The strength to be stronger to strengthen and protect Canada's future strength in the future -

The strength to be stronger to strengthen and protect Canada’s future strength in the future


The first Speech from the Throne after the Conservatives took power was subtitled “Building A Stronger Canada.” The government’s second Throne Speech was subtitled “Strong Leadership. A Better Canada.” After re-election in the fall of 2008, the government returned with “Protecting Canada’s Future.”

And so it is that Parliament will resume tomorrow with “A Stronger Canada. A Stronger Economy. Now and For the Future.”


The strength to be stronger to strengthen and protect Canada’s future strength in the future

  1. Who's up for the Speech From The Throne drinking game?

    • No.. thanks.. I might be an Albertan but even we have our limits.

      • Before I was 19, I played Speech from the Throne Bingo. That's still an option.

    • Every time Michaeioulle Jean frowns or looks otherwise unhappy to be delivering the thrown speech, take like a quarter finger. She doesn't even hide her extreme hatred of Harper and the Conservatives, or at least hasn't in past throne speeches. Watch for her to try to incite civil disturbance before she is out of office.

      • This is bs. "Extreme hatred", please.

      • Harper's wife, Loreen, and GG are good friends.

        I feel sorry for her tomorrow – has to read for a house and a half of boring BS prepared by an expensive bunch of speechwriters.

        • Like every speech from the throne for the last 100 years……..

          • This will be the longest speech from the throne in our history. The last longest one was 45 minutes

      • Dude, what are you talking about?

        I dislike almost everything Paul Martin did as PM. Appointing Jean is the one thing he got right, and I'd wholeheartedly endorse her being appointed again…although I suspect that her future probably lies with helping Haiti rebuild when her term ends.

      • Do you keep the tin-foil hats with you in the basement, or does your mom bring them down from your room for you?

        • Reported to moderator for zero on topic commentary, personal attack.

      • No. I think Mrs. and Mr. Prorogue still have a strong marriage.

  2. Stronger Leader Better!

    Chest tTump Chest Thump Chest Thump

  3. Who else thinks they have been narrow-casting to the urban female voters?

  4. Will there be twirling?

    I won't support a party that doesn't want us twirling towards something or other.

  5. They should bring in Stephen Colbert to read it, it sounds like his cup of tea.

    • My vote's for Christopher Walken after the job he did on Lady Gaga's "Poker Face".

  6. Can I get odds on the number of times the words "challenges", "endeavor", and "resolve" show up?

  7. What was merely one sentence of BS has now been recalibrated into three…
    Deeper and wider!

  8. “A Stronger Canada. A Stronger Economy. A Stronger Smell. Now and For the Future.”

  9. Liberals. Soft puny liberals. Weak. Think too much.

    But we are strong. Powerful. We are conservatives. We shall protect you. From taliban. And bad economy. Yes.

  10. With global cleansing with Canadian dollars the top priority for the past several weeks Stephen Harper now looks to trim a record $56-billion deficit on Canadian tax payers. On the other hand Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff should take inventory with his comment of encourage employers to hire young people, most jobs are geared for the young living at home with minimum wage and low hours offered. Out of the 323,000 jobs that were lost last year and majority of them were owned by parents that were supporting young employed and now displaced by generous government with plenty of global cash handouts rather than taking care of its own. Let the record bankruptcies continue again this year, I think Stephen Harper has to stop walking and chewing gum so he can think. Jack Layton got it right; Harper can’t be trusted and if my bank and my finances looked like Canada’s I’d be pulling out my account like businesses are pulling out of Canada.