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Time for another mailbag


UPDATE: Mailbag replies will arrive early next week. Bad form on my part, I know, but I’ll make it up to each and every one of you by personally refunding 100% of the purchase price.

I think I can find time to type up a mailbag column Thursday or Friday in between a big speech I’m writing and the desperate hours I’m spending preparing for my fantasy baseball draft – hours that I could be devoting to more important pursuits, such as online poker that speech I mentioned back there online poker.

Got a question? Type it below in the comments.

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Time for another mailbag

  1. Two related questions:

    1. How hard is it to vote properly in the House of Commons?

    2. If you don't believe contraception should be available to the developing world why would you be a member of a 'Liberal' party?

  2. I have seen Reid, of Feschuk-Reid, a bit on CBC recently.

    What I would like to know is why Feschuk comes before Reid: Is it alphabetical, did Feschuk win at rock, paper, scissors or does Feschuk know too much about Reid so he's the boss and Reid's compliant?

  3. Dear Scott:

    As you know, the Liberals are holding their grand thinkorama this weekend. If you were writing the speech for the Iggster to close this grand event, and I'm assuming that your cryptic reference to the "big speech" isn't that, what would your first and last sentence be?

    Thank you.

  4. Dear Scott,

    I was travelling through a small city yesterday, and came across this sign in front of City Hall:

    MARCH 26


    Now, I know in small cities things don't move at the rapid pace of, say, Ottawa, but this made me wonder. Has Elizabeth May been elected mayor somewhere? We haven't heard much from her lately. Three days seems about right to co-ordinate a one hour event…("ground squirrels – get your nuts out of there! I've got a world event to organize!")

    • I dedicate this Elizabeth May reference to the memory of Jack Mitchell. :)

    • Also why is Earth Hour three days long?

  5. Scott,
    Lets say you're bed ridden with some horrible affliction. You need to send someone out to get meds for you. Unfortunately, it's a bit complicated. Said person has to know how many KMs to walk, how many people to pay, how many pills to take back etc. What I'm saying is, there's a lot of basic math. You only have two choices to help you out. Jim Flaherty or Michael Ignatieff, who has your life in their hands>?

  6. Speaking of maternal health and contraception, three weeks ago I wanted to switch things up in my relationship and bought a pack of female condoms.

    Since presentling them as the new option we have yet to use one and I haven't even had the opportunity to use an old fashioned condom

    Does this mean that simply having a female condom around the house is 100% as effective as abstinence?

  7. Wells and Coyne just had a blog-fight over how conservative Harper is. Maybe the video chats aren't working. How would you suggest these two settle their scores once and for all?

  8. Ann Coulter says that she is a victim of hate speech as a member of an identifiable group: "conservatives".

    How can one identify a "conservative" in Canada? Where can I get a guide to help with "conservative" identification in the field? Are they an endangered species as Andrew Coyne claims, or a invasive species, as Paul Wells claims?

    • awesome

      • "How can one identify a "conservative" in Canada?"

        I believe the identifying trait is small ear lobes.

    • I don't even want to read the answer. That question was fantastic.

      • Mirrors have that effect.

    • That whole "I'm the victim of a hate crime because of this letter I published" thing was pretty stupid.

      Coulter is always entertaining in print, and always good in a serious debate, but not often good when she tries to be entertaining in a debate.

      • Uh, G, please consider that Ms. Coulter is contemptuously mocking the human rights complaints thing.

        • Yes, I but not in very entertaining fashion. The only entertaining part was how consistently her detractors missed the joke.

    • Victims – conservatives are always victims.

  9. I recently read something suggesting that Maxime Bernier would like to replace Harper, some day. How do you think he'd do as PM?

  10. How do you feel about the end to Jack Mitchell's blog commenting and poetic contributions?

    Why did Mr. Wells mistreat him so?

    • What what? My PC got a virus last week and I just got it back from the shop — please tell me where my friend Jack has gone and what happened?

    • Why did Mr. Wells mistreat him so?

      Paul Wells is John Baird's evil twin. I read it on Wikipedia therefore it is true.

  11. P.S.: I went ahead and shipped my kids to Ottawa for March Break. Told them to find you and that they'd have a fun week. The school just called and said they've been absent, which got me to thinking that the house has been super quiet and that you probably still have them. Are they headed home yet, or should I draw up an invoice for purchase?

  12. Is there a web equivalent version of "Liquor in the front, poker in the rear"?

    "Online poker in ….?"

  13. Dear Scott:

    How's the online poker coming along, anyways? It turns out we are fifty-odd billion short around here this fiscal year — any chance we can count on your help?

  14. Recently Mercedes Benz has confessed to bribery in Germany, Russia, and the United States. Do you think they would have done better by not having hired Karl Schrieber to spearhead their marketing campaign?

  15. Scott,

    How can the NDP believe in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which includes religious beliefs and then criticize Liberals for exercising their religious beliefs as allowed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? And, how can the NDP spew the sanctimonius openiness and accountablility and then refuse to open the books on their MP's expenses and hide their party constitution?

    How can they do both at once?

    • Easy – the media permits them.

  16. And do you think that marketing guru could have been Ann Coulter?

  17. Ann Coulter, Rachel Marsden, Helena Guergis, Stockwell Day or Bev Oda – who would you select for the cover of the Conservative Party Swim Suit Calendar? and why?

  18. Don't forget Jason Kenney

  19. In the past ten days I've heard Conservatives MPs claim credit for having increased spending to "record levels" in defense, to "record levels" in foreign aid, to "record levels" at the CBC, to "record levels" for fisheries, to "record levels" for transfers to Quebec, to "record levels" for research , to "record levels" for education and to "record levels" of stimulus. I'm sure I've missed a few others as well.

    Does any of this have to do with our current deifict or are these things entirely unrelated?

    • And does that make Coyne or Wells correct about the state of conservativism in Canada?

  20. What can civil servants learn about work ethic from Colby Cosh?

  21. Dear Scott,

    Ignatieff apologized to his national caucus today after Tuesday's humiliating debacle in the House. What do you think should be done to boost the morale of Liberal MPs? Could Zsuzsanna bake them some cookies, or something?


    • CR, they are specifically NOT invited to the snoozefest<?strike> Thinker's Conference this weekend. Is that not morale-boosting enough?

      • Good point. At least the caucus dodged that bullet.

        • Too bad the Conservative Thinkers Conference was shut down last night before Ann Coulter could speak. I guess they will always have stormfront.org in order to inform their platform.

          • You know, I'm starting to wonder if you're really a deity after all. Con=Nazi jokes strike me as rather undeitylike..

  22. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Who are you to second guess the Word??

  23. Ann Coulter, Olivia Chow, Martha Hall Findlay, and mud wrestling.

    Who would in a three-way no-holds-barred contest?

  24. It's 4 AM and you've been out partying with Ann Coulter. You split a cab home. One thing leads to another and you start making out in the cab. She invites you in. What do you do?

    • Grab a bag of pretzels at 7-11 and call it a night.

  25. "President" Harper has been on the, "look at me I'm with…" tour lately. Pictures hugging golden Olympians, cheering with the Great One, posing with Sid the Golden Kid and on and on. You have to wonder what the Liberals can do to get their man in front of the camera with someone other than some unknown intellectual. Who would you suggest Iggy find to cuddle up with for a photo-op?