The scene at Rideau -

The scene at Rideau


The pool report from the meeting of Prince Charles and the Prime Minister this morning.

Their highnesses went on to meet Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen. They went into Rideau Hall’s large drawing room, where they stood beside four Canadian rangers wearing their red sweaters. Harper handed two ranger caps and sweatshirts to the Prince to give to his two sons.

“You highness, as you know we’re very proud of our rangers and our rangers program…a great group of people who patrol our vast arctic territory,” Harper said. “Princes William and Harry are becoming honourary members, so we present this to you as a symbol of their honourary membership.”

“I hope they fit,” quipped Prince Charles.

“One-size fits all,” interjected Laureen Harper.


The scene at Rideau

  1. Way to go Laureen!!!

    Prince Charles should read his briefing notes more closely.

    • Why bother. Harper get’s them too…apparently.

    • He can't read them. All Briefing notes are now cabinet confidential ;)

  2. "In Addition To The Royals, The United Kingdom Has Much To Offer Canada And Other Commonwealth Nations That Can Constructively Advance Their Interests"

    All this coverage in Macleans, the Victoria Times Colonist, the Province, Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen- and most other Canwest newspapers- about the Royals' visit, but Canwest 's newspapers across the country never- ever- list the "BBC World News" TV channel and its many high quality news, business, social interest, human/ecological interest, travel, technology and debate programmes in these publications' daily and weekly hard-copy TV schedules…

    This, despite BBC World News being slotted only a couple of channels away from CNN's two channels on cable and only about 8 channels away on satellite in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and most other big cities across Canada…


    not anti-American, just an
    Constitutional Monarchy Supporter

  3. PART 2:

    Not only is CNN listed in ALL Canwest's newspapers' daily and weekly TV schedules, its individual TV programmes- which are, as a general rule, often shallow, tawdry and superficial when compared to BBC World News's- are reviewed ad nauseum by most Canwest newspapers almost every day…

    Even Macleans seems to be blind to the existence of the pretty well 'in a league of their own' exceptionally high quality BBC World News TV programmes broadcast daily- and especially on weekends…

    Although BBC World News's individual and series' programme topics such as Global Warming, the fall of the Berlin wall, 'communism' in the 21st century, international women's' rights issues, China's development, democracy and its renditions worldwide, travel, high-tech developments, Iran/US conflict, debates involving world leading scholars, researchers, politicians and bureaucrats, etc are
    topics regularly covered by Macleans in articles and in Macleans reviews of TV fare- but Macleans never reviews the BBC World News's programmes- in advance of broadcast or afterwards-…

  4. PART 3:

    Why doesn't Macleans cover and run reviews of the excellent programmes offered by the BBC World News TV channel- particularly its weekends and holidays programming- rather than getting stuck in the USA's orbit??

    Similarly, why don't Canwest's newspapers across Canada provide their readership with a comparative level of individual-programme-reviews (in advance of broadcast) about BBC World News' many exceptionally high calibre programmes as these newspapers' provide- some would say saturates- their readership with individual-programme-reviews about USA broadcasters' (such as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, UPN, etc) programmes??

    not anti-American, just an
    Constitutional Monarchy Supporter

  5. PART 4:

    … Considering that on every publication-day (and in weekly schedules), almost an entire page of TV schedule listings is taken up with coverage of USA TV broadcasters- such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, UPN, etc- in Canwest's newspapers such as the Times Colonist, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald and Ottawa Citizen: why don't Canwest newspapers across Canada list BBC World News in their daily and weekly hard-copy TV schedules??

    The Royals' aren't the only product of the United Kingdom that can be of significant constructive benefit to those residing in Canada's provinces…

    not anti-American, just an
    Constitutional Monarchy Supporter

  6. You make a good point, Supporter, but really I think we all got it after post number one.

    • "You make a good point"

      You think so? What does Canwest's tv listings have to do with price of tea in China?

      • I guess you missed that BBC World News report on the price of tea in China, then?

        • Good one, made me laugh.

          • The price of tea in China is no laughing matter. Without a price point, the phrase "not for all the tea in China" could land you in some deep financial doo-doo.

      • I didn't say it was a relevant point, however, he/she did seque into it nicely so should get, um, points for that.

  7. "You make a good point"

    You think so? What does Canwest's tv listings have to do with price of tea in China?

  8. Ah, our permanent press, drip dry first lady.

    One size fits all … -no, neither steve nor duffy should try to prove that theory…

  9. lol Laureen-one-size fits all ,and I have to say on the same token Im very proud the royals visited.