths (being very polite here), twisting or cherrypicking facts. Like saying the financial statements are hidden (BTW I am a former federal auditor). Ah those irritating minorities…

    How much exactly are the Koch Brothers and Lockheed Martin (and other corporations and Americans) contributing to the CPC? A lot more than a few dollars. But hey, they wear ties, so it’s allright. J’en ai ras le bol.

    • Quebec is the Greece of Canada.

      Koch Brothers and Lockheed Martin (and other corporations and Americans) contributing to the CPC? Zero

      Stupid Leftard

      • We have an unemployment rate lower than the Canadian average.

        But that does not fit in your predigested fact-free diet.

        Sorry for unsettling your pond.

        • We have an unemployment rate lower than the Canadian average…..and more public sector employees too, big deal.

          I’m sure Quebec will do just fine as it’s own country without the $9 Billion a year in transfer payments from the ROC.

      • Given the current (low) interest rate, there is little incentive for governments to reduce their deficits and debts. While Quebec has a federal electoral quotient below-average, the three territories and six least populous provinces are greater welfare recipients of the federal government than Quebec due to their federal electoral quotients being even lower.

        • Quebec will receive the most from equalization payments in the 2012-2013 year.

          However, per capita, PEI benefits the most. In the 2012-2013 year, the following provinces will receive equalization payments:

          Quebec ($7.391 billion)

          Ontario ($3.261 billion)

          Manitoba ($1.671 billion)

          New Brunswick ($1.495 billion)

          Nova Scotia ($1.268 billion)

          Prince Edward Island ($337 million)

          The following provinces will not qualify for equalization payments in 2012-2013:[4]



          Newfoundland and Labrador

          British Columbia

        • You’ll notice that Quebec’s total transfers almost equal the total for all other provinces combined.

    • Maybe in all your (“I’m a former federal auditor whoopdeeedo”) fulminating you can reveal how the Koch Boys and Lockheed Martin are contributing money to the Conservative Party. It’s your former employer the corrupt Montreal/Liberal Party you should be talking about if any corruption is going on with industry players.

      PM Harper eliminated ALL Corporate and Union donations to ALL federal political participants. The MAX allowable is $1,100 per person per year.

      Oh and when you give rabble a more credible notation than MacLeans, you have simply blown your credibility. Rabble is anything but objective, by its very nature.

      • And Maclean’s is? LOL Stirring the pot to make money. L’actualité stirs it one way and Maclean’s (same owner, Rogers) the opposite way. Both ways pay.

        • You infer stirring the pot to make money is evil; for sure that’s explains

          Rabble – Paid subscribers -None; Reader makeup: mainly NDP

          MacLeans: Paid Subscribers 3.2 Million Reader makeup: paid/diverse

      • My former employer the Montreal Liberal Party? Compliments on your crystal ball.

  15. At least she is doing something to make money, unlike so many lay-abouts on her reserve who are to lazy to clean up their own homes and community and expect truckloads of money from the government to be given to them for doing nothing.

  16. Clayton Kennedy – boyfriend of Chief Spence is co-manger and director of finance of Attawapiskat First Nation and manages finances on Attawapiskat‏ – now isn’t that a cozy relationship? “We do the books together” – how convenient for Chief Spence and boyfriend but not so much for taxpayers and band members.

    • He was appointed by the govt.

      • From Clayton Kennedy affidavit

        “I was appointed Co-Manager of the First nation July 16 2010, by its’ (then) chief and council”

        Sorry Emily you got it all wrong – do you still have confidence in Chief Spence now that you are informed that this pair are in an incestuous relationship and have control of the books and money.of Attawapiskat whose finances are in shambles.

        • Oh do stop being an ass. LOL

          • EmilyOne
            Don’t be afraid to google Clayton Kennedy affidavit – but be prepared to learn your heroes are a couple crooks not to mention liars.
            You may also have to admit your posts are not based on fact, and that you are the ass on this board, although I think most people have deduced that already, given all the thumbs down you get. LOL

          • Oh. What are you going to do? Threaten a hunger strike or a roadblock?
            Or is the buzz off just off your land?
            What happened when you googled Clayton Kennedy affidavit – blew your mind didn’t it – here you thought Chief Spends was telling the truth all along – maybe she is also lying about being on a hunger strike – did you consider that?

          • You are an illiterate.

            You don’t even understand the posts you get

            You are simply a racist.


          • EmilyOne Peterbenyk • 2 hours ago
            He was appointed by the govt.

            You thought gov’t appointed Clayton Kennedy Co-Mangager – it was your hero Chief Theresa Spends. Who is the dummy now?

          • You wouldn’t see truth if you fell over it.

          • Wow, accusing people of being in KKK is kinda a big accusation. You seem somewhat uninformed, and close minded, and idiotic.

      • You mad bro?

  17. Wow….what a wild bunch of ignoramus racists we have on here!!!

    Sorry folks, I don’t have time for red herrings, personal attacks, tangents, nonsense statements, diversions, unsourced crap, whining or any other reindeer games.

    None of you know anything about this topic, and I’m not interested in trying to educate brick walls. You’ll all have to find out the hard way in due time.

    However, it’s clear that none of you are conservatives….or Christians….or even Canadians.

    • What do you mean you “don’t have time?”

      You’ve got lots of time, It’s a scam, another one. They probably pay you to be here.

    • “Sorry folks, I don’t have time for red herrings, personal attacks,
      tangents, nonsense statements, diversions, unsourced crap, whining”.

