The Tycho Brahe hit


From the really, really cold case files: Did a deeply-indebted plotter do a contract hit on the astronomer with the golden nose? Maybe.


The Tycho Brahe hit

  1. How cool–first to learn more about Brahe (whose name I remember from science & math in cegep) and to see what can be learned through forensics centuries later. However, I’d wait before putting too much stock in the conveniently discovered diary. There have been too many instances of that kind of thing turning out to be a fake. I’m interested in what will be discovered when the skeleton is exhumed. There was a similar case, not about murder, but regarding the true cause of Beethoven’s death. Forensic examination of his hair revealed lead poisoning, which might well account for his deafness.

  2. Tycho Brahe dying from a burst bladder at a banquet is definitely a better story, which astronomers love telling. But it will definitely be interesting to see what the new forensic reports come up with.

  3. I heard about Tycho Brahe for the first time a few weeks ago on Quirks & Quarks. I believe Bob MacDonald was talking with a woman who had written a book about him. Very interesting story.

    If I see a third reference to him in Canadian media then it’s obviously a trend.