Thou dost protest (II)


CBC’s new politics show—Evan Solomon’s Power & Politics—is debuting now with a bloody faced protester claiming rough treatment. Further details and reaction from Canadian Press, the CBC, GlobeStar, Gargoyle and Canwest.


Thou dost protest (II)

  1. This will take the most getting used to. From Don Newman to Evan Solomon, it's like going from prune juice to a double-double.

  2. The protesters intended to disrupt the House of Commons, they intended to do anything and everything to attract media attention, they intended to scuffle with the guards, and they intended to scream "police brutality!" as soon as things got physical.

    The whole thing was scripted, possibly with the support of the New Democratic Party. Private member's bill C-311 is nothing but an empty, symbolic attempt at political posturing. It sets targets that are ridiculously unattainable.

    The Green Party achieved double-digit support (11%, just a few points less than the NDP) in the latest polls. The whole stunt was most likely a calculated attempt by NDP supporters to reclaim the "green" label from the resurgent Greens.

    • Yeah, those clever "NDP supporters" – stealing a page from May's How to Save the World in Your Spare Time.

      With the authors looking on. And a friendly PPG with an upstart CBC show debut. "Exit, stage right, Snagglepuss".

  3. I can't believe they put them on the CBC's inagural show. Now every special interest group is going to disrupt QP hoping they'll be on with Evan.

  4. If May was praising blogging tories for flashmobbing parliament I’d still think her an absolute fool.

    Riot on our streets if you must. But when thugs interrupt Parliament – whatever we think of our MP’s – we are all diminished.

    If they return they should be charged under R.S., c. C-34, s. 51.

    • You mean they should be charged under the section that allows vehicles with diplomatic plates to park in mandatory tow zones on Saturdays?

      Sorry. That was an obscure Red Dwarf reference.

      • IIRC Charles Yacoub was driving a Greyhound bus.

    • Thugs!!

    • That's not actually how to cite a statute in proper McGill format.

    • Thugs! You kids, interrupting all the yelling with your yelling! Why, I oughta….!

  5. I'm going long on Heinz ketchup. Or short on Clearasil for glasses wearing protesters.

  6. This country needs something like today's protest (which seems to have caught the various mainstream media outlets and all the political parties off-guard) to wake us up out of our complacency on environmental policy. So much for apathetic Canadian youth. This protest is a breath of fresh air.

    • Good grief. Just give Elizabeth May and friends a reality TV show where they pretend to run something way better than a democratic parliament in a little cottage somewhere.

      • Oh yeah, the environmental file has been run incredibly well the last couple of decades, eh?

      • A million greens can't be wrong! :)

  7. I suppose wet farts smell like fresh air if you have the right partisan mindset.

  8. The guy with the blood on his face – ah, blood always makes an injury or scratch look worse. Why didn't he wash the blood off – I bet it was only little scratches.

    I remember I fell down the stairs in public school – the school nurse (they had them in those days) panicked, called my mother and an ambulance. There was blood all over my dress (we had to wear dresses in those days) and all over my legs. Turns out I just had a bleeding nose from the bump.