      Canadians demand to know what you’ve done to the EmilyOne who posted nothing but the above for the vast majority of this thread.

    • LOL Going home to cry to mommy? Bwahahahahahaha

    • As an occasional commenter it is unreal to see how much oxygen EmilyOne uses up on every darned political article. She is the one quick to hate and blame blame blame.

    • Funny how much hypocrisy, irony and idiocy is in this statement.

      Brick walls? You seem like one yourself.

      Nonsense statements? You claim to know how everyone thinks based on how they vote. The things people write on here is a very small, and I mean VERY small part of the many opinions we have on things.

      I think most people, if not all that posted here are Canadian citizens, who pay taxes, and don’t have millions of dollars handed to us. The religion of said posters, and the way they vote, does not matter.

      You don’t have time for that, yet you have time to post more than anyone else here? How do you not have time for that when you clearly have so much free time?

      You claim you’re not interested in trying to educate people, but you seem quite uneducated yourself with your ignorant statements.

    • Also, you seem somewhat irate, wench.

      • is your friend.

  18. “To make matters worse, we’ve been confronted with a visible disagreement between two spokesmen for Chief Spence. ”

    …which seems to have settled pretty quickly, as those three comments were the only ones in that thread at the Facebook site. And of course the notion that one should not fundraise off ANY political activity went out the door many decades ago.

    Colby Cosh seems to have ventured over into Ezra Levant hate mongering territory, but like Ezra he is showing a fair degree of Alberta bone-headedness in going about it all. Its his background as a venom spewer for the Alberta Report that causes this. Remember his trumpeting of Wildrose and the “free speech rights” of kooks like Hunsperger? Remember how he recanted after this pack of rednecks got their asses handed to them last election? This is another example of his either not getting it or playing to the Alberta peanut gallery of knuckle-draggers for a few quick page-views. But he, like Ezra, is too far right for even the Western mainstream! So blog posts like this are counter-productive. You normal folk out West want to know why nobody wants to pipe your oil over their land? Its because assholes like CC are carrying a bigoted message in your name out to the civilized world. And, frankly, you want to run on this sort of race baiting when your federal government is dismantling the environmental protections that allow many West Coast and other industries to thrive, whether they are First Nations or not? That’s idiotic. Colby Cosh’s stupidity is an actual threat to national unity.

  19. Since when does a hunger strike become a fund raising exercise. This is a ridiculous circus!

  20. All I hear is that we have a bunch of racists at Parliment Hill according to the protesting natives, but any group belong to a certain ancestry that believes that they should be treated above the rest of the tax paying nation are the true racists. I see Spence as a scared white collar thrice that can’t allow anyone to check the books for fear the truth will come out.

    • Learn the definition of racist redneck.

  21. Okay, this is messed up. What are the donations to be used for?! By donating, are you encouraging her to take the money and give up the strike, or are you encouraging her to continue not eating, to the point of death?

    The media needs to really really tread carefully with this now. This has now gone from a statement to a dangerous PR campaign.

    Also makes you wonder how many prior donations there were, or when this account was actually setup. Was it funded before the hunger strike started? Could it be that this was all a well funded marketing campaign that was planned long ago? Has anybody seen a Flash Mob that wasn’t, at the end of the day, organized by a marketing firm?

    • God Rick. you’re making me think of Racknine and Pierre Poutine, with this talk of setting up accounts and campaign funding.

      • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….

        I AM PIERRE POUTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

        Nobody knows this, but I’m also related to Dean Del Maestro’s cousin, who knows a guy who built a fake lake for Tony Clement, that they used to entrap G-20 protesters who had ACTUALLY seen Stephen Harper not eat that communion wafer that one time.

        True story. Warren Kinsella can confirm (he, being a bastion of truth and all that is good and not pure fuc|<1ng evil).

      • God it’s painful witnessing {Rick?] try to “think”, isn’t it!

        Yeah Rick, it is clearly an inducement to starve oneself to death, isn’t it?

    • What truth? On this subject Blatchford couldn’t find the “truth” with a backhoe, let alone a keyboard. The article’s a provocative turd…Wente style.

      I’m just disappointed to see an otherwise good journo like Cosh lower himself into the same gutter.

  22. Macleans i think your race-baiting here, slippery slope. The Chief has asked for ALL band leaders to meet with the PM/Crown, this meeting is not just for her or about her.

    • Which she has no authority to do. She is neither the head of the Assembly of First Nations nor is she on the executive committee.

      • FYI: The AFN is a lobby group, NOT A GOVERNMENT. This is precisely why there are other groups who represent First Nations, such as the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples. You know, the one Tory Patrick Brazeau was double-dipping from when he was first appointed to the Senate.

  23. Why are you asking your readers? Maybe you should ask her.

    • I know it’s bad form to follow up one’s own posts, but I really can’t let this one go. This is supposed to be the website for Macleans, a newsmagazine. The normal procedure when reporting, even by a columnist, on a news story is to ask the people involved when there are questions raised about the propriety of a newsworthy event.

      Yet that’s not what Colby wants to do, and I can’t figure out why. What he wants to do instead is ask a bunch of loaded questions dripping with insinuations of malfeasance, and then get out of Dodge before he can find the answers to any of them. At best, this is terrible form, is it not?

      • Oh, no doubt I shouldn’t have written anything. That would be the best form of all.

        • No, I don’t agree there either, if there is something to write about, which I don’t know if there is, because a place I come for news isn’t giving me any, or rather is offering a tiny slice of news (for which, thank you) towing a giant lumbering barge of rampant speculation.

