Tiger Woods is sorry. He’s very, very sorry. Also, he’s sorry. - Macleans.ca

Tiger Woods is sorry. He’s very, very sorry. Also, he’s sorry.

But Scott Feschuk questions his sincerity


UPDATE: Tiger Woods has released a third statement to his website: “I caught Larry King last night and was that actually Pat O’Brien pontificating on my behaviour. Pat O’Brien?? The drunk-dialing, explicit-voicemail-leaving, sexual-harassing Pat O’Brien??? So I’m being judged now by Pat O’Brien, am I? ARE YOU PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN MINDS????? P.S. Anyone got a couch I can crash on? P.P.S. Still sorry.”

Tiger Woods has released another statement on his web site. In it, he basically admits to having been unfaithful to his wife. Have a quick read of it, then meet me down below.

I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect. I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. Those feelings should be shared by us alone.

Although I am a well-known person and have made my career as a professional athlete, I have been dismayed to realize the full extent of what tabloid scrutiny really means. For the last week, my family and I have been hounded to expose intimate details of our personal lives. The stories in particular that physical violence played any role in the car accident were utterly false and malicious. Elin has always done more to support our family and shown more grace than anyone could possibly expect.

But no matter how intense curiosity about public figures can be, there is an important and deep principle at stake which is the right to some simple, human measure of privacy. I realize there are some who don’t share my view on that. But for me, the virtue of privacy is one that must be protected in matters that are intimate and within one’s own family. Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn’t have to mean public confessions.

Whatever regrets I have about letting my family down have been shared with and felt by us alone. I have given this a lot of reflection and thought and I believe that there is a point at which I must stick to that principle even though it’s difficult.

I will strive to be a better person and the husband and father that my family deserves. For all of those who have supported me over the years, I offer my profound apology.

Hi, me again.

Now obviously, Tiger is in a position to afford the very best in crisis management teams. These teams always have on staff at least one top-notch writer to do exactly this kind of thing: pen the statement of contrition. But here’s a semi-serious question: shouldn’t the statement at least sound in some way as though it could plausibly have been dictated by, written by or typed in the same room as Tiger?

I mean, we all know the guy. We know the way he speaks in public. None of this sounds like Tiger. It skillfully hits all the main points – tacit admission of some indiscretion, attempt to correct some aspect of the record, dewy-eyed plea for privacy (aka boo-hoo it’s so hard being famous!) – but it does so without ever sounding like Tiger. His statement comes across as every bit as corporate and calculated as his choice of golf attire. As I read it, I kept expecting a brief break during which he would mention the meticulous performance and lasting durability of the Gillette Fusion. Or perhaps a line about how in future he’ll be every bit as reliable and trustworthy as… the American Express card!

Does this matter? I think it does matter – especially in a world where he’s choosing to do no interviews and leaving the statement to do a lot of heavy lifting in terms of damage control. An apology can get you a very long way, but the apology has to seem sincere (or at least to be emanating from the general vicinity of the person in question).

What do you think?


Tiger Woods is sorry. He’s very, very sorry. Also, he’s sorry.

  1. In this case, I'm wondering if he didn't get good legal advice to avoid speaking off the cuff:. Pobably not a bad idea when you're facing the charges for an accident, and quite possibly divorce action from your spouse.

  2. I admire Tiger for his golf skills and for what he has done for that sport. I admire him for the work he does with his Foundation.

    Tiger does not go on speaking tours preaching family values and morality.

    I think we should all stop putting these athletes and other media stars on some sort of a pedestal because of their fame and wealth.

    Tiger is a good golf player, the best ever. That's it. Leave him alone.

    • He also uses this squeaky clean image, to endorse products.I think if he were 'just' a damn good golfer, which he is.The leave me alone would come easier.It was he, who chose to hawk products, and therefore put himself in the public eye.

  3. " I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves."

    I stopped taking this note seriously when I read that. I think the problem is that he has been all too 'true' to his values and now regrets being caught. I agree that this message should sound more like Tiger – I am sure he has been 'discussing' this with his wife over the past few days so he should have lots of material to use.

    Celebrities requesting privacy always leaves me cold. Not impressed. But I do feel a bit sorry for Tiger because he does not seem to crave the limelight like many others do.

  4. I think there are people moving heaven and earth to ensure the true story never sees the light of day.

    Either wide-eyed unbelievers or those in the know.

