Today in oops (II) -

Today in oops (II)


The intrepid reporters at the Globe have the audio.

“Hey there hot stuff, I’ve been waiting for your call,” a breathless female voice proffers. “Are you ready for some tantalizing fun?”

The phone message confounded some fishermen in the region, who have been pressing Ottawa to provide financial support after a dismal season at sea. “That’s supposed to be the line the information’s on?” said Ken Drake of the PEI Fisherman’s Association. “It don’t sound very good.”

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Today in oops (II)

  1. Gail Shea doesn't have a very noticeable PEI accent.

    • To get the full impact, google an image of Gail before playing the tape.

  2. I think Canadian men are definitely ready for another e_ection.

  3. So that's why Mr. Big rushed home from New York. He wants to listen to the tape. Certainly. beats listening to some fuddy-duddy world leader drone on and on.

  4. Finally, stimulus dollars going to something worthy.

    • Finally, worthy dollars going to something stimulating.

  5. Anne …. Anne … is that you ?

    • You must have the wrong number. This is Marilla.

  6. The intrepid reporters at the Globe have the audio.

    Epic msm fail!