          The thing is, no, I don’t actually want this not to be covered. And I certainly am not about to make the mistake of tying the legitimacy of a movement (though I think the grievances here are of a very serious magnitude) with one leader; people are too eager to take sides on individuals.

          This it-would-be-irresponsible-not-to-speculate stuff, though? I think that it’s not right, but if it is I am happy to hear why, and why no one contacted her or her group about it.

          • Thank you, Craig Burley. Well said.

          • Thanks. With no response, I will take it up with the editors. Again, I have no certainty about this; I could be wrong and this is considered acceptable journalistic practice. It seems very wrong to me, though, so I will continue to inquire.

          • When you figure out what “seems very wrong” about reporting the text of an official statement and pointing out the questions it raises, let us all know. Much of news will have to be bulldozed to meet the standard you just invented because you read something you don’t like.

          • but, then you are not reporting anything are you? you are merely offering your opinion, no? Reporting the “news” would be, like CB says, asking questions of both sides in order to fairly assess the situation. I asked someone before, why not ask them? their FB page seems to be open to the public. If you think something insidious is going on, then ask the group why the need for donations? Otherwise you are simply making claims based on zero information but your own biases. further, I fail to see how the fb message stream you re-produces is an “official statement”. Whose official statement? any help in clarifying this would be grand.

          • While that wasn’t very responsive, and while I still don’t understand HOW establishing a bank account for donations “raises the question” of whether Chief Spence is in fact on a hunger strike, thank you for a response. Have you had any luck in finding answers to your questions yet?

            Or do you not actually give a rat’s, and was this in fact not about asking questions at all?

          • What “seems very wrong” about your method of “reporting”, Mr. Cosh, is that it verges on unethical and unprofessional journalistic practice in it’s speculative and pot-stirring tone. You’re writing between the lines as opposed to writing on them. The questions you raise are important and the platform you’re given to express those questions is incredibly privileged; not everyone gets to write for MacLeans… So it seems irresponsible to throw a bomb like this out in the public sphere without addressing all 5 “W’s” – who, what, when, where and WHY. WHY does Chief Spence have a bank account related to her hunger strike? Well, Mr. Cosh… It’s your job as a journalist to go out and answer that question rather than willfully ignore it. Journalists have a responsibility to provide well researched and impartial information to the public and it seems many of us on this thread think that your research is weak at best. You’re cheapening a really important topic.

    • put a helmet on if your going to live your sad life influenced by levant….if your a pathological liar than he should be your hero………especially if your a complete ignoramus who knows nothing and never will………………….but thanx for coming out fool…………

  24. Note to posters……Kindly stop sending this racist trash to my Inbox….I told you ages ago I wasn’t interested in the bleatings of your Kon Klux Klan, and I won’t be answering any of it.

    You people would embarrass an Imperial Wizard of the US Civil war era….and the 21st century is going to go very hard for you.

    No sympathy. Suck it up.

  25. oh boo hoo….they’re not playing by the reformcon fascist rules………..maybe put your big boy diapers on mr cosh’ perhaps you’d get better information……

  26. “… it’s impossible to predict when the striker will lose the power to make a free choice”……..are you just new to this story mr cosh or as a partisan journalist you just ignore Chief Spence’s earlier news conferences prior to today which seems to be the day you have decided to focus some of your more important attention to the story which is ok unless, as you have, completely ignored what has been happening to date………maybe people should check with you first when they finally decide to fight against a corrupt illegitimate government…………..

  27. oh boo hoo….they’re not playing by the reformcon fascist rules………..maybe put your big boy diapers on mr cosh’ perhaps you’d get better information……

  28. Nothing good comes of it when Mr. Cosh has Christmas
    dinner with the Byfields.

    • Or shares his notes with Blatchford.

  29. Spence is getting trashed here.
    The Globe and Mail has an article up about her meeting with Justin,and neither is faring well in the comments.
    The only place that supports Spence is the cbc with their censored comments,two peas in a pod.

  30. Colby, you’re too harsh. It’s widely documented that Ghandi was only not eating as long as people paid him (not) too. We all know he survived only because he met his fundraising goal.

  31. She is essentially the mayor of a small town with so many deputy mayors that there’s no money left to take care of the town. I have lived on and around reserves that have done very well because they actually take care of their people and do their jobs. She is not a national leader and is sometimes a pain to the native leaders who do a good job. What small town mayor, who has misplaced millions of dollars given to her by the federal government for work in the town, and uses whatever is left to pay herself and her bloated staff,would get a meeting with the PM? NONE! She’d be in the middle of a criminal investigation that would likely cost her, her job and her freedom. The natives need to get on with it as a lot of them have. The reserves that do well use their resources to benefit themselves and the area around them. That way they encourage more investment,interest and even tourism. She’s wasting the opportunities that her people could have. Lot’s of reserves rent out land and resources, work off the reserve and make millions. It’s all about attitude and focus. If you focus on being a victim you force your people to be victims. If you look for positive opportunities to expand and progress, you create prosperity.

    • Holy crap – I clicked on your name and discovered Blazing Cat Fur uses Disqus. I wasn’t wearing surgical gloves so now I am going to have to clean my keyboard with bleach. Thanks a lot.

