This is taking an awfully long time


Could she be saying no?

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This is taking an awfully long time

  1. Another option, raised by a friend: maybe severe conditions on prorogation were imposed, forcing him to spend time altering a planned statement.

    Or maybe they’re making out.

    Speculatin’ is fun!

  2. Ever try to catch a cat for a visit to the vet? I have a vision they’re chasing him around in the same way…

  3. Scott Feschuk Dec 4, 2008 11:28 Speculatin’ is fun!

    Tell him to buy Bre-X fer his mum, Scotter … Great ASSay reports. If the stock fails, the alternative is a Sea King helicopter ride … Didja know they can still “stagger up” to 800 feet?

  4. She said yes.

  5. She said yes to Harper.
    Let the one-sided PR war begin. (Last night’s snafu of a simple one camera set-up and tape delivery shows that the Liberal A/V department needs to be fired en masse if the coalition is to have any chance at fighting the HArper smears and lies.) WIth the CanCon media, style does matter over substance, and it is all Canadians and democracy’s loss.

  6. An important constitutional footnote: just because she said yes does NOT mean they didn’t make out.

  7. Who cares why it’s taking so long. I’m riveted to CTV Newsnet and CBC Newsworlds coverage of the GG’s door. I could watch that door all day long.

  8. Harper is refusing to answer whether they did in fact make out, hiding behind “constitutional tradition”.

  9. He had to call for his aides to colour in picture books to explain parliamentary responsibility to Jean. Shockingly, they twisted it a bit. This is why we can’t have a Governer General that wants to “learn about Canada.”

  10. How could any woman say no to Stephen Harper? Those glossy lips? Those cold, dead eyes?

  11. Hay anyone seen the GG emerge from the talks? Are we sure she isn’t lying in an office somewhere unconscious?


  12. OMG, Reality Bites.


    . . . he IS pretty dreamy . . .

  13. A sad day for democracy and a horrible precedent for the country. Anytime a government is in trouble: Prorogue!

  14. They were totally making out.

  15. We need to hear it from the GG herself. After decades of TV commerical brainwashing we only trust good looking people.

  16. Are we sure that he didn’t tie her up and leave her in a closet?
    I mean, it took so long… maybe a BDSm thing?

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