This is the 5000th post on -

This is the 5000th post on


But sadly it is neither informative nor insightful.

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This is the 5000th post on

  1. What do you win?

  2. Stephen Harper’s conservatism (he won’t even notice it’s missing)

  3. STEAK KNIVES x50!

  4. Same could be said for Jason Kenney’s …oh, never mind.

  5. He wins a half-dozen vouchers for visiting Philadelphia.

    That way, when he meets up with U.S. customs, when they ask him where he’s going, he can tell them: “Pennsylvania. Six. Five Thousand.”


  6. And still no naked pictures of Julie Couillard.

  7. So, it’s like the rest of your posts, eh Scott?

  8. I insist that we not panic, and I suggest that if Canadians look closely, that this is a detailed and informative screed on the future of this country.

    Scott, would you like a job writing my next election platform?

  9. I’m not sure I have the required 12 minutes. Or the required lobotomy.