  32. Chief Honey Boo Boo…try some Finnish Kalaa-Mojakka….salmon(or lake trout), potatoes, green onions, jamaican allspice….the SECRET is to use Carnation Evaporated milk…

  33. Mr. Cosh – I agree that soliciting funds for a hunger strike is a bit weird. That said funds are managed by Chief Spence’s partner? Yes that’s also weird. Unfortunately the manner in which you present your case causes me to question your credibility as a journalist more so than Chief Spence’s motivations. This is terrible “reporting”. If anything, this is pot-stirring at it’s worst. You’re given one of the finest platforms (MacLeans) to say your piece and you come off as a tattle-tale. What is this? Reality TV? You’ve ruined an opportunity to bring to light some very important questions.

  34. That double chin we see in the picture should have disappeared by now if she was truly on a starvation diet -don’t you think?

  35. Here is the exact deatails for the history of the problem – which is being spun around to re-inforce a modern interpretation of the treay that bears little resemblance to reality – were treaty 9 to be honoured – oooops it has been !!! the problem isn’t Indian Affairs and isn’t harper the problem are certain representatives trying to change the actual treaty =

  36. She needs the money for her recuperation in Mexico with her boyfriend and few advisers.

  37. I assume she bought a one way ticket to Ottawa because she won’t be returning to the north, alive. If she bought a return ticket, what’s the other part for? Her coffin?

    • How compassionate…clearly racism at it’s finest

      • That’s the “compassionate CONservatism” we used to hear about. They dropped the term when polling showed that the wingnut constituency thought it sounded too wimpy…

        • have that right

  38. There is thus far no indication of what in Bill C-45 supposedly degrades the rights of either indians or ‘first nations’.

    • Indeed, the biggest complaint about C-45 is that it *is* an omnibus bill and as such as a lousy way to bring changes, even positive ones, into effect. There’s nothing really horrible in here, these bills could all be passed individually. Hell, by now they could have been finished without much public fanfare.

      • No they wouldn’t. In fact it’s the complete opposite .Examining them bit by bit would have brought even more public scrutiny and calls for debate. The govt did it this way because it knows the contents were not popular or widely supported.

        • I’ve yet to find an actual passage of C-45 I disagree with. Have you? Seriously?

          • There are a number of areas i would disagree,yes, but principally it is wrong to bundle stuff that is unrelated in an omnibus bill.

          • Thats cuz your ignorant & you dont even care about the laws that were in place, before this bill!I

  39. THIS IS A CASE FOR THE ETHICS BOARD! DO NOT KNOW IF THIS IS LEGAL, BUT DEFINITELY WRONG!! I am going to tell the world how they are making all natives in a dishonest light!!! Again, THIS WRONG!!!!!!!

    • Really? You think the “world” is waiting with baited breath for YOUR opinion?

  40. Did they appeal for funds CC? Do you know that ? Can you tell from a public FB post or two? I think not. How on earth do you know folks haven’t been asking if they can donate to her family? And Facebook is hardly secretive is it? Think i’m splitting hairs eh?[ my spouse does…can’t win that one] It may look odd, but that’s all it is until you get all the facts, right CC!!

    I wondered just when the attempts to smear Spence or #idlenomore might start in earnest in the Conservative branch of the media? Blatchford’s already got a painfully patronizing commentary out – … Intimidation!!Terrorism!! Someone ought to take away the women’s license to peddle her opinions in public; if it wasn’t a worse offense to stifle freedom of expression.

    But CC doesn’t go that far; he’s got class; he’s content to merely insinuate…maybe? Shame on you Colby. When’s the last time you went on hunger strike for financial gain?
    Just in case you can’t be arsed to find out CC, fundraising and gifting for the needy has a long and honourable tradition within the FN’s community a well as outside of it..
    Edit: It’s pretty clear once you follow CC line of logic…ie., no sane person publicly starves themselves for financial gain…ergo…it has to be a scam. Why not have the guts to come right out and say so Colby?

    • Well, actually any “funds” you might raise within the FN community has invariably been supplied by non-natives. Time to quit whining about the past and move on……

      • Have you ever read even one of the treaties you moron?

      • Funny…i could have sworn Attawapiskat was just last year, not a hundred years ago.

    • This is exactly what had happened, folks were asking if they could donate,,,it’s that simple. They are not fund raising, but decent folks understand that there was a need for help and wanted to give money. If there is any fund raising happening, it isn’t being done by the natives.Here is an example of an inbox message received :

      Hi, I don’t know if I contacted you earlier. It might have been another group re another matter. I was concerned about Chief Theresa Spence. I was wondering if you know of anyone or any group sho are raising funds for her and her supporters. I like to help but can’t attend rallies or marches. I read somewhere that these movements or rallies don’t happen or last due to lack or funds or money. I heard they also need foo and other stuff, like vehicles, warmer clothes, like mitts, socks etc. So I like to help but wish there was a way to make payment via the internet. Also someone one there is sort of saying thanks for the donations, more than enough, thanks, like its over and then later on see a post asking for wood or other stuff, so it’s a bit confusing, my idea is that they did have some before but then ran out but not sure. cna you past this on or let me know htans trying to rush with this so iknow there are a few mistakes, thanks if u can help. thanks

      • Thanks for that. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the apology from CC though.

        • not expecting any, but facts are facts and so it truth a fact. When a story like this one is written based on hearsay and speculation, it’s purpose is destructive. Divide and conquer…no to Harper…it’s time

  41. Why on earth would JT “leer” at her? Frankly that’s a bizarre interpretation…a little too much Christmas pud there CC?

