The vast socialist conspiracy (II) -

The vast socialist conspiracy (II)


The NDP is now categorically denying any involvement in yesterday’s kerfuffle. A rather long discussion of the matter occurred in the House after Question Period (transcript will be posted here once it becomes available).

Meanwhile, Jane Taber makes contact with the individual widely identified as the organizer.


The vast socialist conspiracy (II)

  1. Damn you Wherry! I clicked your second link fully expecting a Jane Taber interview with Elizabeth May.

    Developing…as they say.

    • Rosemary also notes that Jeh Custer, whose 15 minutes of fame have certainly been helped along in this space, works for the Sierra Club in the West.

      The Sierra Club's Steven Hazell yesterday confirmed one of his employees was arrested… but said the Sierra Club had nothing to do with it.

      Remember who was the Executive Director of the Sierra Club before Hazell?

    • Say Aaron, here's a question for you. How long in advance was the Elizabeth May press conference planned, the one right after the protest that was televised? I was watching and saw her frequently look down to what appeared to be prepared notes on the specific protest, claiming it was not in anyway organized in advance, yada, yada, yada.

  2. Who bled when?
    Whose blood was it?
    Was it real blood or ketchup?

    …and, if we have time, where did that $3 billion go?

    • I heard the organizer was found with an uneaten communion wafer in their pocket.

      …and don't worry about that $3 billion, afterall, they're on probation…..

      • The tape…who’s got the goddamn tape!!

    • And where was Warren Kinsella at the time?

      • Applying the ketchup.

  3. Taber.

  4. Silly lefties…what's next, some pot smoking snow jockey is going to run for office?

  5. Hee… you mean the Stoner versus the Stone-ager? I've been wanting a chance to wsrite that.

    • Isn't Day about a decade younger then Ignatieff?

      I guess that makes Ignatieff the living dead!

      Look out for Count Ignatieff!

      • Poor Dakota, doesn't understand. Again.

  6. That right Stockwell Day is an stone-ager LOL!!! Silly Liberals always preach tolerance for every one and their views, (unless you are a Christian!)

    • Can you briefly explain why and to what degree tolerance should be extended to an idea as ridiculous and anti-rational as humans sharing the planet with dinosaurs?

  7. As a Christian myself I do not think fundamentalists are particularly Christian in their outlook or their behaviour.

  8. Oh, and I'm no Liberal. But as an Albertan I was disgusted by Day and Harper long before most of Canada had heard of them.

    • Hear hear!