The Other CBC (Not the Congressional Black Caucus) Announces its Schedule


It’s Winter Schedule day at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Diane at TV-Eh has the press release the CBC sent out today.

With the new Kids in the Hall limited-run reunion series, the Rockford Files-inspired Newfoundland mystery Republic of Doyle, a bunch of returning comedies, and the new comedy 18 to Life (which was originally announced as a CBC-ABC co-production, until the U.S. partner pulled out), it’s a very light, comedy-heavy lineup, apart from the Bush-era bad-assery of The Border.

This seems like an understandable strategy in times like these, though of course it may not be an intentional strategy; sometimes it just happens that the shows that make the schedule are relatively lighthearted shows. Anyway, it’s a reminder of how quickly network schedules and branding can change, because it was only a couple of years ago that the CBC was touting its “sexy” lineup.

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The Other CBC (Not the Congressional Black Caucus) Announces its Schedule

  1. What time does the Liberal propaganda hour….oops…I mean the CBC news come on now?

  2. CBC shows always seem so forced. Is that show about the Mosque still on? It's all like, "Look at us, we're different than the rest of people in town, it's that zany?!"

    Aside from The National, which I find to be pretty good on occasion, and HNIC, I don't have a lot of use for CBC TV. I haven't watched This Hour… in quite some time, but there is just something inherently unfunny to me about making jokes about Canadian current events. It just comes off so folksy.

    Give me shows like Corner Gas – funny, clever, good characters, and it happens to be set in rural Sask

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