    • Deep down every rich French separatist loathes natives just as much as they loathe the English

  42. I want to see our First Nations people succeed, so I can’t understand why there are youth languishing when high quality education is free, or nearly so. Achieving great things will always require individuals and groups working hard together. I see people who prioritize ideology and in-fighting before hard work, at the expense of their people. Yes, the treaties need to be fixed. Prioritize the issues, then educate yourselves as lawyers, accountants and administrators and let’s make it happen! I want to be supportive, but I see people living in the past. We all need to embrace the future and find our way to solutions. Yes we need to understand where we come from, but then we must spread our wings and fly from there.

  43. Whatever you say about her, she is a good politician.

  44. this reflects much of the attitude i have read thus far on here. it’s really unfortunate, actually. I get that people have opinions and such and love to hurl them around. But, what I don’t get is what is the point of perpetuating an opinion that is close minded? Why not just sit at home and creep the boards rather than continually repeating the same misinformed rhetoric? What is gained by that? Reconciliation will never happen between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people until the divide is bridged. That can only happen if there is an understanding of the history and current situation that have put Indigenous people in the marginalized position they are in. It is not a blame game. However, sometimes having to consider the other side would go a lot in effecting reconciliation, much like what had to happen to end apartheid in S.Africa, “what dehumanizes you inexorably dehumanizes me” D. Tutu

    • What’s this guff about a world composed of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people? The country is composed of 97.5% Canadians and 2.5% Indigenous people. If you 2.5% wish to call yourself non-Canadian, fine, but the rest of us are not “non-Indigenous.”

      • you say “world” and then “canada” synonymously? interesting. in fact, many people are indigenous to many other communities other than canada. however, if – as in the dictionary sense of the word:

        in·dig·e·nous [in-dij-uh-nuh s] Show IPA


        1.originating in and characteristic of a particular region orcountry; native (often followed by to ): the plants indigenous toCanada; the indigenous peoples of southern Africa.

        you are NOT indigenous to Canada, then ipso facto, you are non-indigenous. but, i’m also perplexed – why does it offend you so to be called a non-indigenous person?

        • The Newfies and Quebecers have been here for longer than several European nations have existed. Do we get to call them indigenous now?

          • been here – not originated here = non-indigenous; simple really.

          • The entire Queer vocabulary is rooted in anti-normalizing theorizing, my boy. I see you have no longer used the word in your post– perhaps you’ve edited it, but that’s a quibble.

            All your own ranting is taken from that. You would like to make uncritical acceptance of Ms Spence the Norm, because she’s an affirmative-action player in politics.
            Also, referring to our thread above, you wish to make abo-female violence exempt from White concepts of reproving and punishment. Ipso facto, this makes it ‘normal’ for Indian girls to use handguns against their boyfriends — because the system would say ‘do it’, you’re not a real criminal, you’re a socially constructed one.
            These women have already internalized the re-normalization of violence. That’s why they commit it. The same goes for most criminality on reserves.
            You (I mean your professor) would re-normalize vice to fit your identity-bound agenda. This is not unprecedented –the Nazis did it too.
            However, it is perverse when all you’re doing is perpetuating the squalor of the Aboriginal condition because Whitey doesn’t have a right to an opinion, either in on-reserve chatter, or in this class of progressive students.

          • i’ve no need to “edit” my comments. so no, i did not use the word/term “normal” whatsoever.

          • The Indians didn’t originate here either: they immigrated from Mongolia and eastern Russia. In fact, there were several waves of immigration, and the interesting question is whether or not the residents of Canada circa 1492 were in fact the people who “kicked” the American Indians off THEIR land and so on and so forth. As I said elsewhere, some Mexican should make a land claim for a piece of reserve land.

        • first, ML, ‘non-Indigenous’ in your original comment is an identity-poltics slur. It means “anyone who wasn’t here before European Colonialism landed.” It’s a way of reducing the status of 97.5%, to the benefit of 2.5%, which you shill for.

          By analogy, the ‘non-sight-impaired’ 99.5% go tiptoeing around the 0.5% who were born Sight Impaired.Sample newsflash: “Canada elected its Fourteenth Non-Sight-Impaired Prime Minister this evening, in a ritual which the Non-Sight-Impaired community calls an election. Bells sounded in all churches to signal the news to the Sight-Impaired populations in the 3 reserves set aside for them. Ambassadors have been appointed by the Non-Sight-Impaired hoardes to visit the reserves to petition the Sight-Impaired rulers for official status.”

          Second, I see sophistry, invented by the Greek philosophers, is practiced by the ‘Indigenous’ 2.5%, if we can judge by your rhetoric. Does this make the ‘Indigenous’ shill into a ‘non-Indigenous’ one for having spoken with Forked European Tongue?

          • yes, we could absolutely call harper the 14 non-sight-impaired PM. It’s a way of acknowledging the inherent bias and privilege in our society. Much as the LGBTQ community uses non-trans or cisgendered. Be that as it may, you can identify yourself as you wish. If you are worried about your “status” as part of the “97.5%” being reduced, why is that?

          • NORMAL IS A WORD FROM STATISTICS, Mr. ML. It’s not even ‘cultural’.

            And ditch — or supress– those obligatory bows and scrapes you make to Queer-studies vocabulary. It tags you as a reflexive frosh with no critical powers.

            For examples of NORMAL, an Aborignal Chieftain, visiting her buddies across town, or driving to the 7-11 store, can’t take a magic carpet. She has to fill up with SuperGrade fuel, obey the traffic laws, not kill too many pedestrians, and come back by a paved road.

