The olive branch -

The olive branch


Thomas Mulcair reasons with Canadian Press.

“What I’m saying is: the last thing Canadians want is a fourth general election in five years and we’d better have a bloody good reason for forcing a fourth general election in five years.

“So if Mr. Harper goes about being provocative as he has been in the past, going after key things that Canadians hold dearly like women’s rights and the environment, then we’ll throw him out of office because he’ll have provoked it.

“If, on the other hand, Stephen Harper comes into Parliament with a willingness to work in the public interest, then we’re going to take it on a case-by-case basis. Our caucus will decide.”

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The olive branch

  1. The NDP suddenly seem very cooperative.

  2. It's Ground Hog Day!

  3. The NDP suddenly seems very cooperative.

    • Someone around there needs to come across as halfway reasonable.

    • NDP are a bunch of girls.

  4. It's smiling Jack's turn to fall under the bus. Ignatieff must be tired of it.

  5. No! Why???

    • I hate to admit it, but your new avatar has stumped me. Who is it?

      • I could be wrong but I think it's Calvert DeForest (aka Larry "Bud" Melman).

        • Thanks, Ian! You're right – it's Melman.

          • IBC is correct.
            Who's the other avatar Inkless(Wells) has? Old looking photo?

          • I'm seriously considering a legal name change to "J.M.S. Careless."

          • It blew my mind when I found out that he was still alive. When I was doing my history undergrad at U of T you couldn't avoid Careless if you tried :)

            He had retired by the time I got there, but his son sure hadn't – he just might be the oddest Canadian federalism instructor to ever live (which when you think about it, is really saying something!)

          • It's a small country, in many ways.

          • I took a history class from Careless who was a visiting professor at the University of Victoria in 1967. I thought he was already retired at that time. How old is he?

          • Oops, a quick peek at wikipedia tells me he died in April of this year at the grand old age of 90.

          • AhHa! but using this picture.

            Many thanks! I can now sleep again.

    • Y'know, you're right. I don't know why. I realize now that I may have been speaking facetiously. Like John Baird.

  6. My money ($1) is on a spring 2011 election.

    • no way it will be the next budget – spring 2010

    • yeah but this time last year, your money was on Dion…

      • I'm still not sure that's the real Cherniak. It's hard to imagine the real Cherniak spelling his name without the capital 'c'.

  7. Turtle!

  8. Honest question to Conservative insiders… if Harper loses the next election, who would be the current frontrunner to replace him?

    • Baird! Oh please god let it be Baird!!

      • Agreed. He's starting to resemble the Mel Lastman of federal politics.

        • The cell phone rate calculator killer guy.

        • I'm certainly not CPC or inside but I heard the cell phone rate calculator killer guy.

        • I'm certainly not CPC or inside but I heard the cell phone rate calculator killer guy.

          • That doesn't look like blogging tories. : )

            I heard alot of buzz about Lord a few years back, but apparently in person, he is… underwhelming

            BTW y'all I'm no insider, just an educated guesser.

    • Jim Prentice, no question is who I'll be voting for(and supporting).

      I heard murmers about it in December/January, when Harper looked shakey

      I believe he has considerable respect both in the party, and across the aisle.

  9. NDP Thomas Mulcair 14,308 39.47
    LIB Sébastien Dhavernas 12,005 33.11
    BQ Marcela Valdivia 4,554 12.56
    CON Lulzim Laloshi 3,820 10.54
    GRN F. Pilon 1,566 4.32

    My calculator says that's a six point spread or 2303 votes. Wouldn't take much of an upswing in Liberal fortunes in Quebec (or change in the federalist vote away from the Conservatives to the Liberals) for Mulcair to be out of a job. I think I've just found a "a bloody good reason for forcing a fourth general election in five years."

  10. It's easy to sound reasonable about something you know is not going to happen.

    Especially after you've made the honest , if politically inept , decision to vote against
    a budget you haven't seen.

  11. Guess it's time for the NDP or the Bloc to have a turn at the "probation" thing.

  12. Seems that the NDP is finally finding itself having to put up or shut up about the Libs supporting the Harper gov. – about time.