The response -

The response


The Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Affairs Minister repeat previous assurances. David Mulroney declines comment.


The response

  1. More misdirection! Business as usual!
    The ONLY appropriate response by public servants and political level when they received Colville's communications – would be to ask for him to keep investigating and obtain corroberation.
    Not just from the Human Rights perspective – although that is paramount – but simply from the Risk containment perspective.
    The only reason they didn't – IMO – is because they were effectively condoning this – just as Bush / Cheney did!

  2. “There was indeed a policy, but behind the military’s wall of secrecy, that’s exactly what we were doing,” said Mr. Colvin, who is now the deputy head of intelligence at the Canadian Embassy in Washington.”

    “Mr. Colvin also alleged that Rick Hillier, the former defence chief, knew that Afghan detainees were being abused and he turned his back to it”

    I hope this brave man has evidence? And powerful friends. If not he’s just done the equivalent of stepping off a 20 storey hi-rise assuming that an up draft will catch him before ground zero. The establishment will crucify him!

    • I hope this brave man has evidence?

      I watched the replay of Colvin's testimony on CPAC last night and I kept thinking the same thing. Mr. Colvin seems to be a sincere man but also a bit of the babe-in-the-woods. He's made very credible allegations that his concerns were ignored, and that is indeed a serious problem. But where is the evidence that he's concerned about? "Everyone knows' is not actual evidence.

      • If i were Colvin i’d be making sure my personal life’s in order. You know, little things, like stashing the pot next door, cancelling the subscription to girls gone wild, stop mooning 24 sussex everytime i walk by…er he walks by :)

  3. More of the 'We take no responsibility' from the 'We take no prisoners' CON party…

  4. "Instead of winning hearts and minds, we caused Kandaharis to fear the foreigners,"he said. "Canada's detainee practices in my view alienated us from the population and strengthened the insurgency."