            On the other hand, were she truly faithful to her creed, she’d give the vehicle back to the White Taxpayer; abandon her federally-funded reserve villa with its 165 satellite channels; eschew the diet of potato chips; and go live in the forest with The Spirits. Chuck the hypocrisy.

          • what does normal have anything to do with this? did you feel like you were being called abnormal? I didn’t use the word normal. The hypocrisy? Again, what are you going on about? More to the point, to be indigenous does not mean one has to live in the forest with the spirits. Culture and identity is fluid. Indigenous people are not relics solely steeped in traditional norms of centuries ago that are incapable of moving forward.

            Please share how you have garnered such critical thinking ability that you can claim to be of such superior skills than a mere “frosh”.

      • While there can be no disagreement that white people are the vast majority of Canadians, you might try using the actual numbers. Closer to 4%. The 2.5% figure is specifically First Nations, and doesn’t include Metis or Inuit. Further, there has long been a problem in statistical tracking of both numbers and habits of urban aboriginals.

        Spare us all the pseudo-science and wannabe linguistics lessons, and stick to spewing racist garbage outright. Easier to spot and dismiss you that way.

        • Oh a vital and stinging riposte by Jesus Herself, complete with jesuitical quibble over percentages; followed by a hissy-fit of bad words and cheap put-downs.
          ML, your mother is here and she’s drunk.

    • There was an attempt to end the separation (apartness, or in Afrikaans: ‘apartheid’) of indians from the rest of Canadians, back in the 1970s.

      But the indian leadership of the day recoiled in horror at the thought of losing their power and control over the indians living under their tutelage on the various ‘first nations’.

      As long as the indian leadership insists on keeping ‘their’ indians marginalized, as long as those leaders keep consuming time and effort on the ‘treaty process’ instead of moving to solve the real socioeconomic problems that actual indians have, the issue will remain stagnated.

      • yes, the White Paper of 1969, attempted to “assimilate” Indigenous people. And yes, it was met with resistance, however, assimilation is not a remedy that will produce any beneficial results. Indeed, the “Band” governance system is problematic, but it is a direct result of the Indian Act and its mandates. All Bands, elections, governance, monies are legislated via the Indian Act, not by their own accord. In fact, the Minister has ultimate approval of Band elections and if they do not approve whom is elected, they can withold final approval or appoint a Chief they prefer, read: one whom will likely agree with the government. That being said, as an instituted problem that has propagated a patriarchal system since it was implemented in 1876, it cannot just be “undone” by getting rid of it. Traditional governance structures were usurped when the I.Act came into force and without any measures in place to replace such a regime, how would you propose it could successfully be done?

        • To begin with it would be necessary to end the ‘apartness’ embodied in the concept of ‘first nations’.

          But that is what met with such resistance back in the days of Chretien and Trudeau. And the rhetoric of the ‘idle’ movement runs diametrically opposite.

          It’s all about increasing the power an authority of the chiefs and councils that run ‘first nations’ and if anything tries to tie indians even closer to that power base.

          In such a case I can offer no optimism on finding solutions to the real socioeconomic problems facing the actual indians, the people who suffer under this system of discrimination (be it ever so well-meaning).

          • Far more native injustice was committed under Chretien and Trudeaus watch than under Harpers. By a long shot!

        • “Assimilation is not a remedy that will produce any beneficial results?” Are you saying that Canada’s Indians have some sort of inherent unavoidable flaw in their creation or character that would preclude the same “beneficial results” that have occurred to the millions of immigrants into Canada in the past quarter century?

          • well, for starters the indigenous peoples of canada are not immigrants that have had to “learn to navigate in our culture to succeed”. And, there is no mention of any inherent flaw, that is something you have read into what i posted. What I said is that there have been too many years of systemic and legislated discrimination, so simply saying that indigenous people need to “assimilate” with the rest of Canada is not a viable option, nor should it be. Indigenous people can be part of Canada and also be indigenous. i also posed a question, how would you propose it could be done successfully? What is assimilation to you? And why is that a requirement for non-Indigenous people in order for Indigenous people to be “better off”?

          • No, exactly: they should have had even less difficulty than immigrants (who assumably also have “systemic and legislated discrimination” to deal with). So again, the two options are either that the reservation system and adherence to outdated treaties is itself the cause of the problem (in which case, as I’ve said, burn the treaties and help all Canadians have the same opportunities for advancement), or that despite all of this help they aren’t capable of succeeding (in which case all Indians should be locked into the reserves like it was 200 years ago, and treat them sort of like very large mental retardation clinics).

            How would assimilation be done successfully? Easy: turn every reserve into a municipality. Provide each adult on the reserve with property (build condos, if necessary). Cancel all treaties, end all special federal programs and hiring practices, and then you’re done.

            Of course, if you don’t want Indians to *be* “better off”, if you’d prefer to keep the reserves and the $5/person or whatever the treaties demand Ottawa pay, then fine: but when the Attawapiskats keep happening remember that it’s most decidedly not Stephen Harper’s fault.

          • Successful immigrants quite often rely upon a support network of people who have come here before them. They offer advice, as well as more tangible means of assistance. Aboriginals…not so much. Immigrants also rarely come to Canada with a history of addictions, which is THE biggest stumbling block to improving outcomes for aboriginals.

            Also, it should be noted that “Canada’s Indians” are, by definition, immigrants. From India.

          • Well, it should be easier for the Red Indians (the ones who immigrated from Mongolia, not India), since their “support network” presumably includes people who have left reserves for life in the RoC.

            Wait, hold on, a history of addictions? Geesh, when I was asking about the inherent flaws in their character I didn’t expect you to stumble across the ALDH enzyme problem so quickly!

