Today in shaky handheld video -

Today in shaky handheld video


Conservative James Bezan takes to YouTube to demand Michael Ignatieff apologize to Ukrainians, inadvertently reveals he does not know how to pronounce the word “Bolshoi.”

Previously on Beyond the Commons: links to two debunkings of this particular talking point and a review of the chapter in question.


Today in shaky handheld video

  1. I read the book in question some time ago, during the Liberal leadership race. My impression was "wow, this guy takes his Russian heritage too seriously, to the point that he's prejudiced against Ukranians."

    Since then i've read these so called "debunkings".

    They both basically work like the following:

    1) Ignatieff said lousy things
    2) Ignatieff is a good writer and our politics is too negative
    3) Therefore we should ignore the lousy things he said

    Ahhh "CONTEXT". It excuses everything doesn't it!

    • BS.

      Ignatieff states very clearly that he held certain views which he inherited but after meeting with Ukrainians he better understood their claim to nationalism and changed his mind.

      It's not just about "context" – though Conservatives thinking context is irrelevant is hardly surprising – it's about personal growth in a confessional family history. One of the reasons it won the Governor General's award.

  2. A Conservative demanding an apology from anyone is comical.

  3. This would carry much weight if he recited his talking points to piano accompaniment.

  4. Made it through 1:20 of the video.

    Shaky handheld video. Backlit like crazy, what with the daylight shining through the window.

    And STILL it was a better video quality than Dion's infamous late video rebuttal…

    • The Dion video was unshaky and well-lit.

  5. I'll be surprised if this Bezan video gets 200 views. Heck, I'll be surprised if it gets 150. It's just not that interesting. I started to watch it, but I got bored after fifteen seconds.

    • You lasted 15?