Thou dost protest (III) -

Thou dost protest (III)


An enterprising videographer attempts to connect the dots between today’s protest and the NDP.

Elsewhere, the CBC has put together some of the relevant footage from today’s excitement.


Thou dost protest (III)

  1. Aaron, you're reaching new lows hyper-linking to the CBC.

  2. And the YouTube video was posted by someone who apparently lives in the "Congo". Riiiiiiiggghht. Gee I wonder if the Conservative war-room had anything to do with this vid?

    • Or the Liberal war room, considering Iggy's speechwriter was tweeting this today.

  3. There are NDP connections to a spotlight-grabbing protest supporting the NDP MP's private member's bill? Quelle surprise.

    • Yes, Crit, it IS a surprise. Look closely: An NDP connection to a spotlight-grabbing protest and Jack "Lights" Layton was not in the spotlight. I fear for the man's health. Can anyone confirm that he is alright?

      • "How do you say fraud in french? Fraud? Fraude?"

  4. The only dots I see connected are that some of the protesters are – gasp! – NDP members. And I bet some of them are – gasp! – Greens. Are you trying to say climate change activists aren't Conservatives? My mind is blown.

  5. "youth" — hate to break it to fella there but that ship has sailed.

    and the NDP MPs behind Jack didn't seem to be too surprised today when this happened.

  6. And some rock musicians slept through the whole thing. Is there a surprise somewhere in here?

  7. I think the Jeh Custer guy smeared ketchup on his face for the CBC interview. Leaving the Commons he looked fine. Later on his face is apparently bloody, and of course he had no interest in washing his face for a television interview. Fraud.

    • Well i can tell you the blood was not fake.Please see this link… where it clearly shows Jeh Custer has is bleeding while in custody. Check the camera angles my friend on those other videos. He is a respected man and is standing up for mine and yours rights….he made a statement, was asked to leave and then was tackeled and his head hit the floor not the wall. He should not be ripped apart verbally….he's working towards a better world and a positive future for everyone…its easy to make accusations when sitting behind a computer screen…..

  8. Why wouldn't there be a connection. Everyone with an ounce of common sense knows that the NDP is the only party that truly cares about the environment.

  9. The man in this picture is a classic example of a LOSER!!!!