        • “propagated a patriarchal system since it was implemented in 1876..”
          So, like, the Indian clan was led by a woman, was it? Woman as equals, eh, no wait, superiors! Long live Aboriginal Matriarchy, eh?

          Well, in one respect that’s true, the commission of crimes. Aboriginal females, per capita, are the most likely group to commit, and be incarcerated for, violent crime, often against those patriarchal puppies you talk about (Statscan, 2006).

          Really ML, finish your term paper and go to bed.

          • I don’t believe all first nations were matriarchal, nor were they all clan systems, maybe you could research and write a term paper on that? Indeed, Indigenous women are the most over-represented population in the criminal justice system. However, do your due diligence and read further if you want to understand much of the underlying factors to this. If you don’t, then simply throwing out a stat that you have not provided any context for is merely indicative of the fact that you think you know what is going on, but actually have no real knowledge about. This says to me, “I know all about Aboriginals from what I hear on the news or my friends who’ve lived near a reserve”.




          • indigenous women are also the most victimized population; the most likely to be abused, raped, and murdered. That is why there is a commission on the missing and murdered aboriginal women in canada.

          • The ‘underlying factor’ to Aboriginal Female Violent Crime is opportunity to commit it and willingness.

            It’s true that they often victimize those who are so intoxicated, or so sick, that they can’t defend themselves.

          • wow, you’ve really shown what a truly awful, prejudiced and disgusting person you are. Shameful and intolerant.

          • ROFL.
            my boy or girl, that falls into the cateogry of ‘ad-hominem’. The last and only refuge of an identity politician.

          • you’re not really done anything to provide anything useful to the conversation, thus it ends. I’ve asked questions; you provide monologues.

          • I dont know where you got your stat from?? but it is pretty backwards. Anyways, in detail to the white people, the highest sex to committ acts of crime is males, & yet we have these so called, brilliant- people help run our country. Maybe if we had a female person, run for us, we wouldnt be in such a big mess either.
            &Just for some more info, my tribe used to have Female chiefs, who did very well & it wasnt till the white people came & refused to talk to the female chief, is where men were appointed to do the talking.

      • Uh, ‘tutelage’? No, schmuck. They were under the tutelage of child-molesting white priests, the same ones Chrétien was beholden to back when he draughted the White Paper.

        It’s too late for this Christmas, so maybe you can ask your mommy and daddy for a dictionary for your birthday.

  45. That is a whole bunch of crap.. This whole story is based on lies and that money never went to her reserve. Maybe you should quit lying. There is no fundraising, no collection of money, it’s a lie. The money was given to Indian Affairs Agents, not to the band… It never ever got there. Most of the money the government supposedly spends on us goes to the four to six figure incomes of Indian Affairs agents.. Learn to tell the truth instead of making yourself sound stupid bc you don’t know what you are talking about!!!

    • Please explain where the missing millions in funding went. It certainly didnt go to the people on the reserve.

  46. Looks like the hostage scene in Blazing Saddles.

    • Yeah, Blazing Saddles and the taxpayers are all Lili Von Shtupp … getting it standing up and smiling.

  47. Ottawa for Christmas, the whole family in tow, media trucks at your beck and call, sweetie pie hand-wringers lining up outside your tent: Why bother with that mess on the shores of James Bay.

  48. This article only tells part of the story and it’s obviously and attempt to discredit Chief Spence…nice try, too bad you only went on hearsay. The Chief is on a hunger strike, so if she doesn’t seem to be :in control, being without solid food will do that to you.

    This is what had happened, folks were asking if they could donate,,,it’s that simple. They are not fund raising, but decent folks understand that there was a need for help and wanted to give money. If there is any fund raising happening, it isn’t being done by the natives.Here is an example of an inbox message received :

    Hi, I don’t know if I contacted you earlier. It might have been another group re another matter. I was concerned about Chief Theresa Spence. I was wondering if you know of anyone or any group sho are raising funds for her and her supporters. I like to help but can’t attend rallies or marches. I read somewhere that these movements or rallies don’t happen or last due to lack or funds or money. I heard they also need foo and other stuff, like vehicles, warmer clothes, like mitts, socks etc. So I like to help but wish there was a way to make payment via the internet. Also someone one there is sort of saying thanks for the donations, more than enough, thanks, like its over and then later on see a post asking for wood or other stuff, so it’s a bit confusing, my idea is that they did have some before but then ran out but not sure. cna you past this on or let me know htans trying to rush with this so iknow there are a few mistakes, thanks if u can help. thanks

    • Chief Spence has discredited herself by not explaining where the missing millions went. The people on the reserve should be outraged.

      • Chief Spence has explained and won her battle in the courts…read up on this…and stop following Harper’s ;lies…there is no “missing millions” The people on the reserve know the truth…maybe it’s time to have a closer look at who is lying and cheating…how many audits does it take to prove you wrong? And how many court decisions?

  49. Viewing the comments on several publications on this issue. Several commenters indignantly say First Nations would not have been around today if it hadn’t been for Europeans coming with their civility, skills and technology. I challenge you to watch this documentary in it’s entirety. It’s about our old saviour and founder of this continent Columbus.

  50. Colby Cosh, I’ve been reading several publications about Idle No More, and not one has publicized this fund raising. It leads me to believe it is not some big effort. Your article tells me you have your own motives to stir a pot that has is probably fairly dry.

