The pivotal paperwork (V) -

The pivotal paperwork (V)


For the record, these questions remain unanswered. At last report, the buck was resting with the Justice department.

In the mean time, the Vice Chief of Defence Staff has convened a Board of Inquiry to investigate “the specific details of the incident of 14 June 2006” as well as “the circumstances surrounding the 14 June 2006 incident and the subsequent passage of this information up the chain of command.” The BOI’s report is due February 12.


The pivotal paperwork (V)

  1. Did Natyncyzk not carry out an "investigaation" into why he was not told that the abused Afghan was actually a Canadian detainee (even thought his own soldiers had previously testified in court that he was)?

    Were the results of that investigation ever released?

  2. Aah… "investigation"….

    • I thought you were trying to do a Don Newman thing.

  3. The ruinous practice of "redact, redact, redact" is a blight on our democracy.

    • And its a Canadian thing. Do you know that the new version of WordPerfect (the Corel (Cdn) software) has a redaction tool, but the new version of Word doesn't? (Or if it does, I've never seen it)

  4. Why does the Vice Chief of Defence Staff hate our troops?

  5. The Board of Inquiry is the investigation.

  6. Missed that — thanks!

    • Doesn't everyone?

      Also, I've been trying to find some diplomatic way of phrasing this but, Evan Solomon and 'Power and Politics . . .

      [My experience of the CBC goes back to 'This Country in the Morning,' Allan McFee, 'Eclectic Circus,' jellied gin, 'Danny Finkleman's Saturday Morning Show' Joe Phan and . . .]

      . . . does not sing to me.

      • i know i will prolly take flack for this, but i like solomon. he was great on hot type. but i fully concur, on power and politics. while no one ever expected him to fill the shoes left after the 'Braawwwwdcast', this is not even close.