    The cynic in me says that if the Mrs. doesn't file any paperwork, this will be buried in the grand old tradition. From what I understand, Tiger told the attending officer he "didn't want to talk about it".

  5. Yeah, but it doesn't mean the statement couldn't be worded to sound as though it genuinely came from the man in question.

    More important, I notice you haven't piped up at my Tuesday mailbag. Is it because I called you out for your Bea Arthur thing?

  6. I suppose so.

    Re mailbag: To quote the esteemed Mr. Woods, "I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect. I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. [and the boxed set of Golden Girls DVDs, not that it's any of your business]"

    That said, one of us just used "Bea Arthur" and "piped up" in the same paragraph.. Paging Dr. Freud…

  7. Celebreties requesting privacy have my respect. Right up until the moment they invade my home in a commercial.

    I'm not arguing against sponsorship (where you use or wear the sponsor's product), nor am I arguing against commercials (where little known actors are paid to show the wonderful lifestyle improvements if only you would use this product.). But to me, you don't get to have it both ways. Either you are an actor, athlete, singer, whatever, deserving privacy when you are not acting, athleting(?) singing, or you are a commercial prop and deserve to sell magazines with your tawdry personal life.

  8. Look, it's been less than 10 minutes and I'm done. Step up your game, Sean.

  9. Moreover, how far does the right to privacy extend? When it spills out of the privacy of their home, and knocks out a few municipal fixtures?

    Short of saying "no more releasing police reports or 911 calls to the media" not sure what Tiger's expecting here.

  10. Okay, it's officially over, he's admitted he is a flawed human – cannot we just all move on now? Enough silliness already. This is nothing more than (what should have been) a one-day story about a thirty-something male caught being unfaithful to his wife, whose damaged his reputation, and has already caused too much public ado about a private and relatively inconsequential event.

  11. "Tiger is a good golf player, the best ever"

    There is still the small matter of Jack Niklaus's record…

  12. I have more sympathy for his requests for privacy than for some. Unlike some celebrities who invite cameras into their houses in the good times and then get angry at intrusions in the bad, Tiger's been more than consistent, for years and years, about his relationship to the media.

    • But not above partying, and swigging vodka from a bottle in public places,he's a real charmer.

  13. I agree with Feschuk. The speechwriter should have made it sound more like Tiger's authentic voice. Although it occurs to me that I have never heard Tiger Woods say anything memorable so I can't really say what his authentic voice sounds like.

  14. I agree with you, he could have written the draft and then sent it to the agency for editing and review. It really does not look like anyone other than a professional writer has put that together.

    Also, I don't think privacy is an issue. Nobody is asking him for confessions and press releases. He became famous and rich because people took an interest in his abilities. He cashed in with his endorsements, which effectively inserts yourself into every home through the television, radio, and other. You can't just switch off the public interest when it is convenient.

    He is rich because people want to watch him. People want to know more about him, and people want to hear what he has to say. He could have chosen a different occupation, one that does not involve hitting a ball for millions of people to watch, to cash a giant cheque at the end of it. That's his business, it's all about making people watch him on the golf course, and in the press box before and after. To that he's added his endorsements. Once you've made that your business, it comes with the celebrity lifestyle, where people want to know more about you.

    Nobody is asking for press releases or public confessions. But at the same time, the same people that are generating his take-home pay are the ones that want to know more, and so the media will continue to report this story.

    One other thing – it's rather unusual for someone to drive themselves over a fire hydrant into their neighbour's tree at 2 am. So in that respect, he has little to complain about either.

  15. I agree, I don't think privacy is an issue. Nobody is asking him for confessions and press releases. He became famous and rich because people took an interest in his abilities. He cashed in with his endorsements, which effectively inserts yourself into every home through the television, radio, and other. You can't just switch off the public interest when it is convenient.

    He is rich because people want to watch him and hear him. He could have chosen a different occupation, one that does not involve hitting a ball for millions of people to watch, to cash a giant cheque at the end of it. That's his business, it's all about making people watch him on the golf course, and in the press box before and after. Once you've made that your business, it comes with the celebrity lifestyle, where people want to know more about you.

    Nobody is asking for press releases or public confessions. But at the same time, the same people that are generating his take-home pay are the ones that want to know more, and so the media will continue to report this story.

    I also agree – it's rather unusual for someone to drive themselves over a fire hydrant into their neighbour's tree at 2 am. So in that respect, he has little to complain about either.