  51. lmao.. what a joke…. get your facts straight before you write shit like this

    • Ask the chief what happened to the missing millions. Money that was supposed to be for the people.

    • I think alot of people here, just like to ramble off the mouth, without putting any real intellectual thought into their words.
      Like i said before, they need to get educated. Especially when you compare the average student education funds, to those students on reserve.
      Its so much easier to place blame & then yet, they wont even listen to the government hired -financial bodies, who got thousands of their $, to do a audit on them, to only find out that the $ monies, where spent properly.
      Wow, I forgot, there not very smart people afterall. Some of them even have forms of mental illness.

  52. money donated is to help with fire wood and traditional medicines ..LOL, whiteies make me sick.. always jumping to conclusions … to fukin funny

    • Well.. you have to get the money past Spence’s boyfriend in order for the money to actually be spent where it’s supposed to go..?? NO..??

  53. Admit the truth about your history Canada – more than a meeting needed – stop the racism already!

  54. Im a First Nations young man, i was raised in both societies, i work hard, use the options in life i have. As for “idle no more” i still cant decide where i stand on this, history is history yes, but its the 21st century. i do know its easier than heck to become famous in indian country if you set goals and work. i too have felt the effects of racism on both sides . this is a very interesting current event for myself and all of you.

  55. Im a First Nations young man, i was raised in both societies, i work
    hard, use the options in life i have. As for “idle no more” i still cant
    decide where i stand on this, history is history yes, but its the 21st
    century. i do know its easier than heck to become famous in indian
    country if you set goals and work. i too have felt the effects of racism
    on both sides . this is a very interesting current event for myself and
    all of you.

    • Someone has never heard of shareholder activism…

  56. Good slant …. its amazing that so many news hounds use this story to sell space. This is the best of all the articles that I have read so far. A person that attempts to take a country’s good will hostage makes me want to burn my driver’s license… except that I’d have to stand in line to get another one … In a time when many families struggle to get their teeth fixed and put another meal on the table this emotional terrorist holds her hand out for mo money… amazing.

  57. Fortunately, The protests should slow down after the Christmas holidays, when they have to go back to there regular jobs

    • Work you say? LOL!

  58. Hunger strike my behind. The chief here said she has stopped eating ‘solid food’. Soup and puree are not solid foods so as far as Im concerned this isnt a real hunger strike. Secondly, lets have Theresa explain exactly what happened to the missing millions on her reserve. Its her own people she and all the corrupt chiefs like her are screwing.

  59. Yahoo the Indians have been here 10, 000 years and would still be living in tee pee, s if it wasn’t for my ancestors ! We put them on reservations and paid them to sit on their butts and hold out their hands for more this movement is just that ! Only thing now is they are asking for donations! I’M tired of paying for band council s and chiefs extravagant life style while the band member’s suffer ! If Mr.Harper wants to know and wants to show the tax payers where the funds are being spent more power to him!!!!!!

  60. So disappointed that people are defending her actions so adamantly. They get a ton of funding, clearly. If even a tenth of that funding was displaced into post secondary education, Tuition costs wouldn’t be near as high as they are today. If a tenth was placed into healthcare, wait lists to see doctors might not be so horrendous, and going into emergency wouldn’t take all night to be called in for them to tell you you’re fine and give you some drug.

    Honestly, if they were making better use of the large amounts of funding they’re getting, I would not be complaining at all, but when so much money is going to waste instead of going to places that need it desperately, it’s pretty disappointing.

  61. She should try living in Uganda, or DRoC, or Zambia, see how many handouts she gets then, and see the luxury of her life now.

  62. How much money does this chief get paid a year by the federal government? Half a million? These stats need to come out. When the average income of the regular Canadian is well below $100,000 what the chiefs get paid solely because they “chiefs” is ludacris! I don’t even know what these people are *itching about. Can someone explain this to me?

  63. I think it looks like she has gained weight on this so-called hunger strike – so what’s with this?
    Why doesn’t she get a real job like the rest of us?

  64. What would happen if we all went on any kind of strike so we could get a free ride in life?
    The “money-tree” would soon be empty?
    We’re tired of all this poor me crap – my dad told me when I was a kid that there is no
    such thing as a free ride in life!!
    I know many native Canadians who work and have the same assets we have – the
    key word is “WORK”!!!!!!!!

  65. There are many ambitious natives who are normal working contributing members of Canadian society – which is the way it should be?
    The ones who do not have a job all seem to drink, smoke, use drugs, gamble, etc – where does the money come to do all this? It seems that the governments already subsidize
    these welfare cases enough – they just do not use their $$$$$ to pay for housing and food?
    And then they want more? Come on – just use the $$$ where you are supposed to – and
    quit blaming Harper.

  66. Hate to say this but I HAVE to! Im not following her ‘hunger strike diet’! She looks like she hasn’t lost a pound!Yes I am being sarcastic but that is because I truly believe she will NEVER ‘die’ for her tribe (community) Why do I say this ? It is because she lives quite well (she and her boyfriend) while her fellow natives live in horrid conditions! How can one honestly live like she does when people are living like that right under her eyes!There needs to be an outside control on the cash and it diverted to proper housing etc. for her people yet she doesn’t want that!Hmmmm! new zambonis and skidoos do not keep a person warm and sheltered.No more handing out the money and turning away! Its time the gov’t stopped the turning a blind eye to the situation and took complete control.It is for the people not Mrs Spence who doesn’t know what she wants from one day to the next!Just saying!

  67. Funny how these comments tend to quickly lose sight of the issue and degenerate into name-calling and insults.