This Is What We Just Felt... -

This Is What We Just Felt…


in Toronto, and Ottawa, and elsewhere.

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This Is What We Just Felt…

  1. I thought that was Harper finding a way to kick the last leg of accountability and responsibility out from under the parliamentary system :)

  2. Glad it happened before the G20 – Lord knows what the reaction would have been with all those leaders in house.

    • Let's hold off feeling relieved until we can verify the gazebo is still standing.

      • I heard a tsunami washed 2 muskoka chairs off the fake deck

      • That gazebo verification is going to take a bit. That thing's out in the middle of nowhere.

  3. It was very mild. People here don't think we have earthquakes, so people were incredulous.

    • Well, sure it was mild, but even mild is a big deal when the last time there was an earthquake around here someone could actually feel was probably a dozen years ago (1998 as the reports have it). When you're not used to it, even a mild shaking of the earth is pretty exciting.

      • When you're not used to it, even a mild shaking of the earth is pretty exciting.

        When the office building does a belly dance and it's not supposed to do a belly dance, you start to wonder if you've got your affairs in order, if only for a moment.

        • In Japan, people in office buildings sense earthquakes more acutely than those in houses because office buildings are built to sway with the quake. This magnifies the sense of movement one feels. I assume the same principle holds in Canada.

  4. I was hoping the media would spin it not as an earthquake but a mass walk out by government workers in response to the G8/G20.

    I was in the elevator and didn't feel a thing.