  16. Agree completely. And another sick aspect of it is the repeated holier-than-thou line from the mainstream media about how "this story is really being driven by the tabloids", as an introduction to their own reporting of the story. I don't read the tabloids but this thing's been in my face since it started: CBC, CTV, Globe, TO Star, Ottawa Citizen and on and on.

  17. Frankly, I watch Tiger every opportunity I get because, quite simply, he is the most exciting golfer in the world to watch. I won't stop watching him play golf because of this. His personal life has nothing to do with it. I don't care who wrote the statement. It says all it needs to say. He and his wife have already suffered more than they need to as a result of the accident. Let them deal with the rest of the fallout in private.

  18. Feschuk has an "adult" hangout?

    Oooh, that shudder went right through me.

  19. Don't pigeonhole me. I can also write serious, compelling material about burritos.

  20. "….he is the most exciting golfer in the world to watch"

    Congnitive dissonance initiated.

  21. That's a terrific point I hadn't thought of before.

  22. I agree that he chose to be famous. He could have still been a golfer, but refused all the endorsements – he certainly makes enough money with his winnings. But he chose to cash in on the fame and build on it with commercials and such.

  23. I agree. That was Letterman's mistake. He went on air and said whatever he liked. Meanwhile, while he's confessing, his wife sat at home embarrassed and fuming.

    Anything Tiger says publicly should be getting an approval from her, if he wants to keep his marriage together.

  24. Even when he's golfing, the earnings are a direct result of the eyeballs watching him. The whole job is about capturing people's interest. Almost all of his earnings from playing golf are generated by sponsorships and advertising (maybe a very small amount from gate receipts).

  25. Being repeatedly unfaithful to his wife, months before she gave birth to his child. Not only that but it appears to be with more than one woman. Yeah, nothing to see here.

  26. I’d suggest to you that there are a lot of folks following this story who do not know the guy. Who do not know how he speaks in public (outside the context of the aforementioned Gillette commercials). They are aware of Tiger Woods and compelled to follow the story because of the way Mr. Woods has been built up – there’s nothing quite as compelling as a fall from grace (someone who worked for Paul Martin likely doesn’t need to be told). This is a big fall from grace – a sudden one, with a moral component. They don’t get bigger.

    So is it really to Tiger’s benefit to write in his own voice (or have someone else do so)? Or is he better off with a statement that relies on general pathos (i.e. these are emotions I have to share with my family).

    He can’t afford to speak to his fans. He has to speak to the lowest common denominator here.

  27. Solo sex for Tiger now … unless his wife let's him in. He's just another poon-hound, and his wife knows he's an alley cat.

  28. Maybe he's sorry he got caught.He seemed pretty nervous when he asked his mistress, or one of them, to delete his name.

  29. Keith,
    Oh, don't get me wrong. There is lots to see here. Buut it is all banal – one woman or twenty? Does it really matter? Infidelity is infidelity. Further, your interest seems to stem from the most base and prurient motives. You seem to believe the shortcomings of others matter to your life and you seem to revel in the failings and misery of others. To my mind, those who fixate and pass judgment upon issues like this sad soap-opera and celebrity driven 'event' are (simply put) devoid of class, taste, and/or a life.

  30. Who are we to question his sincerity? Time will tell. If his marriage survives. If he never strays again, then he has been sincere.

    It has probably done him a lot of good to have a Swedish model kick his a**!

    Too often the rich and famous are surrounded with yes-men and glad-handers to afraid to rock the boat to ever tell them when they have crossed the line.

  31. Just ONCE I would like to see a famous person stand up and go all Trudeau on the Media = SCREW YOU it's none of your damn business and then give em the finger – think about it folks Tiger has more money than several swiss banks together and if his pile ever got low he could top it up with a tournament or two .. I don't get it? is it greed – do some people just want a bigger hummer – does tjhe guy really need to suck up for an endorsement?

    • lol… a bigger hummer. That was probably what got him into the mess in the first place ;)

  32. good for you and you are aboslutely right!

  33. this is really funny!

  34. Infidelity is infidelity–but you can bet your fat arse it matters if its one woman or twenty. I say this as one who has been on the receiving end of this sort of behaviour (man, the statistics must be going wacky judging by the Macleans posters' outrage). Both are very bad, but is it that you don't have enough respect for your wife that you can't say no to anybody at all, or have you developed some kind of personal relationship with this one woman? Are you a general sleazebag or are you telling me in the most public, humiliating and destructive way possible that our marriage is over?

