The new federal cabinet: first official photo -

The new federal cabinet: first official photo


FRONT ROW: Minion, Minion, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Minion, Minion. SECOND ROW: Minion, Minion, Minion, Minion, Minion. THIRD ROW: Minion, Minion, Minion, Minion, Minion, Minion, Minion. NOT PICTURED: Achievement, Distinction.

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The new federal cabinet: first official photo

  1. tres mignon

    • Filly.

  2. Clever M. Feschuk. Clever.

  3. Liberal speech writer make funny.

  4. Third row, second from left…so that's what Poilievre looks like!

    • PP looks like Alfred E. Newman, but with greasier looking hair.

  5. I was mildly surprised by this Scott. I half expected to see the three monkeys featured up here!
    Note – I omitted the word "Wise"

    • I think monkeys might have more brains.
      I saw some at the Toronto zoo that acted independently

  6. ~ Smile! ~

  7. Come on Scott. You make them seem like a bunch of harmless twits but in reality they are very capable of spending our money on carefully considered plans.

    Third from the left: spending $10 billion to build prisons for the criminals whose crimes go unreported.
    Fifth from the left: buying pricey new fighter jets to turn back Russian bombers. historical note — his dad was an MP whose party opposed buying our current jets because the real threat was ballistic missiles not Russian bombers.
    Top left corner: A guy spending millions of extra dollars to ensure we get less accurate data to spend the other billions on.

    Not so cute now are they?

    • No, Dan, Tony Clement is the squinty guy in the top right. Much stronger resemblance.

  8. Maverick Alert! There is a guy with his back to the camera!

    I don't know who it is since his back is to the camera, but he bears watching.

    • Clearly it's Michael Chong.

  9. Its actually a much more pleasant smile than one usually sees on Harper.

  10. It looks like the Parliamentary Press Gallery to me!

    • Don't be silly, Wilson. The Parliamentary Press Gallery seems only to have minions at the moment.

      • I thought that was what wilson was saying – that it's a pic of the PM standing in front of the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

        • For once, wilson and I agree on something.

  11. What, you mean you want a cabinet that includes, say, a Nobel Laureate, or an internationally recognised scholarly expert, or the former chief economist of a chartered bank, or the former CEO of one of Canada's largest corporations? What are you—some kind of pinko whack-job?

  12. What are all those pictures of tony doing plastered behind steve

  13. Poor Conservative minions, they will never form a majority government with Steve as a leader