The Ronald Reagan Corollary


Doug Bell sort of dissents from those who long for Michael Ignatieff to be a policy wonk.

I’m not so sure that Ig’s policy prescriptions, whether delivered to big foots or scrubbers, are really the answer. When a pol speaks it’s not the policy that remains as the affective residue, it’s the underlying point of view…

Voters want to know what their representatives think. Not so much because they want to agree or disagree but because only in that way can they sense whether he or she is their guy.


The Ronald Reagan Corollary

  1. I continue to be amazed by the number of people who think the OLO doesn't need to present alternative policies, ideas, or even details.

  2. Policy is all fine and good… assuming that you expect policy pre-election to resemble policy
    Failing policy, some personality – putting aside the faux-Eastwood posturing – would be nice.

    But then, given my bias , I probably wouldn't be impressed by either.