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Capping a particularly glorious day for Canadian democracy here at Beyond the Commons… this.

Maritime lobster fishermen in need of financial help are getting a lift of another kind. A toll-free hotline number announced today by federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea for fishermen is actually a sex line.

The hotline is supposed to offer details about a short-term assistance program. But instead, a sultry-sounding woman offers callers “some tantalizing fun” from a bevy of “nasty girls.”

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Today in oops

  1. This might have been legit if they were crab fishermen.

  2. But it IS short-term assistance!

    • 15 minutes definitely is short term

      • 15 minutes??

        I'm usually happy with 2.

  3. It's a red herring!

  4. A "stimulus package" even Andrew Coyne might support!

  5. I'm beginning to think that there is an Anti-Harper war room within the government because this kind of incompetence can't possibly be accidental.

    • I agree it can't possibly be accidental. This has prank written all over it. I doubt there is anything particularly anti-Harper about it though. This sort of thing has happened to organizations and governments of all stripes.

  6. Officials with the federal Fisheries Department couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

    Hmmmm. I bet I can figure out what number to call to get hold of them.

    • 613 992-FISH

    • They are, um, too busy at the moment. I keep getting a busy signal.

  7. I guess this is predictable, a funny story, a bunch of clever witticisms and then – well you had to guess someone was going to bring stale cheese to the party.

  8. Is that a fishing rod in your pocket, or are you just calling the Ministry?

  9. "Is that a fishing rod in your pocket, or are you just calling the Ministry?"

    • "Did you put those fishnet stockings on just for me?"

  10. Did they accidentally post the wrong number, or accidentally create a phone sex service?

  11. Proof positive that the Federal Government is ensuring fishermen are getting the stimulus they need in these hard, long downturns.

  12. Well I guess we know the Conservative plan to get us out of deficit. Your move Ignatieff!

  13. Lunenberg 9-1-1, what's your emergency? … I'm sorry sir, you said you got what part of your body stuck in your lobster trap?

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