Could the next president of the U.S. be a Calgarian? -

Could the next president of the U.S. be a Calgarian?

Aaron Hutchins on a citizenship debate south of the border


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Could the next president of the U.S. be a Calgarian?

  1. A Southern Baptist, Hispanic, Calgarian Republican? Not likely.

  2. Fantastic News !!!! I can see it now harper wins another majority and a Tea Partier in the Oval Office – and a complete and utter nervous breakdown for frustratd left wing nuts everywhere :) – I would love this as it would drive the usual gangs of harpr haters on forums like this to new levels of idiocy never before encountered- before you know it all you would read are things like : I can’t wait for 4 more years – hahahahah! I love this one – this is when you know that a hater is at the end of their tethe when allthey can say is I can’t wait for 2 years and then he’s gone hahaha! I have been reading that one since 2006 time for another stratgy

  3. As a dual American-Canadian citizen he is automatically
    politically suspect. So he will be well advised to renounce
    his Canadian citizenship.
    In which case an added benefit subsequent to his humiliating
    defeat would be some difficulty in returning to Calgary for a
    sinecure as a consultant or thinker tanker … unless he was
    required as a temporary foreign worker.

  4. If the average American voter loses his present tenuous grip on reality and votes for this social Neanderthal then perhaps. Personally I expect to see pigs flying coast to coast before this happens.

    • I was born in Canada to US parents and spent the first 35 years of my life there. I have lived in the States for the last 30 years and it is pinheads like Selena who would have me considering to renounce my Canadian citizenship

      • Please do.