There Is Nothing Wrong With Canadian Chauvinism…


So I think I speak for all of us when I say that Flashpoint‘s good Thursday ratings on CBS are a major foreign-policy triumph for the entire nation.

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There Is Nothing Wrong With Canadian Chauvinism…

  1. …except when it turns into ripping down US flags above an American-owned store abroad because a US flag is an affront to Canadian identity (or because Canucks are indoctrinated in anti-American thinking?), smugly telling Americans “Who cares if 3000 people died on 9/11? They were only Americans,” since the Canadian assumes nothing similar could possibly happen in Canada, and going no more than a few minutes of conversation with an American without mentioning either (1) gated communities, (2) national health care, (3) guns, or (4) crime, all in fact rather moot points.

    It’s a rare Canadian in Japan who can’t talk with Americans on any topic, no matter how mundane or apolitical, without somehow working in a “Canada is better than America” angle. Yet if it’s so wonderful, why are the Canucks here? Many will admit that they can earn and save a lot more here than in Canada and, occasionally, that the climate is better. Some admit they feel safer in Japan, too, what with drug-related crime even in the prairies’ capitals.

    Geographical distribution does seem to play a role in how arrogant and obnoxious Canadian nationalists (from the left and right) are. Canadians from the prairies and maritimes don’t seem to feel the need to blare “Canadian superiority”, whereas those from Ontario and Ontario West (aka BC) frequently do. Quebec, well, it’s French Ontario, non?

    When it comes to discussing the US, I find Iranians and Muslim Arabs to be far more balanced and polite than Canadians.

  2. There Is Nothing Wrong With Canadian Chauvinism…

    Yes there is. It’s become a horrifying concept, seeing as how it’s mere mention manages to send certain people into fits of apoplexy and incoherent ranting.

    The very word “Canada” has become a killing word for our weirding modules and it behooves us to be judicious in its use.

  3. What a load of rubbish from Roger Godby but I’ll only pick one point to make from it:

    “Quebec, well, it’s French Ontario, non?”

    Wrong. It’s French Canada. Ontario has no presence in the mind of Ontarians. Drive from Gracefield to Bancroft, as I did on Sunday, and watch flags outside people’s house change from fleur-de-lys to maple leaf. The Ontario flag is nowhere to be seen, save for government offices. In fact, the only people who say “Ontarians” on a regular basis are politicians.

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