This post not deserving of title


Mailbag tomorrow. In the meantime, my exclusive interview with History is here. Dramatic “Chipmunk” is here. And proof of Satan’s awesome power to inflict novel torment upon mankind is here (final two paragraphs only).


This post not deserving of title

  1. Dramatic Chipmunk: Harper first hears of coalition threat… cue ominous music.

    That and the Helmet Head LOL Cat are hilarious.

    Palme D’or — for best short in the Cinéma vérité category?

  2. It seems to me that the “chipmunk” realized his fate when they described him in Japanese as a prairie dog, and the young girl started rubbing her tummy and making deliciously happy eating sounds –

  3. What’s amazingly scary is that the cat …. the cat !! ….. has more human , and humane , eyes.

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