The people of Canada have spoken -

The people of Canada have spoken


From the Prime Minister’s address to the Conservative caucus this morning.

The message from Canadians, broadly speaking is clear … First, we must stay the course for now.  The Economic Action Plan has been working and we must see it through.  Second, we have been told start planning now for deficit reduction when the recession ends.  And, third, continue the critical work of building Canada, especially building the future for jobs and economic growth in a globally competitive world.


The people of Canada have spoken

  1. and please don't let that pesky parliament ruin everything with its darn democratic oversight of everything!

    • I cannot wait for St-Sheila's report on this stimulus spending…

      • Unless Sheila is stonewalled too… national security!

  2. Oh the people of Canad have spoken all right, you just weren't listening…ah seen the polls lately Mr H? Just a hint…the 15 point drop isn't an endorsement.

    • Then let's have an election!

      PMSH had the confidence of the House before prorogation,
      does he still have it?

      • That's the key question, eh? Pity there's no way of answering it, what with Parliament being suspended and all. But we should have it answered as soon as the House returns.

        • Unless of course the opposition telegraphs a concerted effort to vote non-confidence. If, before Parliament resumes, it comes out that the opposition is going to try to vote the government out, what then? Can the PM actually prorogue a Parliament that's already prorogued?

          I do love though how supporters of a party that prorogued Parliament just over a year ago specifically in order to avoid facing (and losing) a confidence vote constantly accuse the opposition of being afraid of confidence votes.

  3. He is absolutely right of course : the strugglle to turn off those taps is just starting to get interesting – did anyone else note the little article in the media about Municiplaities already starting to voice their request for continued increased spending! This is the hard part about stimulous spending and indeed as Harper has been saying since day one … now comes the tough part as the provinces as well are starting to gear up for their access to the trough next year … There are going to be some very tough calls to make in the next few years and it's going to take someone with a lot of grit to stand up to the demands about to be made and they will be unpopular – I have a sneaking feeling Iggy is overjoyed with this prorogation and is secretly very happy he is not and will not be PM for quite some time.

    • Had the surplus not been blown by the drunken sailors on the govt benches, the taps wouldn't have needed turning on in the first place.____And for all the money we've spent, we still have no new infrastructure to show for it. A bunch of minor projects…doorknob stuff in fact.

    • Yah…all those ice rinks are costing the municipalities a bundle to operate… and no income from them… and an aging population…and….

  4. Paraphrasing an old Dilbert strip:

    Dilbert: "Just how do the employees feel about this draconian policy?"

    Catbert: "I haven't listened to a single complaint."

  5. … and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!

    Is he serious? The first thing is "Keep spending". The second thing is "Figure out how to stop spending". The third thing is meaningless boilerplate.

    If that's really the message the Tories are getting from Canadians, what are they going to do? It's a totally contradictory and largely meaningless message. The government could do pretty much anything under the sun and claim to be following the lead of at least one of those points. It's totally ridiculous.

    • 'The government could do pretty much anything under the sun and claim to be following the lead of at least one of those points.'

      And the opposition gave their blessings to the Harper Govt every inch of the way.
      Libs and Dippers have taken turns supporting the govt,
      is that the totally ridiculous part?

      • I was talking about the future, and you've asked a question about the past, so I'm not sure how to respond.

        Unless you mean that now we're blaming the opposition before the fact for supporting things that the government may do in the future?

        In which case… OK then.

  6. "The message from Canadians, broadly speaking is clear"

    If the swab is removed and the cotton is missing, you do need to remove it otherwise it can limit, or even eliminate, one's ability to hear.

  7. Deaf to the 200,000+ !

    • You mean blind, as the Facebookies are mouse clickers.
      Deaf would be to the actual hundreds of protestors that show up tomorrow.

      I hope the turnout is huge,
      and they demand an election!!!

  8. Given that the PM is at Parliament Hill, why doesn't he address the thousands of Canadians that will be there. Please try to make a mockery of the joke: "Why didn't the chicken cross the road?" answer: Because he could call the Governor General instead! True Story

    • Why would PMSH share a pulpit with Layton and MI…?
      And could you imagine the security needed for such an unrestricted event.!

      • Why would PMSH not share a pulpit with Layton and Michael – aren't they equals?

        • The concept of primus inter pares is lost on Harper. Sad.

          • He'll settle for penis inter proles.

  9. While I know they haven't hatched yet, just how many chickens you got?

  10. The truth is only the truth if it agrees with what Harper says.

    What Canadians want only matters if it's what Harper wants.

    Anyone notice a pattern emerging here?

  11. I'm starting to think that Harper is Only In It For Himself!

  12. Well played.

  13. My my, such anger here in this comment thread.

    But I have a question for all you angry types: what happens if the economy recovers? We've already seen that Canada has had a milder recession than the US, something I don't think has ever happened before in my adult life. What if we have areally good recovery?

    Honestly, how much of this issue is really driven by the Afghan detainees issue and how much do think is just a proxy for a general dissatisfaction about the economy here in the dead of winter? Given some nice sun and a thriving economy plus a lack of a second act, what will you do then?

    • Vote ABC — remember that?

    • What recession? If we were going to have a recession, wouldn't we have noticed by now?

      What do you mean, there's no bread?

      Hey – is that cake? Mmmmm… cake.

    • I don't follow your "reasoning".

      This isn't general agitation or dissatisfaction, people are p*ssed off at a specific abuse of authority. And when Parliament returns, Harper is either going to defy a Parliamentary motion or he's going to have to release a lot of interesting documentation on the Afghan detainee issue.

      You can hope all you want that this all just dissolves into apathy but you haven't even begun to make the case that it might.

    • Yes, seasonal affective disorder in January among economic doldrums must be the reason for the recent drop in polls. The fact that the same thing didn't happen in November or December means nothing, right?

    • I don't understand the point of your question. If we have a really good recovery, that will be swell. But are you suggesting Harper should govern based on the out-of-the-blue hope that we will have a really good recovery? Because I would suggest to you that isn't the most prudent course of action. By all means, let us all hope we have a really good recovery. And let us plan for the opposite.

  14. The message from Canadians, broadly speaking is clear…

    Oh stop lying, you tinpot dictator.

  15. Wait, that sounds exactly like Shelly Glover's answer to my anti-prorogation e-mail.

    Well at least they're consistent I suppose.