Three weeks in the life of Jack Layton -

Three weeks in the life of Jack Layton


August 25After a face-to-face meeting with Harper in Ottawa last week, Layton told reporters the NDP would be the “least likely” of political parties to support the Conservatives in office “because we have very fundamental differences with the direction that they’re taking the country.”

TodayThe NDP signalled today that it might be willing to prop up the Harper government and avert a fall election.


Three weeks in the life of Jack Layton

  1. I think Andrew Coyne has been the only journalist and pundit who from the beginning said there would be no election. Kudos to him!

  2. It's the quid for his pro quo. Ask ITQ.

  3. And to think I used to view the NDP as a principled party that would vote without letting political consequences override their convictions.

  4. Harper isn't going to make it easy on Layton; he wants to make sure that there is no appearance of a back room deal. I actually think it's in Jack's interest to have the EI reforms not be what he is after, but be just enough that he can claim it would be worse to have an election then vote it down.

    He has spent the last 3 years mocking the Liberals for having to sit on their hands; it'll be fun to see how well he deals with the same criticisms from the Liberals.

  5. Should be fun watching ole Brad spinning this one.

  6. Harper is going to screw with Layton all week and present something the NDP wont be able to pallate

  7. I am going to enjoy watching Harper live the Conservative nightmare of living with Jack as a coalition partner.

  8. I am going to enjoy watching Harper live the Conservative nightmare of having Jack as a coalition partner.

  9. If you get part of your agenda adopted in the transaction, is correct to call it "propping up" the government? I don't think so.

    Getting the government to adopt an opposition party proposal sounds like "making parliament work" to me. You know, kinda like party leaders say they will after every election.

    So let's agree on a rule of thumb: if you have to put superlatives like "Blue Ribbon" in front of it, it's propping up, not making parliament work.

    • Agreed. It is not any opposition party's role to blindly vote against the governing party just because they are the opposition.

      If the parties can work together, that's great. Of course that means there has to be compromise on both side. The Conservative's can't run like they have a majority, but by the same token, the NDP and Liberals have to realize that aren't the governing party at all, and can't just make demands and threaten to bring down the government every time their demands aren't met.

  10. It is fascinating to consider the competing interests:
    – Harper wants a bipolar (!) system with NDP and CPC, rather than the Liberals hogging the middle (and election success — recent years notwithstanding)
    – Harper wants a majority and might get one if the NDP and LPC can each eat each others' votes
    – Harper can't stand anything the NDP stands for, and would love to hurt them too as long as it doesn't hurt him at the same time.

    The mind boggles at the possibilities. From an objective perspective, it's hilarious.

  11. So much speculation built on speculation.

    Guess that's what this place is fer doin'.

    But nothing has happened yet.

    • But nothing has happened yet.

      Sssh! This is a speculation-only zone. No common sense allowed.

  12. "But nothing has happened yet. "

    Quote of the day.