    Er, I mean HER. are you telling her.

  35. Apart from the general bullsh*t of all you guys being outraged at Tiger's behaviour (giving the lie to the statistics, although hey, Macleans may just attract the few faithful men in existence), I have to reiterate that no spouse ever deserves to be beaten by their spouse for any reason whatsoever. It isn't okay for her to do it, just as it isn't okay if he were to do it. Please get this, everyone.

    • Hi Jenn,

      First off, he didn't just cheat once, and with one person. He started banging another woman when he his wife was 7 MONTHS PREGNANT, and continued to do her, and possibly 2 others during her second pregnancy. 31 months = almost 3 years. What a doucebag! He isn't sorry at all, he is sorry he got caught. If I had been her, he would have been neutered.

      Answer me this: You have been married to a man for 5 years, 2 very small children together, and you find out that he has been screwing other people for a long time. What the hell would you do?!?!?! All you women who are all holier than thou…. BS. You would all cut off his balls. At least real women have the guts to admit it.

      And to Elin: I would ask for 100 million to stay.

      Love your articles Feschuk!

    • In response to Debbie (whose comment to me seems not to be here) I can tell you exactly what I would have done, because I was in that situation (only we’d been married for 7 years and I think I’d actually given birth to the second child)

      What I did was try to find a gun. We had both golf clubs and baseball bats in the house, but I was fixated on *gun* so didn’t even think of those. Or a knife or any other weapon.

      My insanity lasted about two hours. I would like to think I would have snapped out of it if I did find a gun, and I really do think I fixated on gun because I knew I wouldn’t find one–my subconsious preventing me from doing something I knew was wrong.

      Still, I am so very supportive of gun controls, because we didn’t have a gun and so I didn’t have to take that test.

  36. Thanks, although my divorce unfolded on reality TV, talk about a surreal event, lol!!!

  37. It's funny how rarely the words "unfolded on reality TV" accompany a story that ends happily.

  38. I think there is a difference between a one time mistake and multiple affairs (in the last 60 minutes a third woman has come forth). Tiger built his reputation on being a great guy, cheating with, at current count, three different women is bad for your carefully crafted image. This is the equivalent to when Conservative people in the media cheat on their spouses.

    Since it has been revealed that Tiger cheated on his wife, it seems my life is just that much better, I guy just came in my office and mentioned what a class act I am, I'm not sure what brought that on but it seems my life is really good today. Can't quite put my finger on it.

  39. … ahh, but can you write serious, compelling material about Kristie Alley? Or pigeons?

  40. He's just a golfer, not the Archbishop of Canterbury. Who cares what he does? Rich people (and poor people) screw around — get over it.

  41. Feschuk for some reason it doesn't seem to find my comment or your reply…..

    My divorcee indeed, did unfold on reality TV… "Taking it off' is about overweight people , the lady is on the plus size. Without me, even knowing it, had a huge part on the show, not that they showed me or named me but my husband is in there and so are my kids, talk about a surprise! (minors without my consent, never followed legal action, not worth it, I like to live with the wisdom of Tao, ummmmm…) so it was quite a surprise to see it unfold, she wanted to get married and they needed a quick divorce, and well it was priceless and healing… she didn't loose the weight but gained a husband, lol…that was their happy ending, mine was even better, I lost the baby weight ( from my last pregnancy) and the husband !

  42. Good for you Tiger !!! you dont have to wash your dirty loundry infront of the whole world!!! you and your family deserve privacy.
    This things happens to most of the families the difference is whos story sells most.
    Most pressure comes from selling news only and thats sick !! I wish people like you could be left alone and you just have to worry about your family.

  43. If he was talking like Tiger I'm afraid we'd have to turn to the 'adult' version of Feschuk's hangout to read it. The guy swears like a corporate sailor, fer crissakes! I can only imagine what he really calls those who 'impinge on our personal lives' when not restrained by some company speech-writing mug…

  44. Why should he apologize to the world?? The only person he should apologize to is his wife. It's absolutely nobody else's business. He certainly doesn't owe an apology to the media or to his fans for what he does in his private life.

  45. Tiger Woods should have hired Feschuk to write his contrition speech! There's nothing like a Kirstie Alley burrito joke to break the ice.

