These Are a Few Of My Least-Favourite Things


Among the things I don’t particularly care for in this wide, wide entertainment world are a) Jenna Elfman; b) TV shows that too transparently try to imitate a successful recent movie; c) Shows about formerly free-spirited women learning responsibility and family values. So naturally I’m totally psyched about the announcement of “Accidentally on Purpose”:

Jenna Elfman has been cast in the lead of the CBS comedy pilot “Accidentally on Purpose.”

Elfman will play a femme movie critic in San Francisco who gets pregnant after a one-night stand and decides to raise the child with its much-younger father.

This was obviously pitched to the network as “Knocked Up without the swear words,” but it also sounds a bit like the time Roz on Frasier got pregnant by a much younger man, except that she didn’t actually raise the child with (or have sexual tension with) the father.

The odd thing about my reaction to Jenna Elfman is that I don’t have the same dislike for Lauren Graham, who is virtually the same actor — looks similar, acts similar, sounds similar, is almost the same height. Yet the wacky, tall, funny-voice, free-spirit act always seemed less forced coming from her than it did from Elfman. I can’t really explain why I feel that way, though.

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These Are a Few Of My Least-Favourite Things

  1. Maybe because Lauren Graham is not a member of the Super Adventure Club (a.k.a. Scientology)

  2. Yeah, I’ve never really thought of Elfman as particularly annoying on her own. Her shows, on the other hand, have always bugged. So maybe it’s the writing? (ie.- Would Lauren Graham have saved Dharma and Greg? Would Elfman have ruined Gilmore Girls?)

    In any event, while I don’t necessarily share your disdain for Elfman, I sure do hate the sound of that show’s premise.

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