The return of In-and-Out -

The return of In-and-Out


The Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor reports from the resumption of hearings into the battle between Elections Canada and the Conservative party. Relevant background here.


The return of In-and-Out

  1. For a moment there, I thought Wherry was talking about the best burger chain in North America.
    What a disappointment.

    • Never had In/Out burger but I would argue that Licks is best burger chain in NA. Will have to try In/Out next time I am in America and near an outlet.

      • If you do, order a 4×4 with animal sauce. None of this is on the menu, but it's the best fast-food burger out there (Licks included).

        • Wouldn't a 4×4 be four patties of beef with 4 slices of cheese? Sure, order your burger animal style, but 4X4???

          Are you trying to kill jolyon?

          • It's awesome. I once took a bet that I couldn't eat 2 4×4's and a large fries, all animal style (the fries can be done that way too). I won.

          • "Better get a bucket, I'm gonna throw up." Mr Creosote

      • The ADHD has reached crisis levels.

    • i dunno Gaunilon, I finally had the pleasure back in April and both my better half and myself thought it was really really good, but she, at least, maintains the best of fastfood burgerage is still licks.

  2. In and out
    On and on and you're
    Turning me upside down
    Turning me inside out
    And I feel
    My head is spinning round …