The Love Tory


This review of Defence Minister Peter MacKay’s romantic pursuits was slightly more entertaining when it appeared under its original headline, “Happy ending for the Love Tory.”


The Love Tory

  1. Love Tory means never having to say your orry. ;)

    • Oh Dear God.

      You're not allowed to post anymore. :P

  2. "MacKay received international attention in 2006 when he and then-U.S. secretary of state Condoleezza Rice locked eyes a little too long during a Nova Scotia visit."

    I really had high hopes for that pairing. I frankly The World would have been better off if that relationship had bloomed. It was the last time anyone saw Condoleeza Rice look like she was having fun.

    • We will have to wait for the memoirs.

      Question is did the both wear their boots, Condi in her knee high black stilletos and Peter in his potato patch green ones.

      • Ack! I think I have been struck blind.

  3. I checked out the title of the article, expecting that "Happy Ending" was the part that would have been edited. I guess I need to get my mind out of the gutter…

  4. Kind of a true "blue" love…….CTV and the Cons.

  5. Is it just my screen, or is there a gray, oozing hole in the back of MacKay's head? Seriously, what is that? ew!

  6. Re Baird’s gold embossed
    business cards

    Dear John Baird, It’s fine, we
    would prefer people didn’t know you were Canadian anyways.

    From article: “It seems to be quite quid pro quo going on
    over there,” he said of the Conservative benches. “The Foreign Minister gives
    the Treasury Board minister a $50-million slush fund for his riding. Then the Treasury Board minister lets the
    Foreign Minister break the rules to get his golden business card. This is a very expensive game of you scratch
    my back and I’ll scratch yours.”

    Then came the punch line. “When Canadian are struggling just to get by,
    why are Conservative ministers showering each other with gold?” Mr. Brison

    “Why the golden showers, Mr.


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