The right honourable Don Newman


In honour of the consummate newsman’s last broadcast this afternoon, here is his recent sitdown with George Stroumboulopoulos.


The right honourable Don Newman

  1. The Rick Mercer folks have done a little video for him – it's funny.

  2. If Evan Solomon replaces my man "Broaaaaadcaaaast", I'll probably be found in a ditch somewhere.

    • We don't really need a clone to replace Don, but she/he should be an Ottawa insider who is able to cut through the BS with objectivity and respect.

    • I agree, Solomon is a joke. Susan Bonner or Rosemarie Barton would be better picks

  3. I think it'll be Susan Bonner. She hosted the farewell for him today. She is not Don Newman, but she is pretty good.

    I guess CTV will "retaliate" with Ms. Hot-and-Not, their most substantive journalist, Jane Taber.

  4. I'm surprised there isn't more on Don Newman on Macleans. Come on, you know he's an amazing journalist and political icon here.

  5. Disappointed that Senator Mike Duffy didn't make an appearance on the final show. Maybe I missed it. Perhaps there was a good reason.

  6. Speaking of CTV and Duffy – Duffy sneaks out in the middle of the night in the dark and loses all respect and credibility.

    Newman leaves with dignity and respect.

    The only CTV journalist that spoke was Craig Oliver – you'd think Mr. Ego Tom Clark could have said something or even Miss Hot and Not.

    CTV – tacky as usual.

    • Clark talked about Newman at the end of his Thursday show.
      I never watch Question Period, but I would hope they will do something there.
      Nothing on Lloyd's show Friday night.

  7. I think they should steal that guy from TVO.

  8. ya the guy from TVO, bit time win that would be