Three things -

Three things


My latest column from the magazine is here. Something much funnier is here. A photo of Tiger Woods’ wife in a bikini is in our football picks below.

Yep, I’d go to the football picks first, too.

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Three things

  1. "A photo of Tiger Woods' wife in a bikini is in our football picks below."

    Not fair. There should be a disclaimer!

    Something like: But first photo you come across is fat guys, so instead of looking at lovely swim wear model your eyes will be overwhelmed by short fat guys and cute kids. I did like the wee bairns.

    • There was a subsequent photo?

      I stopped at the first (thinking one of them was the voluptuous Mrs. Woods), and was thinking he could be forgiven for straying.

      • "I stopped at the first"

        made me laugh, thank you.