This Is Not a Rocket Robin Hood Movie. I Wish It Was.


Why is Warner Brothers going to make a “futuristic Robin Hood movie” when there’s already a (mostly Canadian-made) property that they can buy much cheaper than the script they’re developing? They’ll be sorry for this decision, in The Astounding Years To Come!

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This Is Not a Rocket Robin Hood Movie. I Wish It Was.

  1. Send a joyous shout throughout the land, indeed.

    One electrostaff for me, please!

  2. Friar Tuck gets his astounding powers from only taking one bite from each piece of food, then throwing it over his shoulder. That's a lesson for all you kiddies!

  3. I'm not interested in the movie unless it'll be similarly composed of 80% stock footage.

  4. To my chagrin, I once inadvertently ripped off the Rocket Robin Hood line about how "the interplanetary villains quiver in their space boots" when writing a comic (seen here:… But hey, rob from the cosmic rich and give to the astral poor, I always say.

    On a similar note, I still maintain that the Rocket Robin Hood theme ought have been recycled as the theme song for Band of Brothers.

  5. Delurking just to say freakin' awesome, my sister and I used to watch Rocket Robin Hood and laugh our fool heads off about Friar Tuck throwing the food over his shoulder.


  6. Come gather around me, space travellers surround me. Hard now to the ballad of Rocket Robin Hood! He’s my hero :o) I just wish they’d kill Giles already. How the heck he ended up with the band of Merry Men is beyond me LOL. Crazy old coot!