This is nothing like the winter of ____ .

Fill in the blank after consulting this Maclean’s infographic


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This is nothing like the winter of ____ .

  1. This is the start of a world wide cooldown in avg mean temps.The low sunspot activity will finally be accepted by mainstream media and the bogus claim of agw factor will be thrown out the window .Fool me once shame on me,fool me twice shame on you warmists believers.

    • This is the start of a world wide cooldown in avg mean temps.

      So, if our brief period of slightly colder than typical winter weather is the start of a worldwide cooldown, did someone just forget to send the memo to Australia, in the middle of their record-setting summer heat wave?

    • This is rich. One of the Three Stooges complaining about The Media. The Media aren’t the authority on sunspots. Climate scientists and astrophysicists are the people you you should trust, not those who merely report. Like the guy who regularly gets fingers poked in his eyes, and gets cuffed about the head by someone even stupider than he is, we should even consider what you say?

      • Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

      • Doug, you do not look at how the general public via the media makes the whole hoax worse. Therefore we should not even be reading what you write. Funding for the astrophysicists and other scientists come from the general public, either though taxes, private funding (who’s companies made money off general public) and universities where the general public pays tuition.

        My point being, if the general public is brain washed by a fear mongering AGW/ global warming agenda media then why would they support their money going to research natural variabilities in studying that the earth is actually cooling?

        Who’s the stooge now? You!

        • The general public! the media! the hoax! Arguments from another pseudonymous wise-fool, a purveyor of talking points, half-truths and lies, who argues that only money creates truth, but if it is funded its wrong.

          I have no more polite words for you.

          • I do not expect any polite words from a warmist. I never said that “only money creates truth, but if it is funded its wrong.” In this case however, how come global sea ice has expanded to 1 million sq k above normal and there has been no measured global warming since 1998? We are all told the opposite and that’s just to mention a few “points” based on true facts from brave scientists who actually post their sources to the public. SO! That being said answer the question DOUG!

            I have many more facts for the education of you.

  2. Don’t count on it Shemp…
    The ability of the “climate change” alarmists to ignore the facts and reality around them is immense. They would rather remain ignorant in their ill-informed beliefs, than to accept that they may be wrong.
    Instead, they’ll just call you names, or say the debate is “settled”..which of course, is NOT real science…..but “not real science” is all they have.

  3. Writings on the wall:1million +sq/kms of new sea ice,5yrs of a very low solar cycle 24,fudged weather station data to favor agw juggernaut(imo),1998 the year average world temperature anomalies went south as industrial co2 emissions escalated and still holds at .038% by atmospheric volume.

  4. Hey Kitchen, Australia is a small part of the globe, lets look at the entire earth that shemp seems to be referring to not a weather events that you are pointing at. Its been much warmer and much cooler then we are seeing now, its just a cycle. Currently there has been no scientific data to indicate any global warming since 1998, throwing AGW/GW/CC out the window. Currently global sea ice is almost at 1 million sq k above normal, there has been record sea ice in Antarctic past few years. Kind of funny that a global warming expedition and two rescue ice breakers all got stuck the past few weeks. There is no warming period!

  5. You are very right sir smith in your opinion about how climate works.Short sighted opinions like I have read…shows how the warmists have naive sheeple rapped around their fingers and in the pockets of brainwashed fools….who think if you let go a trace of rearend flatulence…omg,the earth is going to bake.

  6. This is a chart. Not an info graphic. And ugly

  7. You cannot be stupider than somebody else but you can be more stupid than somebody else else.You see are not the authority in the english language .Better go back to your shoemaking job,bub.

  8. not an infographic