There will be poetry -

There will be poetry


Beware the wrath of creative writers.

People interested in contributing to Rogue Stimulus: The Stephen Harper Holiday Anthology for a Prorogued Parliament should send a poem of no more than 75 lines by e-mail (preferably as a Microsoft Word attachment) to: Submissions will not be accepted after midnight Tuesday January 19 to ensure timely editing, production and distribution.


There will be poetry

  1. Hey, Jack, before you submit your entry, how about letting us vote on your top three picks? :)

    DianeG, didn't you have a poem as well?

    • It's somewhere in one of the blogs, not good enough for this though and I probably won't have the time to write another before the deadline.

  2. I need a rhyme for "turtle"

    • purple, maybe… hurtle. Or go Suess on his rear with flirtle? haha, I like this

    • girdle

      • That could fit in.

        so to speak

        • Dunno. From here it seems like it might be a tight squeeze.

          • Point taken but I could always just say it fits.

    • I tested the rhyme generating algorithm that you linked to, just for kicks. Here's what it served up for prorogue:

      Words which rhyme with prorogue
      prologue, apologue, provoke, ideologue, analogue, eclogue, intrigue, homologue, epilogue, catalogue, Decalogue, partake, prebake, travelogue, meringue, stroke, grotesque, critique, outargue, harangue, merengue, upstroke, ratlike, Grimke, distingue, hairlike, boxlike, Brodsky, curlycue, rocklike, bespoke, motorbike, arabesque, starlike, mystagogue, convoke, slowpoke, humoresque, rootlike, Sherbrooke, treelike, Clarke, barbecue, Klondike, obloquy, overtake, barbeque, strike, warlike, invoke

  3. preferably as a Microsoft Word attachment

    Uh, folks? COPY with Ctrl-C. PASTE wherever you please with Ctrl-V. Then format to taste. If you need a practical demo, I could recommend my eight-year-old daughter to show you. She even surprised me by knowing how to Ctrl-Z away a format attempt she didn't like for her class project on squirrels.

    And if you're still in trouble, maybe you could find your own eight-year-old.