This is perhaps getting personal -

This is perhaps getting personal


Liberal MP Michelle Simson twitters from committee.

In committee this morning. M.P. Del Mastro should grow up (not out)

Gosh, I hate to see a grown M.P. pout. Smile, Dean!


This is perhaps getting personal

  1. Del Mastro does need to grow up. He sounded like a whiny teenager last summer in the ethics committee when he complained that his "Catholic upbringing" couldn't permit him to tolerate the awful potty mouth coming from Pat Martin.

    And he needs to lose weight. Sloth and gluttony are ungodly.

  2. Let Kady O'Malley do Kady O'Malley, Michelle.

    • 'zactly.

      Doesn't matter how right she may be, it ain't classy for an MP to twitter like that.

  3. what is it the lib's lately they have lost all that old liberal fear and shmear with gusto and a touch of class now all you are getting is evil, meanie stevie and body bags and people dying of the flu – where is the ol time lieberal gusto .. I miss it – must suck to be a lierberal right now and have the popularity of a gnat!

  4. Update from Michelle Simson:

    @starkob Nowhere did I make fun of someones weight.

    • The Conservatives have taught her well.

  5. She just apologized in the face of a mewling point of order from Deano.

  6. And let's thank the CBC's Janyce McGregor (whose most important job is, not journalist, but "Norah's mom') for bringing this momentous event to the nation's attention.

  7. I hate yummy mummies, especially re-estrogynized TVO hasbeens. If getting a new job post-TVO means you have to slink into obscurity like Paula Todd you might as well BE a full-time mum. At least your kids appreciate you!

  8. It isn't really a true apology when the firs words out of the mouth of the offender start off with something like: " . . . IF I said anything that yadda yadda yadda. . ."

    That ". . . IF . . . " opener is nothing but mealy-mouthed equivocating.

    Are blackberries etc even permitted in the House or inside committee rooms?