This is how you know they’re real people who understand you


Stephen Harper gets to work on that highway he’s been meaning to build.

Michael Ignatieff tends to his potato farm.


This is how you know they’re real people who understand you

  1. To their credit, both look equally mildly bored/fatigued today, as befitting mid-August. That's more humanizing than either could have hoped for with the intended subject of the photo op.

    • Do eyes deceive? Is Iggy smiling beside an unlicensed food and drink purveyor, one that is failing to collect and remit the GST at that?

    • It looks delicious. I'll have to mix one.

  2. Might be interesting to know if the farm was contracted to Cavendish Farms ( Irving )
    or McCain ( McCain ! ). And if Ignatieff was offered a potato, did he take it. And if he
    took it, did he eat it or put it in his pocket ?

    Well, maybe not that interesting.

    • Did you go to the convention?

    • Oh dear. Another carbohydrate caper.

  3. Gary's hat is too big. Stephen's hat is too small. They were dressed by the same stylist as Harper at the Stampede apparently.

    Why do when I see politicians in hard hats I think of the old phrase about closing the barn door after the horse has already left?

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