The Internet generation learns to protest


At the prorogation protest on Parliament Hill a couple weeks back, someone held a sign that read “I Can Haz Democracy?” Now this.

The Saskatoon chapter of Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament organized another protest Friday to greet a visiting Conservative Party politician. Prime Minister Stephen Harper stopped in Saskatoon and the group brought out about 75 people to protest Harper’s presence and policy…

Security paced the hotel’s entrance, and four Saskatoon police officers arrived to disperse the members of the crowd because they were blocking the doors of a business. “Accountability fail,” one protester yelled when the protesters got back to their corner across the street.


The Internet generation learns to protest

  1. Just wait 'til he gets RickRolled at the Olympics…

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    • Sorry that doesn't help. Is it an anti-spelling movement?

    • The sign needed a cat. Everything is better with cats.

  2. 75 people. In Saskatoon! That's impressive.

    • Are you being sarcastic?

      • It can be hard to read those facial features, but given the current Saskatoon temperature is -31… and they were outdoors, it does strike me as impressive.

        • The protest happened on Friday, when the temperature was -6 °C.

          • Yeah but they were hoping for – 31

      • I'd say it's reasonably impressive given the amount of time the likely had. It was basically a flash mob of the PM, I presume, so 75 people in the (relatively) cold weather on very short notice, and not in some liberal bastion like T.O. seems pretty impressive to me.

    • For what it's worth, the Saskatoon Chapter of CAPP has 701 members online, so 75 protesters is roughly 10% of their membership.

      Not bad I'd say.

    • All your parliaments are belong to us

  3. Too bad they don't teach history anymore, gee whiz, 75 eh? I'm certain the PM was just quaking in his boots. I'm on an email list from some of these folks and while I agree with some of what they advocate, their totalitarian mindset makes the PM look like a consensus builder by contrast. Their fundamental error seems to be an complete misunderstanding of how our system of governance actually encourges a competition of ideas as opposed to their "we're 100% right on all issues and by disagreeing with us you demonstrate your fascist stripes". On balance I have to keep my sustaining donor card and continue to work for the best party to lead our country….for free.

  4. Saskatoon Rocks!!
    This is just the start – Harper calls an extended holiday to avoid questions well CAPP will make sure he is confronted where ever he goes…dittos for his posse

  5. Some journalism students are doing research on how those rallies were co-ordinated. Apparently they aren't done yet but they are suggesting the media fumbled the ball on this story. Whether you agree or not, you have to admire their enthusiasm. They have a site up and they invite 'tips' from the public.


    • It appears that the comments pointing out the obvious omissions in the "facts" including no mentions of the Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto rallies. Those being the home of Christopher White, the Nations Capital and the largest turnout respectively has prompted the administrators to take the predictable action.

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