The Obama Mega-Budget simplified -

The Obama Mega-Budget simplified



This illuminating chart ran in the Washington Post today. Accompanying stories here and here.

SOURCE: Office of Management and Budget, By Karen Yourish and Laura Stanton, the Washington Post.

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The Obama Mega-Budget simplified

  1. Thanks for the reporting. If I’m reading your graph right the proposed 2009 deficit is almost 3x less than the 1943 deficit. Have they spent enough?

    • Shhh! They might hear you.

  2. Oh God, I hope the fact that the US hasn’t spent as much in deficit (as a percentage of their total budget anyway) as they have in times past is going to be used as an argument that they should spend even more recklessly.

  3. Hey, lets spend like we’re fighting a world war on two fronts in four continents, when millions were mobilized to fight abroad, and the rest were mobilized at home, melting pots and pans to make shells while women worked in factories to build tanks and shells night and day!!!

    Obama’s paradise is looking better and better.

    My question is:

    How low can we lower the bar in order to make Obama’s spending look good?

    I wonder what the GDP of early man was, ten thousand years ago: I suspect we’ll need to do some computer modelling to figure that out, in a few years when we’re looking to put Obamas “socialist paradise” economy in perspective: “Hey, compared to anthropoligical records of early man our standard of living has dramatically risen.”

    • kody, is your new contract part of the $3 billion package?

  4. There’s a big chunk of spending sitting there waiting to be cut, and it’s Defense.

  5. Thanks. This is the most simplified explanation I have seen. This is the ultimate price for being a consumer society.

  6. I’m loving the graph. Who do I talk to about making this mandatory for all future budget conversations in Canada? :-)

    I agree on both sides of the expressed concerns above too: maybe it’s not enough being spent, and maybe it’s too much being spent. I just don’t know enough to have a strong opinion on this.

  7. Thanks Luiza, for that lovely justification for driving the US economy off a cliff. The components of the US economy now vs. WWII couldn’t be more incongruent.