The Liberal foreign affairs critic has sung -

The Liberal foreign affairs critic has sung


If not for the demise of the 2008 coalition, a duet with Charlie Angus would seem inevitable.


The Liberal foreign affairs critic has sung

  1. good grief – it's almost sad when the ol guys try to use humour to make political cookies and afll flat just like the singing voice – I need a tylenol – if this is representative of how they want to play the next while .. it doesn't look good for the red team!

  2. I thought it to be rather endearing.

  3. First Harper – now Bob Rae.
    Add Duceppe and Layton and you'd have those four lovable floptops, the Excretles

  4. Rae often seems to take himself a little less seriously than other politicians. That can't be a bad thing, surely?

  5. Harmless horsing around.

  6. Canadian idle.

    • LOL, nice one, Dot.

    • Very funny

    • Oh, Dot! That was so priceless, a thumbs up wasn't enough.

  7. the next "one-up" – a guest appearance on Glee?

  8. More sophomores. Go away!

  9. So, Rae didn't have a makeup/hairdresser, Yo Yo Ma, the whole orchestra supporting him and Jane Taber drooling.

    Winner – Rae.

    Don't suppose Macleans will put this on their cover like they did Harper or on their sidebard.

  10. Premiering this fall on CBC;

    "Parliament – The Musical"

    • you should have saved that for the next caption contest!

    • Can't wait for the series finale when Peter Van Loan sings…..

  11. Great parody. Bob Rae is bar none the most skilled politician in parliament today. He is smarter than Iggy or Dion (Rhodes Scholar), yet still has the common touch. The Liberals made a mistake in 2006 and another one in 2009. He has ideals, but also the ability to recognize when his old socialist approach is a dead one. He truly is Canada's Bill Clinton.

    • Thanks Stephen Taylor.

  12. Maybe Simon Cowell should pick our next Canadian Idol err Prime Minister