This is perhaps getting personal (III)


Oh good, now there’s video.

Heartening for sure to see Mr. Del Mastro championing the cause of common human decency after last year’s use of the word “traitor” and subsequent refusal to apologize for same.


This is perhaps getting personal (III)

  1. It certainly does take the cake for Del Mastro to take offense about name calling (when it wasn't even that), insults and incivility, and to demand an apology for it.

    Other than Baird and Poillievre, I don't think there is anyone more viciously and insultingly partisan in all of Parliament.

    • They're all insultingly partisan.

      • Perhaps true, but Del Maestro is certainly in competition for the most such.

  2. Pillsbury Doughboy's evil brother makes it to YouTube. Yay . . .

  3. "after last year's use of the word “traitor” and subsequent refusal to apologize for same."

    Not to mention today insisting that "the trust Canadians have in their political institutions will continue to deteriorate until Liberal members "are held accountable for their crimes." " and refusing to retract it – twice – despite the chair pointing out that no Liberals relevant to the proceedings had committed any crimes.

    Dean's corpulent faux outrage is an insult to the House.

  4. Layton may or may not be a traitor to federalists, and Del Mastro may or may not be overweight, but I fail to see how the latter comment has anything to do with the business of government, while the former comment was at most a strong choice of words directly addressing the events of the day (perhaps betrayal was a better word?).

    • Truth isn't an insult.

      • Oh, yes to the CONs it is.

      • Yes, I know Layton is a traitor.

  5. On behalf of the people of Peterborough, I apologize unreservedly for electing ol' Night Train. Like the majority of Conservatives, he is an unremarkable person with no obvious talents who, upon leaving office, will fade into the mist, or in his case, back to the family car dealership, where he can hang his flag on the 15 storey cell phone tower they built in the back yard much to the chagrin of every freakin' person in the neighbourhood.


    Oh Dean, where did it all go wrong?

    • It's OK, Dave, we still like Peterborough.

  6. Didn't Dean Del Mastro actually once own a restaurant in Peterborough actually called "The Fat Italian"?

    I have only read that online, but over the years.

    Anyone know?

    • There is "The Fat Italian Restaurant" in Peterborough.

      But did Dean have an association with the restaurant or has someone just being mischievous online?

      • Warren Kinsella made that claim. I guess he was the one "being mischievous online":

        UPDATE: The grievously offended Conservative MP in question – who previously achieved distinction for doing his utmost to defend Brian Mulroney at the Ethics Committee – used to own a restaurant in Peterborough called "The Fat Italian." Not terribly PC of you, Dean! The restaurant closed less than a year after it opened. How very sad.

  7. Ugh how can one even look at Del Mastro? Just, uggh ugh. look at him.

    • And Coderre too, uggh ugh.

  8. It's not nice to call Dean Del Mastro fat…or porcine…or corpulent…or morbidly obese. Or to say hurtful things like his cereal bowl comes with lifeguards or that he was baptized at Sea World or that after sex, he smokes a ham.

    So no one better do that.

    • This guy got elected????

      Another good reason to vote for the *Man* or woman — not the party/.

  9. Attention readers,

    He's a conservative, he deserves it.

    Yours truly,

    The left leaning media.

    • And you're defence of what Dean and his ilk have had no problem slinging over the past four years? Crickets, right?

  10. Hmmm……an the truth of the "whole" situation/committee – Kady O'Malley's blog.

    But, but, but…..the media don't tell you the whole story.

    Ya, she was wrong – but she apologized. Now, Del Mastro you have several apologies outstanding…better get started.

  11. I'm a bit disappointed that Del Mastro didn't go on at length about this comment being proof that the Liberal Party of Canada and their supporters have nothing but disdain for the millions of Canadians who struggle with their weight. That's what the Liberals would have done if a Conservative made a fat joke. He has much to learn in the faux outrage department.

  12. Wow. Del Mastro takes offence to name calling, AND registers a complaint about partisanship in committee?

    Are such complaints a tactic in the PMO committee disruption manual?

  13. That was like watching a Monty Python sketch.

  14. He owned a restaurant called The Fat Italian. Of course he did!

    From yesterday's Hansard:
    MP Del Mastro: "Mr Speaker, I may not fit into the perfect model of an MP. I may not fit into that member's expectations.

    Hell, I may not even fit in to my suit, or this chair!"

  15. Deano is late for the bus again.