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‘There is no proof’


More from Lawrence Cannon. The commanding Canadian general takes a slightly different position.

The Canadian general who commands all forces overseas said Thursday in Kandahar City that he was not able to speak to Mr. Colvin’s specific charges because he was not in charge at the time.

“What for me is important is that there is due process,” said Lt.-Gen. Marc Lessard, commander of Canadian forces overseas. “People will testify. You have to deal with the past if things were wrong.”


‘There is no proof’

  1. And there would never be any proof as long as nobody went looking for it. That totally misses the point. If there was an allegation from a credible source, such as the Red Cross, that Afghan detainees were being systematically tortured, the Canadian government had a positive responsibility to investigate and either affirm or refute the allegations. What they could not do is simply ignore the allegations until they were forced to admit that their policy was leading to Afghans captured by the Canadian armed forces being systematically tortured by the Afghans.

  2. Actually, there is proof, as the government has already admitted that there was a problem following their own investigation.