The Most Important Video You Will See Today


I know I am the ten thousandth blogger to embed this video, but come on. It is, quite rightly, today`s top story.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4005687&w=560&h=340&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

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The Most Important Video You Will See Today

  1. Bravo! It's nice to see that the Muppets can still knock one out of the ballpark.

  2. Great video. I wish there was more Swedish Chef though and Statler/Waldorf should have done a crotchety review at the end.

    • What, you didn't like seeing Kermit at the end?

      • I am conservative when it comes to Muppets. I want things how they were meant to be – performance ends with heckling from irascible old timers – and not this newfangled ending.

        I understand that it is not easy being green but Kermit gets plenty of attention as is.

    • I love it! Thanks for the link.

    • Very dark! I like it.

    • So, it wasn't easy being green after all.

      But fellating Rowlf ? My happy muppet memories didn't need that…

      • That was pushing things for me too.

    • Well there goes another part of my childhood.

  3. Not for the kids, that's for sure. It's oddly compelling as non-satire, in a way.

  4. If you like it, open up the MuppetsStudio link on the page: there's 9 more videos and some Statler + Waldorf "surplus"

  5. Although this is very amusing, and needn't be anything more than that, I also believe the point at which you first laugh out loud while watching could be used as something of a gauge of character.

    Surprising even myself, I smiled but did not laugh at Animal's "Dada?" and Beaker's cameo. I was, however, powerless to resist the Swedish chef's contribution.

  6. I kept wondering, "Where's the pig?" and finally she showed up, so all's well.

    • And, as for all artistic genius, it took a second viewing to fully appreciate what I missed the first time: The Menuminum-Doo-Doo's were there! How could I not have noticed that on the first go-round?

  7. I love hot chicks in a music video! lol

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