The year in pictures: The Alberta flood -

The year in pictures: The Alberta flood

2013 in images, as chosen by the Maclean’s photo desk


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The year in pictures: The Alberta flood

  1. A request for the new year….stop taking pictures of politicians with poppies. We end up still seeing them in mid-summer and know they’re old photos.

    • The sight of a poppy always triggers an opium craving in me too. It’s been hell since I tapered off the methadone.

  2. Hey….where are the pictures of the Jack booted thugs in RCMP uniforms kicking down doors and destroying people’s property? Where are the pics of RCMP seizing guns from people who have been kept out of their homes for weeks…..just so such a seizure could take place?
    If you are going to post pictures…..try to post some that tell the whole story of what happened there.
    The people of High River showed courage…..the cops on the other hand, showed how far some overstep their authority….and then lied about it.

    • James, didn’t you know that Macleans just doesn’t give a sh1t. You’ll have to go to sunnews for the real facts concerning High River. Macleans may not give a sh1t now but this kind of police mentality will spread across the country and will eventually affect them.

      • Did I freak you out, Gilligan? I have this amusing image of you furiously retracing your tracks in the snow like that kid from The Shining. lol

        Well, I must reassure you with this quote from Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers: ‘Cuz I’ll fiiind you!

      • Hey Reynolds rapper, how’s your obsession going – got it figured out yet?

        I’ll give you a hint: I’m your huckleberry.