the odds on harper’s next flip-flop: wager now!


First, the Afghanistan mission. Then Elizabeth May and the debates. Here are the up-to-the-minute odds on the issue that Stephen Harper will choose for his next flip-flop:

9-5 Abruptly reverses 35-year-old preference for Ginger over Mary-Anne.

4-1 Puppies in, children out, as “our future.”

6-1 Time with family no longer precious – in fact, mostly tedious.

12-1 Greatest country in the world? Spain.

20-1 Breaking with KISS Army regulations, decides to rock and roll all day, party every night.

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the odds on harper’s next flip-flop: wager now!

  1. 5-1: no need for Arctic sovereignity; didn’t realise until recent trip how f***ing cold it is up there

  2. LOL! Feschuk, Jim Bob wins! Send him some stuff from your house :)

  3. I vote for the puppies lower carbon footprint – hey what do you call baby puffins = puffies?

  4. 3-1: Finally admits possible upside to ‘position Canada took’ regarding invading Iraq.

  5. 5-1 Decides he’s a vegetable after all

  6. 4-3 Parts hair slightly further to the right.

  7. So *this* is what Harper meant by “Canada’s back”?

  8. Addendum: by *this* I mean withdrawal from Afghanistan.

  9. Dumps sweater for more comfortable chain maille.

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