  46. And here with my two cents, if Mary jo Estace did it so am I….

    So, my husband had an affair, oops sorry, I should have said former husband…. So I know a little bit about this, unfortunately!

    I think his statement has more to do with protecting his wife, because I am telling you….Is the most humiliating thing ever, you can't help it but to take it so personal, you do believe it is your fault and you question yourself, what you did wrong! (Happy to say that soon after I realized it actually had nothing to do with me but it was his problem!)

    She must be having the worst time and being so public, it truly is devastating when the person you were planning to spend the rest of your life with and share your most intimate thoughts, dreams, emotions….turns out that you don't even him know him at all!!!

    Ahhh, but don't feel so bad for me and my kids, actually it was a blessing in desguise, best thing that happen to me!!!

  47. If I follow your line of reasoning, Scott, you are not really criticizing Tiger himself but rather the "the very best in crisis management teams" whoever they may be. After all nobody really expected Tiger to write the statement. So you wanted to see someone who could write like Tiger talks, write the writeup. Perhaps you would also like a Tiger impersonator to do the interview circuit. Perhaps a made-for-TV movie in which an actor playing Tiger gets a stern talkin to from the ghost of his father. (Probably cast Morgan Freeman in the part) Then and only then, we would finally have closure on this.

  48. Thank you.

  49. Clearly you have no understanding of what it means to win the British Open. He's not only the Archbishop, he's also an honorary corgi.

  50. He needs a new lie — oops – speech writer, for sure.

  51. There is strong evidence that he had a fling with at least two ladies, Uchitel and Grubbs (his organization paid to fly one of them to Australia, the other one has a voice message where he tries to cover his tracks). Now there is a third and fourth lady linked to him as well, Moquin and Jagoda.

    The guy who set him up with his wife is calling it a mistake.

    Just how many holes was Tiger playing?

    Now it's not so much a case of lack of privacy… now you gotta wonder, how did he manage to do this without getting caught? Almost any married guy would get caught with this kind of serial behaviour.

  52. And yet Tiger is more than fine if we know what a close shave he gets, or what brand of car he likes to drive (whoops, well maybe he used to drive those). He sold himself years ago, it's a little late to complain about needing 'personal privacy' now. Seriously, how smooth your face is after a shave is much more personal and private a topic.

    • As a bearded person I would like to point out that Paul Bernardo was also clean shaven.

  53. Closure is boring. Bring on the openure, I say!

  54. is going to cost him, isn't him a billionaire now? One she would forgive several…I don't think so or I sure hope not.!!

    I should send her a copy of Mary joe Eustace's book, heck I should get me one….

  55. we know understand tiger said is sorry and that he is sorry for being sorry and has been sorry from the beginning of the incident of which he is sorry for and the sorriness and sorrow of being sorry…tiger is truly sorry for being sorry….one should feel sorry for tiger for being so sorry….

  56. Yes Tiger – the international media having got you down will now proceed to go through your pockets. Last month they would kiss your ass for an interview but hey! now they are on top.
    What else is new.

  57. Tiger Woods has issued a public apology for his "transgressions". This apology is obviously one of many different, individually crafted apologies he will continue to work on over the next several weeks, all tailored to deal with the specific pain, financial cost and personal trauma caused by his serious error in judgment. Subsequent apologies will be going out to his each member of his immediate family, his Mother, the charity that would have benefited from his presence at the Chevron World Challenge, his sponsors, friends, neighbors, and perhaps others. When you're this famous your mistakes have ripple effects that touch many more people.

    With respect the ingredients of a Perfect Apology, and in light of the explanation the general public (including Tiger's fans) deserve for his "transgression", Tiger's public apology is as close to perfect as we could expect without damaging the core principles and values he is trying to defend — "the right to some simple, human measure of privacy" for him and his family as they work through this crisis.

  58. Seriously, I don't agree that he needs to be more sincere in his apology to people who have not been hurt by any way by his behaviour. Who has he let down, outside of his immediate family? I'm really not taking it personally that he slept with most of the American Midwest.

  59. Smarmy as all get-out. But what do you expect? Even worse, that PR speech writing snake pit is very likely filled with pre-written situations. (Just fill in the name of the contrite here.) Now back to the weather. Our meteorologist says Hurricane Elin has settled into the heart of Central Florida and appears set to stay there…

  60. I am rather perplexed by this article as I was unaware that Tony the Tiger was even married. Vegas girls, their grrrrrrrrrrrreat!

