This is perhaps getting personal (II) -

This is perhaps getting personal (II)


Michelle Simson twitters a clarification.

Nowhere did I make fun of someones weight.

Mr. Del Mastro is apparently displeased. Simson has apologized.


This is perhaps getting personal (II)

  1. What the hell is CBC doing picking up on this garbage?

    Back to work, Janyce McGregor.

    • CTV did a good portion of their show on this – Power Play.

  2. It's good to know that Liberals are so adept at finely parsing schoolyard taunts. "I didn't say 'fat!' I said 'ginormous!' Nyahhhh!

    • Well, at least it's easier to unpack than the complex verbiage that manages to accuse the Opposition of being traitors, terrorists, Taliban-huggers and pedophiles.

      Dean'll get over it. He as incredibly thick skin.

  3. What's she doing on her smartphone in a committee hearing, anyhow? I'm not paying tax dollars for her to Twitter the committee away!

  4. Way to go Dean – you tell her!

  5. C'mon folks – Del Mastro is a master at faux outrage.

    She apologized – time to move on.

    Look at all the partisan shots that cabinet ministers have made, etc.

    They are all using BlackBerries and Twitter on our money.

  6. Check out Kady O'Malley's blog….much more to the story. Del Mastro is a piece of work, that's for sure