The Magic Hologram Lady


The best part of the election coverage, by far, is Jessica Yellin, the magic hologram lady on CNN. Cutting-edge video technology. And Wolf Blitzer, proving once again that you can’t get anything by him, sums it all up: “It’s still Jessica Yellin, and you look like Jessica Yellin, and we know you are Jessica Yellin!” Oh, Wolf. You’re so perceptive.


The Magic Hologram Lady

  1. Yeah, that’s fun. I enjoyed that bit of silliness. Of course, I soon gave up on watching the results in favor of:

    “You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown”
    All in the Family: “The Election Story”
    NewsRadio: “President”

    Now they’re all done, and the election results still aren’t in.

  2. hahahaha…that was inane

  3. But what of young Obama, Blitzer?

    he will join us or die, my master.

  4. I thought holographic will.i.am was cooler.

  5. She’s a poor substitute for Carrie Fisher.

  6. She has a blue outline! Partisanship!

  7. I guess since Fox closed the touch-screen gap, CNN had to take the technical wizardry one step further…

    It was odd flipping channels and coming upon PBS’s coverage – from so many screens of flashing numbers on CNN, to the very low-tech of no numbers and just some talking heads…

  8. “Help me Obi Wan!, Help me Obi Wan!”

    I miss Tim Russert.

  9. I saw it on CNN.COM, when they interrupted their coverage to cut over to the mothership and this “impressive new technology which may change the way reporting is done…” or something like that. What got me was how gushily pleased they all seemed with themselves.

    It reminded me of a software company I used to work for back in the 1990s spending millions of dollars developing video conferencing hardware, then forcing everyone in the office to install it and get set up with a camera, server, and software. And then… we all tried it once, then not only failed to use it ever again, but most of us taped paper over the camera lense lest someone be watching.

    It was a neato nifty expensive gadget Wolf, but HOW DOES IT MAKE LIFE BETTER?

  10. Hollywood interrupts the news… Again. If it was anything other than real time pasting on the viewers screen, I might be impressed but Wolf had to act as if she was there. Not overly overwhelming.

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