  61. I really don't care what he did or who he did it with. However, it's hard not be fascinated with how badly he and his team have handled it.

    "I was not true to my values." No, the problem is that your values included cheating on your wife while she was pregnant and then lying about it until things really unraveled.

    And privacy? Woods makes over $100 million a year from endorsements and such, much of it from products and services unrelated to golf. This enormous income has benefited from a carefully constructed and polished image as an all-around good guy, fine family man, loving husband and father. If the image develops serious cracks, it's understandable for people to wonder just what they've been buying.

    It's very similar to the US politicians who campaigned hard on "family values," criticized their opponents for falling short, and then (often after being elected) are caught in a motel room. At first they lie, then they bluster … and they only apologize when it's perfectly clear that they've been caught. Woods is no different.

  62. waw….. here we have our men en women die in Afghanistan, fighting a war we have no business fighting, we have people dying in the street of Sudan/Ethiopia/Darfur and all the media is focused on tiger and his harem… these journalists are way overpaid to spend so much time and words on tiger… Who cares whom he does it with? Sure it's dispicable behaviour but when has a rich powerful man not let his pants down for some slut here or there?

  63. I am one who believes that yes he, Tiger Woods, was very foolish to behave in such a manner, especially when other sports celebrities have been caught up in similar situations, you would think he would have taken heed!!

  64. Why does everyone make such a big deal of this? He’s a sports pro, and a multi-millionaire. Gee, what a switch, a cheating rich guy. A serial womanizer who’s also a sports figure, how unusual.
    I say give him and his family the privacy they deserve. They’re not the first couple to deal with such issues, and they won’t be the last. We just don’t hear very much about the not so famous.

  65. The millions of overfed, underexercised fatties vegetating on their sofas who contribute to the sports industry by watching overpaid athletes do their stuff should not be surprised that the money and adulation corrupts their ‘humble’ heroes. Sports fans, get a life! And Tyger, Tyger, burning bright? Contribute fifty million to a worthy cause. It’s the only way I’ll forgive you.

  66. Who cares? He got into the spotlight for being a good golf player. His personal life is his own and he doesn' t need to answer to anyone but himself and his family. It is silly to pass judgment on someone who's life you've never even really known.

  67. There are so few role models for the young today that when someone is perceived (and potrayed) to be above the norm in comportment and integrity then he/she tends to attract the adulation and following of the masses (and it was not just for his golfing ability). I, for one, was amazed by his golfing skills, but I was also delighted that he seemed to have a lovely wife, children and a happy life. I often cited him as an example of a successful person in my discussions. Sadly, I was wrong, he was a successful golfer.

  68. So what…

    I'm not interested in this fluff journalism.

  69. Tiger screwed up that's for sure. He may also have screwed himself if he ends up in a divorce and looses a few sponsors. In the end it will cost him a bundle and he may have destroyed a family. If all this should happen, he can really concentrate to beat Nicklauses record.
    On the other hand, the News media just loves this type of smut so they can sell more papers. If I were Tiger, I would tell the rest of the world: to f….. off. I think, it is between him and his wife and his sponsors.

  70. if it sounded more like Tiger it would go something like this..a very loud ." FK ", followed by a thrown club and then "Steve kill whoever took that picture"
    Earl is so proud..


  72. Like everyone else in such a position, he is, indeed, truly very sorry and I do believe that. Sorry he was caught. When will people stop elevating ordinary human beings to the status of gods. You ask for it, you get it. Why is that so difficult to understand? I wonder what could be found if a lot of other "celebrities" were investigated more thoroughly. Or even reporters?

    Wake up, people.

  73. Somebody asked how many holes Tiger was playing. Ummmmm…
    He's a golfer. The answer is so obvious: 18 …..

  74. Throw this bum out we are sick of him and his golf.Take your dear children and leave him.As far as you go , Tiger you are a disgrace and a complete loser. You need to pay for this and you have — you will never regain a good reputation in the States again. We hate you.

  75. I feel badly for him a just needed to vent my feelings. i do hope that he can redeem himself in the future.

  76. Again! Can't you find a webpage designer who's not apostrophe challenged? On your home page the title of Scott Feschuk's piece has the same word spelled two different ways.

  77. Sorry about that. It's not the home page, it's the front page of the Macleans.ca Storyline Newsletter.