This is Indeed a Disturbing Universe


This video is an example of what happens when there’s a cult of personality around a politician: bad music ensues. I feel a bit bad for these people because of all the mockery they’re getting since their video was discovered, but it’s also disturbing.

It also reminds me of what we might call the “attack assymetry asymmetry” created by the existence of Fox News. Whenever there’s a hagiographic or cultish video about Obama, it will be featured on Fox as an example of frightening cultishness. The personality cults around George W. Bush (before 2006 or so) and Palin, which have been at the very least comparable to Obama’s and arguably more intense, just don’t get quite the same level of air play, even on The Daily Show.


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This is Indeed a Disturbing Universe

  1. With God and the tea party…..

    There you have it!
    Proof that God is an elitist tea drinker!

  2. And here I thought Ma and Pa Kettle were dead.

    That there was jes purely embarrisin'

  3. It seems that in that church Sarah Palin has become the new Messiah.

  4. I appreciate your idiosyncratic spelling of asymmetry.

    • As do I. Well, at least I know how to spell Mississippi.

  5. Anyone mocking old people having singsong in church basement is going straight to hell, i reckon.

    " …. which have been at the very least comparable to Obama's and arguably more intense …."

    I would like to hear this argument of yours that Bush or Palin has bigger cult of personality than Obama because it just ain't so. 'We are the ones we are waiting for' crowd makes me twitchy with their slavish devotion to their Dear Leader.

    We love you Sarah, we do,
    We love you Sarah, we do,
    We love you Sarah, we do,
    Oh Sarah we love you

    • LOL yer a funny guy bergkamp.

      If you don't see anything wrong, and terribly sad with that video, there's no hope for you.

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