The Prime Minister of Canada v. Omar Khadr -

The Prime Minister of Canada v. Omar Khadr


Our Michael Friscolanti previews Friday morning’s Supreme Court hearing.

“All it takes is a phone call—a call between the prime minister and the president,” says Dennis Edney, Khadr’s ever-relentless lawyer. “I’m told that the Americans don’t have any concerns about sending Omar back to Canada. All the pressure is coming from Stephen Harper.”

… If the judges side against Ottawa, Stephen Harper will have no choice but to ask the Americans to return Khadr. Such a request won’t guarantee his release—the U.S. is under no obligation to agree—but it will certainly alter the playing field. “If we are successful, then Obama has something to hang his hat on,” Edney says. “And Harper just washes his hands. He can say: ‘I’ll ask—I can’t tell you how nicely I’m going to ask—but I’ll ask.’”


The Prime Minister of Canada v. Omar Khadr

  1. So, our PM is going to be rude to the American administration for no good reason? Regardless of how rudely or politely the question is posed, I suspect that the US will jump on the opportunity to dispose of Khadr.

    • REalistically, probably not. It may be short and perfunctory, but I doubt it would be rude. I will also give Harper and the administration the benefit of the doubt and guess that they won't do anything more, directly or indirectly, that would undermine the supposed sincerity of the request.

  2. This whole story is so utterly bizarre! We have not one, not two but three PM's refusing to deal with this case. I can't fathom that it's all happening because khadr's pappy played Chretien for a fool. What on earthis behind this? It's at least worth a book…or at the very least an episode of the fifth estate! [ c'mon Linden/ ] I just can't believe some nosy journalist isn't at all interested. I mean – what a story. Meanwhile i can't help but think this kid's the price of our wounded pride…it's just too loony to be true.

    • What on earthis behind this?

      Maybe – just maybe – it's because Khadr is a loathesome, largely unsympathetic excuse for a human being whose freedom no PM, regardless of party* would particularly want to be associated with facilitating?

      *Well, the NDP, if they could ever form government, I suppose.

      • I know Khadr liked to play with garlands of human hands as a child, but I don't really see why he shouldn't be in our justice system rather than the Americans. I also don't particularly see why any Canadian citizen should be allowed to languish in the pseudo-justice system that is Guantanamo.

        • Agreed. If he's bad, then we have a justice system and prisons for that. If we think our prisons aren't mean enough, then why do we store anybody there?

          • What a load of crap. Why do you bleeding hearts keep spending millions of tax payers $ to bring back criminals who committ crimes in foreign countries and then cry about how badly they are being treated. I my opinion, if you cannot do the time, don't do the crime…

          • What makes you think he's a criminal? He has had no trial, and Canada is a democratic country in which we presume a person is innocent until proved guilty.

        • Just for my entertainment, do you have a credible source for the "garlands of human hands" claim?

          • I think he was being facetious with avr.

          • I'm guessing this is a metaphoric reference to the story of the redemption of Angimula, who had been a killer who put the fingers of his victims into a garland of fingers.

          • cross referencing a comment from "Adam" below: who says:

            "Khadar with severed human hands


            What's the evidence that this is Khadr?

        • Comments like urs confirm why the US wants to subject all Canadians to biometric tests before entering the US. If our citizens (Canadians) can go to other countries and act as terrorists, they should also have the courage to face the music (laws) in those countries.

          It is because of our bleeding heart thinking that Canada has become the homeland of terrorists. If Canada had acted in 1985 when Sikh terrorists blew up the Indian plane (329 people), or when Pakistan had arrested Khadr Sr., Khadr Jr. would not be in the US jail today, some innocent people in Afghanistan would not have been killed, and Canada would not have received a shipload of Tamil terrorists from Sri lanka.

          Let Khadr face justice in the US – it is time Canadians realize that actions have consequences. (Isn't that what we teach our children?)

      • Is there ever a glimmer of sympathy, empathy or any positive emotion allowed in your cynical world? No, i guess not. No doubt you reserve that for the righteous and the good.

        • What a load of crap. Why do you bleeding hearts keep spending millions of tax payers $ to bring back criminals who commit crimes in foreign countries and then cry about how badly they are being treated. In my opinion, if you cannot do the time, don't do the crime…

          • You mean like the lady the Tories personnally escorted back from Mexcio, Brenda something or other? That must be who you mean because unlike Khadr she was actually convicted of a crime in a courtoom, with lawyers and judges and all the trimmings. Or do you think the justice system in Mexico is worse than at Guantanamo?

        • replying to "rob" as well: Rather than either sympathy or hatred, how about a few facts and a bit of law. Or do we not bother with such trifles now that it's so easy to fling around opinion without having to know a thing?

  3. If the Liberal lawyers are successful in bringing back Omar, are the wheels then set in motion for a payout in the millions to the Khadar family, from Canadian taxpayers?

  4. I wrote to the Prime Minister about a year ago saying that like other Western nations, Canada should bring Khadr back to his native land. I got a reply from the Minister of Foreighn Affairs containing mostly plattitudes. I wrote then to him and asked why should Canada be different from the other Western nations. I never got a reply to that.

    Why are we dirrerent from all other Western nations, by allowing a Canadian to languish in the Guantanamo Gulag? Maybe we are not a true nation.

    • Maybe Khadar and his family aren't true Canadians; but only Canadians out of convenience, as their allegiances seem to lie elsewhere, like in Afghanistan .

      • First, it's not Khadar, but Khadr.
        Second, Omar Khadr was born in Canada. How can one be more Canadian than that?
        Third, what is "true Canadian"? Aaccording to you there are now classes of Canadians, true and not true?
        Actually Canada is a good country to live in, but as a nation it's useless.

  5. Ten years from now when the Harper idealogy is gone, we will ask ourselves, in referece to Khadr, "how did that ever happen?"

  6. what is it with people these days that they think that killers like Khadr should not be dealt with harshly as their crime warrants?

  7. why would anyone want him back, what kind of canadian is over in afghanistan throwing grenades at US soldiers.