This odd existence -

This odd existence


The Prime Minister and the Premier of British Columbia participate in a perfectly natural exchange of gifts. (Note: video does not include mitten-related discussion.)

This and more at the burgeoning Beyond the Commons video archive.


This odd existence

  1. very cool – it was good to have Harper and King Gordo both here in vic today as the torch just went zipping by me awhile back – very cool

  2. I think we can all be grateful they weren't launching a safe sex campaign…

    • srsly. they are f*cking painful to watch.

      • I haven't seen a performance that stiff since Ruby and Oswald were on stage together.

        • Serious question – Do you think you could do better? I would be happy to not appear even more awkward than Harper does. At the very least I would start laughing if I was participating in that.

          Millionth reason to not get involved in politics – avoid participating in awkward and content-free events in front of cameras.

          • three things:

            1) i thought he had the choice as to whether he wanted to participate in such awkward, content-free events in front of cameras, no? (I would def give him props for it)/.

            2) i think some laughing (i.e., natural human responses like say self-deferential humour) would help to have made this bearable.

            3) since you CPCers have become such a great fan of comparing to the Libs, I don't remember a single event in JC's tenure that was this stiff, having all the awkwardness of a high school first date. even SD and PMPM came off as less rigid.

  3. What no song?

  4. I'm just surprised nobody has mentioned the Olympic logo yet. Are my Liberal friends all at Halloween parties?